Ardeep: Atheet Ka Bhoot Returns (1~Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

(Hello ppl, so as u all know that book 1 had only Aarohi’s POV,but this book will have multiple POVs)

Hello reader, I am Deep Raj Singh and you all know everything about me, my wife Aarohi, and of course my daughter Deepika, we moved back here in Mumbai and left our old house burning to ashes and I also have moved on from the past and of course those terrible incidents, well it was Rashi’s idea of moving back here, and in fact all of us had moved on from the past fortunately.

But I didn’t knew that someone none other than my own wife is still living in the past and is hiding some secrets from me, I didn’t knew she’s still scared of Tara. We all had just moved back to Mumbai and were sleeping. All of a sudden, I heard her scared voice. “Tara?” I heard her say and turned to face her and sat up only to find her pretty scared.

She was sweating badly and her eyes were fixated on the bed just beside her. I shook her shoulder and she shrieked. “It’s just me, relax,” I told her. “No, you look here, she’s laying beside me, she’s here, you know what? I didn’t try to drown myself, she did, she made me paralyzed and did all that, please believe me,” she said totally scared. “Relax relax, it’s all just your hallucination,” I said trying to calm her. “No, she’s there, if something happens to me, then remember, she’s responsible for that,” she replied and I hugged her very tightly.

“Nothing will happen to you,” I said and suddenly I felt that her grip was loosening and I too broke the hug to see what’s the problem, she wasn’t moving, her eyes were fixated at one point, I waved my hand in front of her but she didn’t reacted. I made her lay again. I wondered what has happened.

~Aarohi’s POV~
When I saw Tara and was scared, Deep consoled me, and all of a sudden I couldn’t move, I couldn’t blink my eyes, I was paralyzed and I knew it was Tara who did this.

She was still sitting beside me. “Aarohi… Oh my God, what happened?” Deep asked shaking my shoulders. I couldn’t even speak. I saw Tara coming close to my ears and saying, “I told you that you will be able to see everything, but you won’t be able to show it to someone, you will hear everything, but none will be able to hear what you hear, you will feel me even when I can’t be seen but none of the others will feel me, and you will try to speak, but you won’t be able to speak, take care twin of Tara.”

~Rashi’s POV~
I entered Aarohi’s room as something was worrying me and I got shocked seeing Tara beside her, how I can see Tara is a secret, but I got to know she has paralyzed Aarohi. Tara’s eyes were on Aarohi and so I went to her and grasped her neck by both hands all of a sudden. She looked up in a shock. Deep was also shocked as I knew he couldn’t see her. I pressed Tara’s neck so hard that she disappeared, I shook Aarohi and she sat up all of a sudden, she was no more paralyzed.

I have my own mystery behind all this but it’s not dark one. She hugged me as soon as she was fine. “Thank you,” she said.

I woke up and was feeling the same when I used to be with aunt Tara, the same warmth, the same love. I looked at mumma who was scared and I touched her arm and she startled. I hugged her and she was burning hot in fever. “Mumma has fever,” I told papa. He came to mumma and touched her forehead. “Aarohi, please get it straight in your mind, she’s gone.”

Papa told mumma in a stern way. “Maybe yes, maybe no, I was dead for a couple of minutes and still you don’t believe me, Rashi, tell him how I was when you came in the room, even he saw me and look at him,” mumma said angrily and frustrated. “Aarohi was paralyzed for sometime,” Rashi aunty said. “OK fine, at least doctor should come for her check up, I will call the doctor,” papa said and went. I laid beside her. Sometime later, doctor came and did mumma’s check up. I felt so worried for her at the moment.

Doctor prescribed medicines for mumma and I saw papa going with doctor to leave him till the door. I got down the bed and wanted to go after them, I was worried for my mother after all and I wanted to know what has happened, mumma held my hand. “Don’t go leaving me,” she said in a weak voice and I went back to the bed and laid beside her cuddling close to her. Later that day, I saw papa with Rashi aunty on the couch, they sat on different couches. They were talking about something. I needed to hear.

I crawled outside and hid under the table to hear what’s the matter. At the moment, mumma was sleeping. “No difference came by bringing her back to this house, she thinks Tara follows her everywhere, it was your idea, now tell what to do next to make her happy?” I heard papa say. “Doctor told you she’s suffering from PTSD, didn’t he? Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and you know what? Aarohi is right about Tara, she’s still here, I saw her, Aarohi needs counselling, believe me,” Rashi aunty said. I crawled out of there to my room and sat near the bed with my toys hoping that aunt Tara will be here so I can tell her not to scare mumma, I know she loves me and will also agree to me willingly.

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