Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 10th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Sahil successfully presents his collection at the ceremony

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Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 10th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Gauri brings Bari Amma to the hall. Sahil comes downstairs to take her blessings. He asks about Anjana who had gone to temple with Prachi, Puneesh and Shruti. Sahil turns to Nidhi and her mother who were getting media coverage and boasted in front of media. Nidhi calls Deepak and insults him in front of the media. Sahil was restlessly waiting for Vaidika.
Yash shows the designs to Vaidika and says she can herself make these minor changes in these designs. Her phone bell rings, she regrets not being able to go to Sahil’s party. Yash apologizes Vaidika for disturbing her at the last moment, she may inform him if any problem. Vaidika goes to make an urgent call. Vaidika apologizes Sahil as she is much busy. Sahil says he won’t show the new collection if she doesn’t come. Deepak thinks Sahil must show the collection today, he needs to mock Sahil in front of everyone. Vaidika tells Sahil to display his collection, she will be proud of him. And her work is also important. Sahil was convinced and decides to display his collection. In the office, Vaidika turns to complete her work.
Sahil was presenting his collection. Deepak was sure Sahil will be insulted, as the jewelry isn’t here. Sahil presents the new design collection as Sadika. Deepak was shocked to see the jewelry there. Nidhi and her mother sit with Deepak. Nidhi says she couldn’t let her husband suffer. She had seen Deepak pay the waiter, so she paid him double the amount and got the jewelry back.
Sahil tells everyone that Sadika is a special name for him. It is because of his best friend, and support system Vaidika that he is here today. Everyone stares at Nidhi who was disgraced. Deepak tells Nidhi it was better she remained on his side. Sahil tells everyone that the collection wasn’t ready since last night, it’s the hardship of their workers and it shows their company can deliver in any circumstances. Sahil gets an offer of a deal from a company. Deepak decides to snatch that Vaidika from Sahil, she is the power who would lead Sahil to victory. He was determined to make Vaidika suffer badly.
At night, Vaidika returns home. Sahil sat in the yard with his head held in hands. She apologizes Sahil. Sahil was in a cheerful mood and says he was appreciated only because of her today, he gifts her a saree to wear as he has planned a date.
Vaidika walks out to a lit yard. Sahil walks towards her, they dance closely. Sahil says Vaidika never understands what she is for him, she is his friend, his strength and a destination of life. He promises he would never let Vaidika lose. Vaidika thinks she only wish he is a successful man in life. Sahil brings a small cake to Vaidika and congratulates Sadika.
Vaidika and Yash sat in a restaurant. Yash leaves for a meeting and tells Vaidika to send the quotations to him. Puneesh and Shruti sat on a nearby table. Puneesh tries to harass Shruti, Preeta comes to save Shruti from Puneesh and calls him a disgrace to men. Shruti requests Vaidika not to tell Sahil about it. Vaidika shouts at Puneesh that she won’t spare him if he is seen even around Shruti again.

PRECAP: Nidhi tells her mother she is pregnant. Sahil wasn’t ready to accept the child as his. There, Vaidika was kidnapped and taken in a car blind folded. There was an attempt of molestation with her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Superb episode ?????? but not the precap…I think Deepak will kidnap Vedika because she is his obstacle. He really is a scoundrel…..and Vedika is a woman any man will want, she’s beautiful, intelligent, compassionate and the best confidante and she wants the best and see the best in everyone. I also love the jewelry line’s name… Sadika!!! So I’m agreeing with you too Dolly….

  2. …and Sahil is a man any woman would want for a husband. He doesn’t get angry with her, he trusts her decisions implicitly and asks her for her opinions… What a man???????????…not to leave out..he’s a suave romantic hero!!

  3. Wowwww… What a luvly Sadhika moment.. the way they danced today almost made me hold my breath.. and how was Sahil able to control his emotions even when they were so close together.. ???
    And even now why Bariamma was showing faces at the mention of vedhika’s name?? Hope she realises who is perfect for Sahil..
    And what was that deadly precap?? Was it just kidnapping or something else?? Pretty scary..
    Acche logon keep Saath tho accha hi hota hai na..hope vedhika is saved this time too..

    1. Ooshi

      hoping the same

  4. Ooshi

    what’s all this did sahil accepted nidhi as wife and y nidhi is behaving good because of greed or what some one give me answer

  5. Is Nidhi’s pregnancy the immaculate conception? Who’s the father of her child? Not Sahil???

  6. If all men were like Sahil, no woman would know what tears are.. and no woman would know what it is to live a loveless life..

    1. So true Dolly. I finally saw the episode with Sahil in suit and I’ll keep him this way, too cute???.btw, I forgot to mention ,in the episode where he won the death race…omg, he looked so edible as a drenched Sahil…too hot for his own good!! Dolly, you sly thing, I didn’t know you speak Hindi!!! I thought you were westernized, like myself, I just didn’t know!!!

      1. Hey Naz u r sweet too… ???

  7. What a beautiful moment of Sadika. Good choice of sari Sahil??. How they support each other is amazing. I don’t like the mind game Yash is playing. He is weird!!!.
    Nidhi pregnant… that’s interesting. The kidnapper could either be Deepak or Puneesh. I hope he get find out soon. I like to see Prachi
    face when it all come out.

    Dolly if all were like Sahil. The world would be in a better place..

  8. Muniya

    Sadika scene was fabulous…no words.
    And Precap…NIdhi is pregnant???…But that’s surely not sahil’s fault.
    Though Deepak and Nidhi…both r against conspiring against Sadika and r bad…still I think Deepak is better than Nidhi…she is such a characterless woman…hate her character to the core.
    And about Vedika’s kidnapping…Yash is out of list now…it’s either Puneesh or Deepak…though I’m sure it’s Puneesh…such a critical minded person.
    And I agree with all of u that even if few mwn would be like Sahil…the world will surely change one day…he is such a sweetheart and pure soul…Love him like anything?????.
    And no one could portray Sahil’s role better than KJ…He is perfect????

  9. Really guys.. atleast a lot more men lk Sahil and we come across them… Sigh sigh…??

  10. And ya that was a beautiful saree.. and this time without arguing she wore it.. i too am gonna look fa that peach and golden tissue combination sometime later.. ??

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