Dil Dhadakne Dho Na Episode 8

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Adi: Rubel and I were childhood friends. Latika joined us in 11th. As she was Mom’s friend’s daughter we were close to her but she fell for Rubel. Thats when she wanted to ruin our friendship

Payal: Why so?

Adi: Kind of possessiveness. It was in school yaar all childish stuff

Pankhuri: What ruined your friendship which was from childhood?

Adi: She framed that I was intimate with a girl on whom Rubel had a crush. This idiot believed her and we became enemies

Payal: When you know everything why dont you explain him?

Adi: I did and it ended up in a huge fight. That maharaj also thinks that Latika had a crush on me and I cheated both Latika and Rubel by being with that girl

Pankhuri: Does that girl know this?

Adi laughs and: She was my annual day dance partner thats it

Payal: So childish and foolish

Adi: Ab chal yaar we are getting late

Payal: See you both later . Bye

Payal starts to walk towards her department building. Rubel sees her alone and starts to follow her. Payal suddenly turns around, Rubel bends to tie his lace in time. Payal remembers his past with Adi and starts to laugh. Rubel looks up at her. On catching his glimpse she turns away

Rubel: You look gorgeous when you laugh

Payal: Did you tell that to me? (Without turning or stopping)

Rubel: Who else laughed now?

Payal: Smart. Thanks. I guess you are in a wrong direction

Rubel in mind: My heart is just now in the right direction behind you

Payal: Mister..your department is in the opposite direction

Rubel: I am coming here to meet my friend

Payal: Who is that?

Rubel: Wont you be my friend?

Payal: Smarter than I thought

She runs up the stairs while Rubel stands there admiring her. The scene freezes

Vadera Office

Jeevika is presenting the meeting to the client. Arjun is with her. Viren is not yet at the meeting. Jeevika’s team is waiting outside. In the middle of the meeting Arjun gets a call and walks outside. As soon as he leaves the client gets up and goes to Jeevika

Client: Miss Arora do you need this project?

Jeevika: Yes sir.
Client: Will you do anything for it?

Jeevika: Yes sir

Client: Then satisfy me Ill do it for you

Jeevika is stunned and gasps at him

Jeevika: Sir please dont spoil this project sir please

The client holds her hand

Jeevika: Sir please this is my first…

Viren: Stop it Ms.Arora…enough

Viren brushes off the client’s hand from hers. He holds him by a collar. On seeing Viren Jeevika’s eyes well up with tears

Viren: Working in such a company how dare you behave like this

Viren starts to thrash him. Hearing the sound Arjun runs inside. He sees a crying Jeevika and an angry Viren and understands the situation . He goes to Jeevika

Arjun: Jeevika what happened ? Is everything fine? Did he do any mistake?

Viren: Mistake is mine Arjun. I should have postponed that work and attended this one. Leaving our female staff with a male client is my mistake

Arjun: Sorry sir I got Pathak’s call thats why I left …Im sorry Jeevika

Viren: Luckily I my eyes fell on the cctv and I rushed here. Taneja who has to be in his place even while talking stood up and walked to Ms.Arora…

Arjun: What next sir?

Viren: Police complaint

Taneja: Sir?

Viren: What sir? Arjun call the police. Let them proceed further

Jeevika: Sir…

Viren: Dont worry Ms.Arora your name will not come out in any way

Taneja: Ill approve the deal and never even think of her sir. Please

Viren: This deal is rightfully ours. Ill talk with your CEO and finish it off but you are going to the police

Viren and Arjun drag him out. Knowing the matter Neha and Rishabh run to Jeevika and convince. Jeevika is thoroughly impressed with Viren.


Virat completes the class and walks out. His mind and heart are full of Manvi and his level of joy knows no bounds. Manvi and her friends are walking few steps behind him.
Virat in mind: This girl is something, cant get her out of my thoughts.
As he is about to open the car door he is pushed away and Mavi gets on the way. Before he could realise anything a glass bottle crashes on Manvi’s face and she collapses. Virat holds her head on his chest.Many men gather around Virat and start to attack him. He manages them and shouts for HELP

People from the college run there and on seeing them the men run away. Ambulance arrives. Virat lifts Manvi in his arms and rushes to the hospital.


Jeevika and family rush there. They see Virat and Adi standing outside the ICU and are guided to them by their driver

Virat: Im so sorry mam, woh she…pushed me

Jeevika: Mannu will never change. She will risk her life for everyone. How is she now?

Virat: She is out of danger. The pieces weren’t too deep luckily. Doctors are checking her eyes now

Jeevika: Mannu..

Jeevika starts to cry

Adi: Bhai any idea of who did it?  Vadheras?

Virat: Vadheras wont stoop so low Adi. Viren has a class

On hearing his name Jeevika gets curious

Jeevika: Did you just mention Viren Vadhera..sorry for interrupting

Virat: Arrey no issues. Yeah I mentioned him..you know him?

Jeevika: I work in his company

Virat is surprised but doesn’t show it. Just then his mobile rings. He picks it up

Call: A loud laugh is heard

Virat: Karan…..


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