KYY season 3 and Ishq Mein Marjawan (4~Another new comer)

Tara stopped hearing the tabla sound. “Virat bhaiya,” she said stopping him holding his arm. “This tabla sound is attracting me, I want to see who’s playing it here in Space Academy,” she said and followed the sound and looked inside a room through the glass. She smiled, the person was sitting with his back towards her. She pushed open the door and went inside without making a noise, Virat followed her inside. She leaned to the wall and closed her eyes getting lost in tabla’s noise. A scene of a boy playing tabla and a girl dancing played in her mind.

She opened her eyes and a lone tear escaped her eye. Virat placed his hand on her shoulder. She looked at him and hugged him. He hugged her back. “It will be OK Tara, I know you feel bad,’ he said almost in a whisper and the boy finished playing tabla, they broke the hug and clapped cheerfully for him. The man saw them and stood up turning to them. “Hi, I am Aryaman Khurana,” he introduced himself forwarding his hand for a handshake. Tara just kept looking at him, Virat nudged her and she shook her hand with him.

“And you are?” he asked seeing her quiet. “Tara.. Tara Raichand,” she asked unable to meet her eyes with him. “Virat Raichand, her brother,” Virat introduced himself forwarding his hand for a handshake making them leave hands and Aryaman’s shook his hand with him. Tara dropped her hand looking down. “Well, you’re new comers, right? I will show you around,” Aryaman said and smiled at them. “Actually I have some work, so only Tara will go with you,” Virat said and Tara and Aryaman left from there. Virat looked on and smiled. “I know how you feel Tara.”

On the other side, fab5 were chilling in cafeteria. “Guys, I will just come,” Mukti said excusing herself and took her bag and walked to the washroom. Her gaze went on Tara who was taking some pills in her hand and was about to put them in her mouth, Mukti went to her and stopped her holding her wrist. Tara looked at her wrist and then at her. She rolled her eyes. “What now? Oh you might be wanting to ask about these pills, right? They are anti depressants, anything else?” Tara asked and Mukti shook her head leaving her hand.

“You’re ruining your life,” Mukti warned and Tara nodded sarcastically and made her bag fall down and the same pills fell from her bag. Tara looked at her then back at the pills and picked the packet waving it in front of her. “So are you, and whatever I do with my life, why do you care? Are you my friend? My sister? No one right? So be away from me,” Tara said and swallowed the pills. “Bubye,” Tara said and went from there, she saw Virat standing just outside the washroom and that he had heard everything completely.

“Bhaiya I will tell everything..,” she was cut in between. “Come,” he said and took her from there, while going they collided with Nandini. “Sorry,” Nandini said and went, Tara watched as she went and fisted her palms. “She’s the one bhaiya,” she told him. “But you were the one who started all this,” he said and she glared at him. “Oh, so was I also the one because of who that incident happened?” she asked angrily. “No, look who’s there,” Virat said and pointed at front. Tara got shocked. “These blo*dy idiots?” she said gritting her teeth. He nodded.

“They were the ones, no?” Virat asked and Tara looked at him and then at them. “I will kill all of them,” Tara said and was about to go but he stopped her. “They may see you, idiot, let’s go,” he said taking her away. Manik and Nandini came from behind the pillar where they were hiding and overhearing their conversation. “I told you Nandu, daal mein kuchh to kala hai, they were with Aryaman before, right? Come let’s go talk to Aryaman,” Manik said and left with Nandini. Harshad came there bouncing a ball and smirked. He followed them.

Manik and Nandini went to Aryaman. “Hi Aryaman,” Nandini said. “Hi Nandini, hi Manik,” he replied smiling slightly. “So Aryaman we wanted to tell you something important,” Nandini said to Aryaman looking at Manik. “So tell,” he replied. Harshad peeped from behind the pole. “What is such that she’s hesitating too much?” Harshad said to himself. Mukti was going back to cafeteria but her bag fell on the way. “God!” she said angrily as everything fell. She picked everything and when she picked the pills, someone held her hand stopping her. She looked up to see Abhimanyu. He pulled her up.

He took the pills from her hand. “Whats the need to take them? Now that I m here, you shouldn’t need them, right?” he asked and threw it in the bin. “Promise me you won’t take them again?” he asked. “I promise,” she said and they shared a hug. Navya was sitting in the cafeteria when Cabir came. “What happen madhubala? Cravings during pregnancy?” he asked. “Yes, unfortunately,” Navya replied. He showed her the big dairy milk chocolate. “Wow!” she exclaimed and tried snatching it but he moved it away. “Cabir don’t do this, give na please,” she said like a child and he gave it to her after teasing a little.

Virat took Tara to an empty classroom and they sat on the table. “Bhaiya, what the hell were those four idiots, Shaurya, Tarun, Rishi and Karan doing here?” she said angrily. “Don’t know, maybe they came to kill Soha as well,” Virat replied thoughtfully. “But why?” Tara asked. “Because Soha betrayed them,” Virat said. “Hmm correct,” Tara said. “Now can I know what happened that day, if you don’t mind and if you have really moved on from that pain?” he asked her, she looked down guiltily. Meanwhile a girl entered in principal’s office. “Ma’am, I want the admission form,” she said. “OK, name please?” Nyonika asked. “Aarohi.. Aarohi Kashyap,” she answered.

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