Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 23rd July 2021 Written Episode Update: Randhir and Amrit convince Nalini

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 23rd July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Uday congratulating Randhir and Amrit on their marriage. He asks Randhir to take care of Amrit. Randhir says no need to say. Uday hugs Amrit. Amrit says I wish Vashma was fine, she was with us, she would be so happy if she knows this. Randhir says come, we shall go to our palace. Amrit holds her hand. Mohan says you had two sons, both of them are useless, Randhir married a widow, don’t worry, my son is there, Manak, he is also a blood of this family, he will handle his responsibility. Kaveri asks him to go, Nalini is already worried. He goes. She says Mohan is right, Randhir has stained the family respect, I would have not let him step in this palace again. Randhir and Amrit come home. Bindu goes their aarti. Manak also blesses them. Amrit looks around. Nalini comes. Randhir requests her to accept them.

He says I have kept respect of Lala ji and also Veer’s wish. Kaveri scolds him. Amrit asks Nalini to accept them, their happiness will return. Randhir says we just care for you, not the world, if you stay upset, then we can’t stay happy, if Amrit left me, would I marry anyone else, no, I would have left this palace and go away, it would have not given you happiness as well. He begs her and says just fulfill my wish once, I promise, I will never ask for anything again, I will accept whatever you say, just accept Amrit and me. Nalini asks Bindu to get the aarti plate. Randhir smiles. Nalini does their aarti. Randhir says I know, you aren’t happy with us. Nalini says its enough that you are happy. She goes.

Kaveri and Vijender go to their room. Naman packs his bags. He says I have packed our bags, no use to stay here, we shall leave. She says shut up, they have ruined our plan. Vijender says I didn’t think this would happen, I thought they will get away forever, but they changed our plan, they got married. Vijender says calm down, let me think. Naman says game is over, its better we leave from here. She says you just want to run away from here, we should strike again. Vijender asks how will we separate Nalini and Randhir.

Randhir asks Nalini not to worry, they will meet big doctors and get treatment done, they will accept Manak as their son if they can’t get their own child. Nalini says you would be tired, take bahu to room and take rest. She goes. Kaveri says Randhir is Nalini’s weakness, she isn’t able to throw him out, when she knows that he isn’t her real son then…. we have to convince her that Randhir isn’t her real son, but an imposter, then Randhir and Amrit will be out of this palace and Nalini’s heart forever. Bindu decorates the room. Manak asks why are you putting flowers on the bed. She says Randhir is newly married, I m decorating the bed with flowers for him, its a good omen. Randhir and Amrit come. Manak shows the decorations. Bindu sends him. She asks them to have the kesar milk. Amrit says Nalini is upset with us, is this necessary now. Bindu says you think a lot for everyone, start a new life happily, Nalini will agree soon, make white colour out of your life, wear colourful clothes again, you got married to Randhir now. Bindu goes. Amrit goes to change. Randhir plays music and sits smiling. Zindagi bhar nahi..plays…. Amrit comes wearing a red saree. Randhir goes and fills her maang with sindoor. She cries happily. He does shayari. He hugs her.

Kaveri says Nalini has to believe that Randhir isn’t her son. Nalini gets shocked reading a letter. Randhir and Amrit meet the doctor. They learn Kaveri’s truth. Amrit says now I know what to do with Kaveri.

Update Credit to: Amena

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