Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 22nd July 2021 Written Episode Update: Guru ji leaves

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Scene 1
Mahi says thank you for everything Guru ji. You showed Jogi the right path. I don’t know how the music industry works but I won’t let your efforts go in vain. He says Jogi is talented and more than that I have faith in your strength. Sometimes you can’t make a relation in years and here I made a relation with your family in two days. He says and I have to be there for my family. He gives her a number and says I am helping someone for the first time and because I feel Jogi is more than my student. He says this guy was my student and now a producer. Tell him I sent you, he will help you. Mahi says thank you Guru ji. He leaves.

Jogi says Guru ji you’re leaving. Please stay more. He says it’s your fault you learned so fast. Jogi picks his bags. Jogi says when you’re around I feel like my dad is around. I didn’t feel his absence. Jogi touches his feet. Guru ji hugs him. He says I never met someone like you. I will always have you in my heart. Jogi says I can come with you. Guru ji says Mahi will hit us both. He laughs.

Scene 2
Seema says Jogi sings so well. He will be famous and you will dance on his music. He will become a star. And then there will be tours. Abroad. I have made a list of branded perfumes. Rupa says calm down. It will take it. Seema says he will be a star over a night. Rupa says that doesn’t happen with us. Seema says Jogi and Mahi got married in a day, Jogi became famous on the internet in a day. Rupa says he will get pressurized. Seema says Mahi is with him. Since she came to your house, your game changed. Rupa says yeah really. Renu says Jeju you have improved so much. My sister did it all. He says yes, I am incomplete without her. Seema says exactly.

Scene 3
Chanda waits for Mahi’s call. She says Mahi didn’t call. He says don’t worry. They hear Seema saying Jogi will become a star. She says Jogi has promised he will be a singer. Now see what happens. Pappu says wow. He will be a star. Seema says we will also become famous. We will have to give interviews. Chanda says we have to go there to see what’s happening. Let’s go to fix Jagrata.

Scene 4
Mahi comes to the producer. He says Diljit. Mahi says I am Mahi. He says Guru ji called for the first time and asked for someone. He must be someone special. Mahi shows him Jogi’s video. He says wow. He’s magical. He says you’re the same Mahi who won Mrs. Amritsir right? She says yes. He says and the same Mahi Arjun Rai was going to marry? Mahi is shocked. Mahi says how is that is related to Jogi’s music. He says it is. Punjab’s music industry is run by Arjun. If Jogi will become a star or not it depends if you’re enemy with Arjun or friends. I can’t interfere in personal life but it’s related to Jogi’s professional life. Mahi says but you are such a big producer. Can’t you give him one chance? He says I can’t say no to you because Guru ji called. But I can’t ruin my chances by going against Arjun. Only he can give Jogi a chance. Mahi says thank you for your time. Mahi wonders what to do now.

Mahi comes home. Biji says Jogi will be a star. I will get a new saree. I am so happy. Mahi sits down in distress. Mahi says everyone is so happy and hopeful. Pappu and Chanda come. Pappu says we came here to take Jagrata’s date. We have to plan as well. Mahi says I can’t tell you today. Pappu says Jogi became a big star now? He says I will keep sitting here until you give me a date. Mahi says please sit on the sofa. He says I will keep sitting here until I get a date. Mahi says we can do it tomorrow. Rupa is shocked. He says you are the world’s best SIL. Let’s prepare Chanda. Chanda says it will be so much fun. So many more people would listen to Jogi and he would get more chances. You remember the Arjun’s discussion. Pappu says I will call many famous people. Mahi says let’s call Arjun too. He will listen to Jogi as well. They leave.

Jogi comes in and says Arjun? Arjun says why was his name taken here? Mahi says forget the anger. Arjun is engaged to Chanda. We have to meet one day. He says if I have to meet him I will stop meeting your family. I don’t want to do any Jagrata. Rupa says it’s better not to trust Pappu. Biji says yes, they keep planning all the time. Arjun says I want to stay away from him. Rupa says they are foxes. We can’t be blind. Pappu is a sweet poison. It’s better to stay away from him. Mahi recalls what the producer and Chanda said. Jogi says where are you lost? Mahi says I will say no to Pappu. He says stop. If you get this sad how will I say no? You committed to them already. I will have to sing. Nothing is more important than my wife to me. Whether it’s that Arjun or Pappu. What will people say? My wife is always sad. You will ruin my image.

Episode ends.

Precap-Jogi sings at the jagrata. Everyone enjoys. Arjun says you sing so well. Both families patched up. We should patch up too. We should do it the modern way. You should apologize hodling your hands. Mahi is shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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