Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 22nd June 2021 Written Episode Update: Veer brings Randhir home

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 22nd June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veer asking where did Randhir go. Amrit says maybe he went to the hospital to meet his dad. Randhir is with Karam. Karam says we were doing a puja at Ganga river, we found you there and saved you, we thought to hand you over to the police, we didn’t know who you were. Vijender scolds Naman. He says these clothes are a proof that you are Prem. Naman says it means its Prem’s clothes. Karam says you aren’t my real son, we just raised you, forgive me, we had hidden this truth from you for long, we had no child, we didn’t decide to give you to the police and accepted you as Ganga’s gift, we knew the truth will come out one day. Randhir says I m capable today because of you and mum, Nalini is my mum and Veer is my elder brother. Karam asks what, really, you are Nalini’s son, we kept you away from the luxuries of a royal palace, forgive me, go and get all the happiness of your share.

Vijender says I had planned all that, I had drugged Veer that day, Veer got angry because of the drugs, he pushed Prem down the cliff, I saw Prem falling down the river and I got relieved. Naman asks what about these clothes. Vijender says I have worked hard to make these clothes look good, Nalini is still loving Prem, when she sees these clothes with you, she will accept you. Randhir comes to Veer and calls him out. Veer and Amrit smile. Veer and Randhir hug and get happy. Nalini feels something. Bhanu asks what happened. She says I don’t know. Veer says forgive me, I was playing a game with my younger brother. Randhir says forgive me for raising hand on my elder brother. Amrit says its good we got to know the truth that you are blood related, we will give this good news to Nalini. Veer asks Randhir to come and meet Nalini. Nalini asks Vashma to get the charity items. Vijender says Nalini will ask for old clothes for charity, I will say that Naman also wants to give his clothes for charity, she will see these clothes and get mad to question you, this locket will do the rest. Naman says now the good time will start. Vashma gets the clothes. Nalini cries seeing the clothes. She sees both the stools vacant on her either sides.

Naman gets his clothes. Veer calls out Nalini and says we found Prem, our Prem. He gets Randhir with him. Nalini gets shocked. Mohan laughs and says I think you got too drunk today. Nalini asks Veer why is he making fun of her emotions. She cries. She says I told you, not to go anywhere today. Amrit says Veer was with his younger brother. Nalini asks are you also a part of this prank, do you know what you are saying. Amrit says no, this is not a joke. She shows the locket. She says its Prem’s locket right, its a result of your prayers that both the brothers united today. Nalini happily cries. Amrit says you always complained about your fate. Nalini hugs Randhir and cries. Veer says you remember, Prem got hurt on his right hand, check the mark. He shows the mark on Randhir’s foot. Vijender gets angry. Nalini recalls meeting Randhir. She says the day I first met you, I felt that you and I have some relation, you can’t leave me and go. Randhir says you gave me birth, you are my mum. He hugs her. Vashma recalls Kabir and cries. Amrit signs her not to cry. She asks Nalini to forgive her elder son, he is bearing a punishment since childhood for a crime he didn’t do. Nalini apologizes to Veer. She hugs Veer. Veer says Amrit gets the credit, she solved the riddle of the torn pic and united us. Nalini hugs Amrit.

She says I never believed you, today you proved me wrong by uniting them. Mohan says the drama is good, maybe Randhir is taking an advantage of the situation. Amrit says I called someone to answer you. A jeweller comes. Amrit asks the jeweller to tell them if the locket is real or fake. The jeweller says its real, I had made two lockets for both your princes. Nalini smiles. Amrit thanks the jeweller. Amrit asks the photo identity expert Mishra to look at the pics and tell them if the two pieces are of the same pic. The man says its the same pic. Mohan says I agreed that the locket and pic are same, how shall I believe that he is Prem, maybe he had stolen these things from Prem. She says this can’t happen. Vijender asks why can’t it happen, I mean, how can you say this. Karam comes and says I have the proof.

Vashma says you love Randhir, how will you stay here, tell them that Veer forced you for marriage. Nalini hugs Veer and Randhir. Vijender says Nalini has to lose her son Randhir.

Update Credit to: Amena

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