Kundali Bhagya 23rd June 2021 Written Episode Update: Preeta reveals in the court that Sherlin is the real murderer

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Sarla is performing the pooja in her house, Shristhi calls her but seeing her mother question what is she doing as they light it in evening, Sarla explains that she knows Shristhi is really clever but she felt asleep so was not able so decided to do it as tomorrow is Karan’s court hearing, she prayed that he get released, Shristhi mentions everything is all because of Sherlin, Sarla mentions that it happens because whenever those who are good get hurt it is always because of bad people,. Shristhi asks if she has started liking Karan, Sarla explains she always liked him from the first time when she saw him as he is really a caring person but he made some mistakes that caused her to be angry with him but then he did that which made her believe he would always be there for Preeta, she therefore prays that Karan and Preeta do not get into any sort of problem in the future, Shristhi says that now the only thing which they have planned would happen as now Karan would be freed from jail.

Prithvi is in his room drinking, thinking of what Preeta said that she would make sure the real culprit is punished and Karan is freed from jail, Sherlin suddenly enters the room, Prithvi questions why has she come to him as the Luthra’s are suspicious of their affair and it is not right, Sherlin stops his mouth saying that she was in Rakhi’s room where Preeta came and the way in which she said that she would free karan is causing a lot of tension, she explains that if Preeta is able to prove that Karan is innocent she would be in the jail, Prithvi questions her to remember what she said that they have not left any proof so why is she worried, he advises her to think positive he then promises nothing wrong would happen with her and she would return back safely.

In the morning Rakhi is praying to Ganpati, explaining today is the court hearing but they do not know what would happen but she is sure he would always be with her, she prays that he perform some miracle and bring back Karan, Preeta also comes behind her praying before coming to sit behind Rakhi, they both are praying, Preeta thinks the real culprit is Sherlin so she has to prove Karan is innocent while Sherlin is guilty so she has to make her stand in the court, she prays to have the strength to do what she has planned.

Sarla is calling Shristhi to be ready otherwise they would get late for the court hearing, Shristhi comes but Sarla gets dizzy however when Shristhi inquires she replies it is nothing and she has taken the medicine, Shristhi however asks her to stay back but she insists, Sarla is about to fall but Shristhi helps her sit on the sofa saying she would not go to the court while she would inform her of everything that is happening, Janki hands her the flower which she brought from the Mandir.

The entire family is waiting for Karan and when he enters Mahesh hugs him, he then meets Rakhi followed by Karina before going to Preeta but the police ask him to come as the court hearing is about to begin, Karan mentions he would come back to talk with her, Mahesh exclaims if everything would be fine so Shristhi assures everything would be fine, Rakhi going to Preeta requests that she not worry as everything would happen according to their plan, they are waiting when Sameer comes to them, Preeta asks what happened so she reveals the entire situation.

Sherlin enters the court where Megha is with Akshay’s mother, she texts her saying that her secret is safe with her, Megha thinks what secret is talking as she already got her money so would just desire to see who is the real murderer and that he is behind bars, Mahira also enters the court followed by Rakhi and the Luthra family, they all question where Preeta is, Prithvi thinks that if Preeta is still outside then would be planning something which is not a good sign, Mahesh asks them all to sit down as she would surely come, Preeta enters court and looks at Sherlin, who is worried how she blamed her for murdering Akshay, Preeta recalls all the proof which they have against Sherlin before going to the lawyer and handing him an envelope.

The court hearing begins after the judge enters, the prosecutor explains that Karan accepted he is the murderer of Akshay so this is an open and shut case so he requests the court to sentence Karan as he is guilty, the defendant explains Karan was moved with emotions and so accepted the responsibility for the murder which he did not commit, the prosecutor explains that court doesnot work on emotions, the defendant mentions that Karan was moved to protect his wife as she was being blamed for a murder which she did not commit so he took the blame however in light of the new proof he will surely prove that neither Karan nor Preeta murdered him, the judge orders him to prove it without wasting any time.

The defence seeks permission to call Preeta to the witness box, she takes the oath to speak the truth, the lawyer questions her to say what she desires, she reveals that her husband is not the murderer and that the real criminal is Sherlin, the entire Luthra family is shocked to hear the news that Sherlin is the real murderer, Megha looks at her with disgust while Preeta is angry standing in the box.

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  1. Wait for the FB where Sherilyn overheard the conversation and the went on to steal the evidence.
    Haha.. you all really think it would have happened.

    1. Yes…n preeta will b blamed again for accusing sherlyn..lol

  2. bring some new villan dont u get bore

  3. bring some new villan don’t u get bore latrerly she is pregnant since two year

  4. I have a feeling that, it would have to be covered up because, Kareena may have sent sherlyn to deal with Akshay and as time passed thing got heated.

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