Apna Time Bhi Aayega 28th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Rajeshwari takes Veer to Jaipur

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Scene 1
Vikram calls Rani and tells her Veer met an accident. Rani drops the phone and falls. Ramo asks what happened? Rani cries. She says Veer wanted to talk to me. He got hit by a car. Rani runs on the road. Dadi and Ramo run afer her. Vikram takes Veer to the hospital. He says please open your eyes bro. Rani comes there and sees the blood. Rani screams. She sits and cries. Dadi and Ramo hold her.

Rajeshwari comes to the hospital. They shift Veer to the emergency room. Rajeshwari says he should get the best treatment. Shea asks Vikram how did it happen? Where was Veer’s mind? HE says stuck in your disgusting thoughts. Rajeshwari says what are you saying? Blame that Rani. Everything has gone wrong since she came to Veer’s life I won’t let her near him now.

Birju tries to call Vikram. Rani takes the phone but it’s out of coverage. Rani cries and says I have to meet him. I have to tell him I forgave him. She runs. Birju says I am arranging something. Rani says I have to go there and tell him how much I love him. A man stops and says are you here for the man who met the accident? Rai says do you know antyhig? He says he was in critical condition so he was taken to Jaipur. Rani says we have to go there. We can’t wait. Birju says trust me. Let me get a bus. The man calls Jai and says done. Gave them the wrong info.

Scene 2
Vikram is worried. He says how do I contact and tell them we are here. Rajeshwari says don’t even try. I won’t let her near Veer. Birju tries to arrange a bus but realizes everything is on strike. Rani cries in front of the temple. Rani says you promised me you will always be with me. I am waiting here for you. When will you come to me. Rani cries. She holds her mangalsutra and recalls their marriage. Rani says you have to come back to me. Rani says my prayers will protect you. She does arti. Veer is in the OT. He sees the whole flashbacks. Veer gets up and screams Rani..

Scene 3
Veer tries to get up. Rajeshwari comes there. She says what are you doing Veer? He says I have to talk to Rani.. Rajeshwari says you’re not okay. You can’t go anywhere. The doctors give him tranquilizers. Veer says I have to talk to him. The doctor says he is out of danger. Veer says let me talk to Rani now, please. He says you’re not well. You need rest. Rajeshwari says thank God you are okay. I was so scared. Veer says is Rani outside? I have to talk to her. Rajeshwari says she didn’t come. Even if she does, I will kick her out. Why isn’t she here? She pretends to care for you. She’s is mean and selfish. She only cares about herself. She doesn’t care if you live or die. Veer says in heart even if you are not here I know your prayers are always with me and protect me. Vikram says your words won’t affect his love. They are made for each other. You can’t part them.

Vikram calls Rani. Rani asks ho is Veer? She says how is Veer? Did you reach Jaipur? He says Jaipur? No, we are in Baliya hospital. Rani says what? The man said you took him to Jaipur. He says no.. Rani says how is he? Vikram says h’s here. Please come fast. rajeshwari takes the phone ad says don’t even think about it. If you come near Veer I will destroy your life. We are taking veer to Jaipur. Never try to meet or contact him. Virkam says this isn’t right. What are you doing? Rajeshwari says shut up. I have heard enough. I will decide what happens now. Rani says thank God Veer is okay. Rani tells Ramo. She’s happy.

The doctor says to keep him in the hospital. He isn’t okay to travel. Rajeshwari says I understand but we have to go to Jaipur. We have our own hospital there. He would get the best treatment. Vikram says discharge papers. Veer keeps looking at the door. Kiara says did you inform Jaipur doctor? He says yes. Rajeshwari asks to get the car ready. Rajeshwari says if you have to wait, then what’s your ove? She won’t come. She wsays the story is over

Episode ends.

Precap-Rajeshwari comes home and says why is it dark? Rani comes in and lights the house. She’s dressed like Rani sa. Rani says shocked to see my new look? I look amazing, right? Rajeshwari says how dare you to come here. Rani says I am on a mission here.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Wow what an episode..totally emotional 🥺🥺😭😭 and thank you Atiba for the quick update at least you have updated this one faster. The episode seems really emotional..and I am hating this Rani Sa 😭 Veer and Rani’s connection 🥺🥺 dil se it hit my heart. The precap is amazing 😍 now Rani will stay with Veer 🙈🙈

    1. Veer and Rani’s connection is everything👌🏻👌🏻

  2. I honestly had zero expectations from this episode because of its precap but it turned out to be soooo good❤❤…. Rani’s prayers and veer’s eyes looking for his rani was sooo cuteee🥰….. And vikram has all my hearts😘…. I m so so happy that now they’ll stay together and we’ll get to see more rani veer and #kankaal’s scenes😂…. Rani’s entry in the precap ,veer’s sweet lil smile and vikram’s big expressive smile took away my heart❤
    Today i feel sooo relaxed that there was no memory loss🥺😂

    1. Hahahaha that kankaal 😂😂😂 I am looking forward to their scenes it will be awesome to watch ❤️😍

    2. Can’t wait for their kankaal scenes as well😂
      Vikram always has my heart and Veer looking for Rani was cute, I was wishing she came to see him just for his face to light up on seeing her. But I can’t wait for the next episode Vikram and Veer’s reaction to seeing Rani was adorable, can’t wait to see that big cheeky smile that Vikram does whenever Rani or Veer does something sweet for each other😆 he is literally representing all of us with his reactions😏🤣

  3. First of all, thank you Atiba for the update and precap, hats off to you😆
    How can Rani sa blame Rani for this, when it was clearly her fault. Ugh, she has serious issues, sometimes I feel to go through the screen and carry her to the other side of Asia or somewhere far enough away from Rani and Veer so that they could have some peace😫😫
    I felt Rani’s pain when she ran there and saw his blood on the ground it made me feel so sad for her, then she sat there and put her mangalsutra back together and her prayers for Veer❤❤ I’m glad Veer knows Rani well enough to feel her even though she wasn’t there, that level of trust in her is back🔥 ohhhhh did you all see, she forgives him yeeessss😭😭
    Rani is going to deal with that Rani sa and I honestly can’t wait to see our girl in action🔥🔥🔥🔥

    1. That scene when she fixed her mangalsutra got to me a lot..the connection they have and the way she talked to him. He trusts her again and I’m so happy and she forgave him. Crying happy tears 😭😭😭

  4. I am hating this Rani sa. veer & Rani made for each other 😍

  5. Precap for 30th June..those who don’t have Instagram I have attached the link


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