Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 28th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Harsh stays

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 28th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Chandrani says to Shubhra Harsh is going back today? Rishi runs out. Chandrani asks did you know? Shubhra is silent. Rishi sa to Hash I am sorry friend. Please don’t go. Harsh says no sorry. Harsh says I won’t let you go. Harsh says this isn’t out. The vacation is over. Rishi says you are mad at me right? Shubhra says it’s better that he leaves. Chandrani says won’t you meet him? You should thank him at least for all that he did. Which doctor does much? Meet him once. Shubhra says let me go thank him. She leaves. Chandrani looks at the letter and smiles.

Rishi says I am sorry. I will be the best boy. Shubhra comes there. Harsh says how do I stop? My aai is waiting at home. My work here is done. There’s no reason to stay. Rishi says aai please stop Harsh. Harsh says you and aai are best friends again. Rishi says but we are three friends. We are a group. Harsh says in heart if you asked me to stop Shubhra I would. Rishi says I won’t let you go. A man gives harsh a letter. It says please stay. There’s so much left unsaid. Chandrani looks at him. Shubhra hugs Rishi. Harsh looks at them and smiles. Rishi says if you go, I will also go with you. Harsh says aai would be alone here? Harsh says we would both stay here. Shubhra is shocked. Chandrani smiles. She sa sorry Harsh, I answered your letter. God has blessed you both. My son added darkness in Shubhra’s life. Her new journey with you will bring light to her life again.

Scene 2
Samaira tries to stick the torn pieces of divorce papers together. She says I won’t let this go. This is sam’s court. I am the lawyer and judge both here.

Scene 3
The kids kiss Shubhra. They keep kissing her. Shuhra says will you give all the kisses today? Roli says kisses never get over. Shubhra says let’s sleep. The kids sleep with her. Roli says what will we do tomorrow? Shubha says we will have so much fun.

Harsh says you asked me to stay I did. How can I live without meeting you now? He imagines Shubhra. He says I want to talk the real Shubhra. Harsh gets Shubhra. Shubhra is doing her work. Bell rings. It’s Chandrani. She says I couldn’t sleep. Shubhra takes her inside. Harsh sees them and says I couldn’t speak but at least I saw you. Good night. Chandrani says I will tease your hitler dad so much tomorrow. Chandrani asks would Harsh come? Shubhra says he doesn’t have a choice. Chandrani says he’s such a nice. Kids are so close to him like he’s their dad. My son left that place. Shubhra says for kids their dad was their hero. But their hero wanted more comfort. Chandrani says life doesn’t stop for anyone. For kids, their dad’s place and empty and for you.. Shubhra says for me Rishi and Roli are enough. But I am scared. Kids are so attached to him. HE was going but he stayed. How will I calm them down once he leaves. Chandrani says ever think about yourself? Harsh is so close to all of us. His wife would be very lucky. Shubhra says yes, he is a very good man.

Scene 4
Samaira blindfolds Kuldeep and says come with me. I want to show you something. She shows him divorce papers fixed and framed. She says do you like it? I picked all pieces of my broken dream and fixed it. It should be framed right? Kuldeep says why all this? What do you want to prove? I left everyone. I am with you. Please remove it. Samaira says I don’t even want their thought with you

Scene 5
Madhura gives tea to Narain. Shubhra says let’s go to the pool. The kids planned. Narain says get my new boxers. MAdhura says you get cold. He says it’s the pool party. Shubhra says let’s go. Harsh gets ready too. He says this one looks perfect. He does rehearsal. The kids come and say it’s a pool party. Let’s go. We are all waiting for you. Harsh says let’s go? Rishi says why are you wearing meeting clothes? Roli says I will get you ready in 2 minutes. She says you have all doctor’s kind of clothes. He says I am a doctor. Roli says you are hopeless. Rishi says do you have shorts? He says no. Roli cuts one of his pants. Roli says shorts ready. She laughs. Harsh laughs too.

Episode ends.

Precap-Shubhra says to Harsh, your mood is different. He says moods are different. She says what happened? He says, love. Shubhra says when will you propose? He laughs. Shubhra says tell me the name at least.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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