Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 12th October 2021 Written Episode Update: Kuldeep and Chandrani trap Phirki

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 12th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Phirki opens the door.. A man says Samaira ji.. You are so pretty. You brighten up the day.. I need to take a photo. He takes her photos. He says can I call you Sam? Phirki says yes. He says you said you will sell your house? Are you coming with the house too? I am confused whether I should see the house or you. He says are you Sam ji? You put the ad right? She says yes. It’s Kuldeep. He says my name is Harprett. You can you call me Preet with love. Phirki asks who is in your family? He says my wife broke my heart. She ran away with another man. Phirki says what kind of woman is she. Kuldeep looks around for proofs. Phirki says she didn’t deserve your love. Chandrani says to Phirki he’s rich and good looking. Give it a try. Phirki says won’t you feel alone in such a big house? Kuldeep says you can fix my lonliness. Phirki says it’s Mumbai’s luck that you came here. He says this city is beautiful. Long drives in this city are so romantic. Phirki is shy. Kuldeep pretends to fall.

Kuldeep says will you marry me? Chandrani says wow what a pretty couple. She steals the laptop while phirki is distancted. Kuldeep says this diamond looks so good on you. take this dirty watch off. Wear this new one. He takes the watch from her hand. Kuldeep says before coming closer we should know each other. Phirki is shy. He says let’s talk about your heart? My heart says your name isn’t Samaira.. It’s Phirki. He takes off his turban and beard. Phirki is shocked. Chandrani steals her phone.

Phirki says return my phone. Chandrani says I won’t. Phirki says this isn’t right. If did finds out.. Kuldeep says she can’t hear you now. samaira doesn’t have a big heart that she would give you this watch.. Tell me what are you hiding? You will only be forgiven if you tell the truth.

Scene 2
Shubhra says there’s not one picture of Samaira and Phirki. Roli and Rishi come. They sit on the papers. Shubhra says I am working. Can’t you see? The kids say sorry mama. Shubhra hugs them. She says I am so worried. I am looking for Samaira and Phirki’s photos. The kid finds their photos on internet. Shubhra says thank you. Madhura says whose voice is this? It’s the same maid’s voice. She tells about the maid. Shubhra is shocked. Shubhra says this is Samaira’s maid Phirki’s voice.

Scene 3
Kuldeep says all gates are closed. You can’t go out. She will find you and this old woman. chandrani slaps her and says am I old? Phirkki says hit me but I won’t say anything. this isn’t right. Chandrani slaps her and says what you and Samaira did was right? You entered Shubhra’s dad’s house and killed him.. Phirki says what? Murder? What are you saying? Chandrani says you murdered because Samaira asked you. Phirki says she considers you like a mom. She did so much for you and you’re accusing her of murder? She can’t do this. Kuldeep says I know what she can do. I will give your name to the police. Baba’s case is registered. They are looking for the two fake maids. You went there as a fake maid right? Madhura recognized your voice. Kuldeep says call Samaira and ask her who would her lawyer save? You or Samaira? HE will save Samaira. Chandrani says how can she afford such a big lawyer. Samaira is going to Dubai. She will leave this Phirki here alone. Kuldeep says she will give her all her sins and Phirki will be in jail forever. Phirki says my didi can’t do that. Chandrani says come to Pune and see if your didi will give you to police or not. Let me call the police here. Phirki says please don’t do this. Please make me meet samaira. Kuldeep says go and pack your bags. I want to see Samaira shocked when she sees you with us.

Scene 4
Shubhra calls Chandrani. She says to Madhura Kuldeep found the watch. They are bringing Phirki here. Police has to move ahead with this case. What Kuldeep has done for us only a son can, not a DIL. He has made mistakes but he doesn’t have a bad heart. He only wants blessings from you. This case has the most important thing is your statement. You recognizing Phirki. THe police will ask you everything. You will have to be strong. Madhura says I can do that for your dad. Shubhra says baba will be at peace with this win. And Samaira’s game will be over.

Episode ends.

Precap-Kuldeep says if you are hiding such a big secret then ask for a big prize. Phirki says on call I want 5 lacs. Samaira says let me tell Shubhra you murdered her dad. Phirki says to Kuldeep I didn’t murder. Kuldeep says then who did? Phirki says Samaira.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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