Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 25th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Shubhra accused of stealing Sam’s ring

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 25th January 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Shubhra makes breakfast. Kuldeep comes into the kitchen. Shubhra says you didn’t transfer money this month, you bought a ring for Samaira I know your money must be out but I also need money. He says what if you get the money? She says can’t buy a house with it. He says now you want a new house? She says no. But our Puna flat is given to someone else by the landlord. I won’t go to my dad’s house. Can’t put the burden of our kids on them. Will have to stay here for some days. Don’t have a choice. Pass the sugar. He says I will transfer you some money. Sam and I are going on a date. Don’t come between us I will be the worst and I mean it. I will always have a place for kids in my heart and house, but not for you. Always remember that. He leaves.

Shubhra comes to Sam’s room. Samaira is getting ready in the restroom. Phirki comes there. Phirki says what are you doing here? She says we had to go out so was asking Samaira where can we go. Shubhra hides something. She leaves. Shubhra says to the kids we will go out. Do you know who is our guide? Your dad. Kids are happy. Rishi says but he was going out with Sam. Shubhra says I don’t think that would happen. Rishi says what did you do?? She says surprise.

Sam comes downstairs and says I kept it safe. how could this happen, and we made a special plan. Kuldeep says we will find it. Shubhra says what happened didi? She says the diamond ring that Kuldeep gave me is lost. Shubhra acts shocked and says what? Phirki says she tole it. I saw Shubhra in your room. Kuldeep says what rubbish. Ask her to shut up. She is saying Shubhra stole it? Sam says you might not like it but I am sure Shubhra took it. Kuldeep says you don’t use your mind when you are angry. She says think logically, she’s jealous. You didn’t give her anything or took her out. Roli asks Rishi did mama steal? Rishi says my mama can’t steal. Sam says I am sure she did. Shubhra says enough Sam.. Kuldeep says why did you stop? She says kids. Shubhra asks kids to go inside. Sam says they will stay here. Kuldeep says no. Sam says they should also know their mama is a thief.

Kuldeep says Shubhra tell the truth. Shubhra gets teary that she’s being accused in front of the kids. Shubhra says how can you accuse me? Sam says Phirki saw you in my room. Shubhra says Phirki was also there. Sam says she’s been here for 10 years, she’s like a family. Shubhra says to Kuldeep I have been with you for 12 years. I am your family. Do you really think I could stoop so low? Kuldeep says no. Shubhra can’t steal, I am sure. Sam says we will find out who is right.

Scene 2
Phirki takes out her bags and says check my bags. I should have died before all this. Sam’s stomach hurts. Kuldeep finds weird things in Phirki’s bag. Rishi says aai.. Why was Phirki calling you a thief? Why did you go to Sam’s room. Shubhra tells him she went there to mix something in her breakfast. Shubhra says if she’s unwell only then your papa will take out. Kuldeep says your ring isn’t here. Shubhra says let me get my bags. Sam says stop. Samaira farts. Everyone is disgusted. Roli says you stopped us for this? Sam runs upstairs. Kuldeep goes after Sam.

Kids laugh at Sam. Rishi says but where did the ring go? Shubhra says must be in her room. Rishi says she is playing with you. You kept knives in her bag so she might be doing the same. Phirki says to Sam Shubhra made a plan to ruin your dad. Sam runs to the restroom. Rishi says she will check your bags and the ring would be there. Then she will say she caught you. Shubhra says that could be true. Rishi says you are right.

Phirki says Shubhra must have mixed something in your coffee. She came to your room and coffee was there. Sam says right. You are right. I didn’t eat anything that would upset my stomach. We know she didn’t come here to steal the ring. Phirki says yes because we kept it in her stuff. Sam said to Phirki hide this ring in Shubhra’s room. Kuldeep thinks his wife is very innocent. I want Kuldeep’s trust to break on her. We will start today’s drama after I come out of the shower. Phirki hid in it Shubhra’s room. Phirki says let’s go find the ring in her room. Sam says to speak in low volume. Shubhra shouldn’t have an idea and if Kuldeep finds out he will get so mad. Kuldeep is standing there. They are scared to see him.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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