In present

Vikram says  “Pallavi please stop this ruckus.” Pallavi says “am I creating a ruckus?”Dida says “Pallavi keep quiet. End this discussion over here.” But Pallavi doesn’t stop. Ranbhir shouts “shut up everyone. I said u already and I am saying u once again ,Ranbhir Kohli can have only one bride in his life that is only Prachi Arora. And my heart says that she is still alive .Previously I listened to my mind and I lost her  and this time I will listen to my heart and I will win her back.” Pallavi says”if she is still alive then why didn’t shecome back? ” Ranbhir says “Prachi loves her mother. She can’t stay away from her mother for so long. So probably after the accident she would have lost her memory or she is hiding from us as I broke her heart. But I am sure that she is alive and I will bring her back.” Saying this he breaks the garland and leaves from there. No one understands what to do.

Next day

Prachi and Ishaan are in Mumbai airport to receive Shashank. Ranbhir and Aryan are in Delhi airport to receive Mishti. Both Shahshank and Mishti arrive in their respective airports.

In Srinivasan’s house

Mrs. Srinivasan does Shashank’s aarthi and she stops Prachi and Ishaan to give aarthi. Shashank understands what his mother is trying to do. Mrs. Srinivasan tries to do aarthi for both Prachi and Ishaan together but the lamp goes off. Mrs. Srinivasan gets tensed. But Ishaan consoles her and they come inside. Prachi and Mrs.Sinivasan goes inside kitchen. Shashank asks Ishaan “bro, where is dad?” Ishaan replies “he is attending an important online meeting in his room with Mehras and Kohlis.”

In meeting

The meeting is regarding a concert and a talent contest to promote new singers which is gonna happen in Mumbai. Mr. Kohli asks “what about costume designers?” Mr.Srinvisan repiles “don’t worry Vikram, my son’s friend is a very good costume designer. He has a boutique of his own. He designs costumes for all major events in Mumbai. I will ask him. So when will u be coming to Mumbai?”Abhi repiles “very soon. We will inform u as soon as we decide.” Their meeting ends.

Shashank sees his mother teaching Prachi something and laughs. Ishaan doesn’t understand and he asks Shashank “why are u laughing?” Shashank replies “I am able to see something which u are not able to see.” Ishaan asks “what?” Shashank bangs his head and says “that mom wants to make Abhigya her elder daughter-in-law.” Ishaan asks “what? Stop making such kind of ridiculous jokes. Neither me nor Abhigya feel something like that. She is just my good friend.” Shashank says “I don’t know about your feelings but amma’s actions clearly shows that she likes Abhigya as her daughter-in-law and anyways love starts from friendship only.”  Ishaan says “I am telling u once again there is nothing like that and u are telling so surely as if u had fallen in love with someone” Shashank smile disappears and he remembers Mishti. Ishaan asks “what happened?” Shashank replies “nothing I have to fresh up and leaves from there.” Prachi comes there and asks “I have to go home.” Ishaan asks “why?what happened?” Prachi replies “nothing.”

Just then Mr.Srinivasan comes there. He sees Prachi “Hi Abhigya ,how are u?” Prachi replies “I am is fine.” Mr.Srinivasan says “a deal is finalized today. I need to speak with u both regarding that. Can u just come?” Prachi is about to go. Mrs.Srinivasan comes there and says “where are u going Abhigya? I need to show u something.” Mr.Srinivasan says “Meenu(Her name is Meenakshi) what do u want to show her?” Meenakshi replies “I need to show the sarees I have brought for my future daughter in law whether she likes the….” Shashank comes there and giggles. Prachi doesn’t understand but Mr.Srinivasan and Ishaan understands. Ishaan says “its nothing, u said u want to go home right Abhigya?” Prachi nods. Ishaan says “I will drop u and we will discuss about this deal tomorrow.” Prachi and Ishaan leave. Everyone stares at Meenakshi.

In Kohli mansion

Pallavi welcomes Mishti and hey take her in and Dida makes Aryan sit next to Mishti. Both of them feel uncomfortable. Purab and Vikram notices it but they say nothing and think to speak to their respective children later. Aryan and Mishti also think to speak to their parents. Pallavi asks “when should we fix marriage date?” Mishti spit the water out they were drinking. Everyone gets surprised. Abhi interrupts “Pallavi I know u are very much excited. But Mishti has come just now so give her some time.” Pallavi says “that is what I can’t give. If I give some time then I will lose my daughter like my son.” Everyone remains silent. She continues “so I want her to get married as soon as possible.” Aryan and Mishti stare at each other. Aliya says “yes bhai Pallavi is right then our business also can expand. I mean they belong to same status so they are perfect match so what to wait for.” Purab tries to say something but Abhi interrupts “the thing is we got a concert to be done in Mumbai.”  Aliya says “what? in Mumbai.”Vikram replies “yes, and we are going to conduct a talent contest to promote new singers. So we have to leave to Mumbai as soon as possible.” Purab continues “not only that we have to stay there for a month atleast.” Pallavi asks “what?then how will we get Aryan and Mishti married?” Mishti and Aryan fell relaxed as they are getting some time. Abhi says “I have an idea. We have our old house in Mumbai where we all can stay and we can get them married there, it will also be a destination wedding and both of them will also get some time to know each other.”  Both Aryan and Mishti drop their drinking glasses. Pragya understands the children are not ready for this. But Pragya gets scared that Pallavi will get aggressive if she involves in her another child’s life so she keeps quiet. Everyone ask them “what happened ?”They reply “nothing” and leaves from there. Everyone thinks they felt shy.

In Mumbai

Ishaan drops Prachi and comes back. He goes to his mother and asks “Amma ,what were u doing? What was that?” Meenakshi pouts her mouth but as everyone asks she says “I want Abhigya to become my elder daughter in law.”

  1. Nice episode. Thank god that ishaan does not have feelings for prachi.

  2. Waiting for nxt update so.. please can u post it soon

  3. Jasminerahul

    surprising that ishaan is indirectly connected to mehras n kohlis.so i guess through ishaan they will meet prachi again.never thought that ishan’s mom wanted prachi to be her bahu.glad that ishaan doesnt love prachi.hope ishaan will fall 4 rhea.pallavi wants to fix aryan mishti’s marriage.will mishti fall 4 aryan?Cant pallavi stop repeating mistakes?waiting 4 sunny kiara meeting

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