Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 22nd July 2021 Written Episode Update: Shubhra and Harsh to do engagement shoot

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 22nd July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Samaira says Shubhra is doing a drama but why would Harsh agree to do that? Kuldeep says why would we care? We are getting married anyway. She is trying to compete with you but she doesn’t know Samaira’s team never loses.
Shubhra reads Kuldeep’s letter. It says Samaira is doubting your plan. She is planning the engagement to expose the same. She keeps an eye on me so I can’t call you. I have created this email to update you. Contact me on the same email. Wish you all the best. Chandrani says your smile is my hope. I thought my son is useless but he proved he isn’t. Can’t you two be together?

Kuldeep says there was no party at my first wedding. But this time you’re fulfilling all my dreams. I want to kiss you. She says this wedding will be the talk of the town. Yoru mangalsutra idea is a winning stroke. Shubhra says we stayed together for 12 years. The relationship is over but not the connection. We can’t stay in touch as husband and wife but as Rishi and Roli’s parents. We can be friends and bring up our kids. Chandrani says you won’t forgive him? Shubhra says for how many mistakes? All his decisions show his selfishness. I don’t get selfish people. Chandrani says how will we answer Samaira on this engagement game?

Scene 2
Narain says what’s the problem. Get engaged. I will distribute sweets. Shubhra says not again baba. We have to counter Samaira. Madhura says why do you care about Kuldeep. His problems aren’t yours. He isn’t a kid. Think about yourself. Harsh is a diamond. Shubhra says I know you care for me and I will think about myself. I will only think about myself but for one last time let me save Kuldeep samaira. She has to pay for what she did to Kuldeep, my tears, and hurting my kids and parents. This plan will do it all. Narain says I am with you. What’s your plan?

The kids come with Harsh. Roli says mama we went on a playdate with Harsh. Shubhra says what did you learn? She says he taught me how to tie shoelaces. Rishi says I learned two lessons. He shows how to play. Shubhra smiles. Shubhra says there was a surprise for Rishi and Roli. Kids hug Chandrani.

Scene 3
Samaira asks how did you like our new house? He says I want to make our first day here special for you. He does her greh parvesh. Kuldeep makes her video. She says I am so blessed. You love me so much. We will start our new love in this house. He says I can’t tell you what you are to me. You taught me love and how to live. You taught me the value of love. Samaira says you’re my everything. My heart, my life. My life starts and ends with you. I love you. She hugs him. Kuldeep emails the video to Shubhra. He says in heart these proofs are what Shubhra needs. It will prove her allegations are fake.

Harsh says engagement? This plan is getting serious. Shubhra says this has tensed me. He says we can’t hide from the kids. They will get hurt if Samaira tells me. I can’t end Rishi’s trust. Shubhra says can’t we keep them away from all this? He says you have to fail her game. Shubhra asks how? He says your aim should be to punish her. Only you can do that. She gets the video from Samaira. Shubhra says call Veer. We have to show this to him.

Veer says we need more evidence like this. The fake allegations would be countered with such proofs. Shubhra sees the video. Harsh says do you find it awkward? She says I don’t feel anything. He says he’s your ex-husband. It might not be easy for you. Shubhrra says love and emotions are over for me. There’s no place for them in my life. I don’t have time to think about it. I am stressed about the engagement plan. I don’t have an answer. Harsh says I got an answer. Shubhra asks what? He says you designed these rings. Won’t you promote them? This is the right time to promote them. You can plan a shoot and we can be your models. And the photos would tell Samaira that we are engaged. We don’t have to tell the kids because they will think it’s a shoot only. And Samaira will think we are engaged. Shubhra says you cracked it. Kids won’t have to know and Samaira will lose her mind when she sees me getting engaged before her. She will do something wrong in anger. Shubhra says thank you so much. He says let’s do it today. Shubhra says at baba’s place. She calls Narain. Harsh says I hope it convinces her.

Chandrani gives tea to them. Chandrani asks Harsh what is the plan? Harsh says yes I hope it works out. Chandrani says Kuldeep is my son and Shubhra is my daughter. And only you can make her happy. Not even Kuldeep. I hope all of this was real. My dreams might come true. He says our dreams don’t matter. I am with Shubhra in all her decisions. I won’t think about myself. My happiness is in her happiness. If there ever is a time when she wants to change our friendship to something else, I am ready. Chandrani smiles.

Episode ends.

Precap-Madhura says to Shubhra will you ever think about getting married? Shubhra says I am already married. Kuldeep Chadha’s wife. Shubhra says to Samaira I brought something here. She shows them engagement photos. Harsh says we are always ahead of you. Samaira says to Kuldeep Shubhra’s weakness are kids. We have to get to them we will know the truth. Kuldeep is shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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