Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 6th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Saroj blames Amrit

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 6th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the lady scolding Amrit. Saroj says someone had forcibly put the tattoo on her hand, she is from our community. The lady says we can’t accept this girl, we can’t tolerate her, if you want to fix this alliance, then make this girl out of here. Bua gets angry. Amrit cries. The lady asks is she your maid or any relative. Saroj says she is our maid, ask anyone here. The lady says then throw her out. Bhanu asks where will she go now. The lady says just think about us, we don’t know what would have that guy did with her, we are rich people, we have many alliances, we liked your girl and said yes for this alliance, we are also helping our people by making relations with you, you aren’t respecting us, we won’t get us insulted, remove this girl from your family. Bua says enough, I have heard a lot from you, you keep relation if you like Kiran, else break it, but Amrit won’t go anywhere, she will stay here with us.

Saroj says come with me, Bua ji. The lady says we will talk clearly, who is this girl. Bua says this is the daughter of this house, she is my brother’s daughter, my pride, situation is such, else anyone can’t tell her anything, I have told you the truth, now you decide about the alliance, I can’t see Amrit’s insult for Kiran’s happiness. The lady scolds them. Amrit says I beg you, don’t go, don’t punish Kiran, whatever happened with me, its not my mistake. The matchmaker also scolds her. Amrit says you should praise a woman’s courage, do you mean women should die if men do wrong. Bua says the division has changed everything. The guests leave.

Veer laughs on his mum. She asks why do you always snatch my happiness, I wish you died that day than him, you have just given me sorrow, I hope you keep your wife happy, Anaita and your marriage is in seven days, she didn’t see your this avatar. He says she gives love for love, don’t worry, its my marriage. She goes. Bua says don’t blame yourself. Saroj says this tattoo is the problem, I wish someone comes in her life and marries her. Veer recalls his little brother Prem. He goes and drinks wine. Vijender comes and says I want you to stay happy, I m your stepdad, but I care for you, its your marriage in 7 days, leave drinking now. Veer keeps the wine bottle. He asks why am I bearing the punishment till now, tell me please, what’s the cure for his pain, I m going mad.

Saroj gets angry and blames Amrit. She says she will ruin our future. She says we can’t leave this place, I just wanted some respect for the familu, if we get Kiran’s alliance fixed somewhere, then they will respect us. Her daughter comes and cries. Saroj says Amrit’s shadow fell on my daughter as well. Bua says don’t worry, the ink will get away. Veer’s mum speaks to the party minister. The minister praises Vijender and says an ordinary man can’t do this, he has always supported you, I m happy that Anaita is coming here as your bahu. Veer welcomes Anaita. She says my sandals broke, how can I go barefoot. Veer lifts her and takes her. Amrit sees Randhir’s pic and cries. She asks him to come back. Randhir is in the jail. He writes Amrit’s name on the wall. He sees his childhood pic. Guard says your freedom call has come.

Amrit prays to get Randhir back. Randhir says I m coming Amrit, now no one can stop us from uniting.

Update Credit to: Amena

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