Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 12th October 2021 Written Episode Update: Khanderao doesn’t attend the Darbar

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 12th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Khanderao saying this is your rigidity and ego, I will never agree to anything wrong. She cries. He leaves and recalls her words. Tukoji says Malhar is waiting for you, everyone has come. Khanderao says why, I won’t come. Tukoji asks why, what happened now. Khanderao says I don’t want to come. He goes. Ahilya looks on. Gangoba says I m waiting for Khanderao. Dhana ji says many big kings lost their pride because of their sons, I don’t see good days of Malwa now. Gunu ji says you are right, Malhar has stopped the Darbar and waiting for his son. Malhar waits for Khanderao. He says Darbar’s time got wasted because of my son Khanderao, I m sorry. He asks Gangoba to start the darbar work. Gangoba asks but how without Khanderao. Malhar says he had to come to the darbar today, he didn’t listen.

The darbar work starts. Gangoba explains the situation of the Portugal soldiers attacking the fort. Malhar discusses the plans with the ministers. Gangoba says we can’t surround the fort, there is a sea on one side, the soldiers can get their needs and food through the sea route. Malhar says enemy has the fort here, its not in our favor, Portugal’s army is big, its tough to win, if we win, even then we will lose many lives, we have to make another plan, I can’t risk the soldiers’ lives. Tukoji comes. He says Khanderao refused to come. Parikshit says you did wrong, you left the darbar and want to go and drink. Khanderao says I need it, don’t stop me. Parikshit asks what happened, tell me.

Khanderao says what shall I tell you, I thought I will always support me and unconditionally love me, Ahilya rejected my love, she asked me to quit drinking, else she will live with my old memories, she won’t come close to me, she kept this condition to love me. Parikshit says she loves you a lot, she worries for you. Khanderao says I got addicted to alcohol, so what, I didn’t kill anyone. Parikshit says she is right, your one mistake can become a crime. Khanderao gets angry. He says she is reminding me of young Khanderao, she forgot that I wasn’t a good person even that time, she regarded me her best friend, I came after 7 years, how can she say that she will stay away from me. Ahilya, Sarja and Renu come.

Harku comes to talk to Gautama. Dwarka asks what’s the matter, you can tell it in front of me. Harku says Khanderao didn’t go to darbar today. Gautama asks what. Harku says he refused to go to darbar. Gautama worries. Dwarka says Malhar would be upset, I m not surprised, Khanderao does what he wishes, he doesn’t listen to anyone, person’s nature won’t change.

She says Khanderao should think of Malhar’s respect, Malhar would be thinking if he did a big mistake to declare Khanderao as his heir, that it was a wrong decision taken in haste, right. Gautama looks on.

Gautama says Khanderao listens to his heart, its right, but now he has become a responsible and talented young guy, there is some reason that he refused to go in the darbar, he knows to keep his duty, he will go to darbar surely, I trust him. Dwarka says he won’t go today, you can bet on that. Ahilya caresses the horse. She talks to her friends. Khanderao looks on. Ahilya says my horse Manik will win the race. Khanderao taunts her on her foolishness. He says a new horse has come in Malwa, his name is Vayu. Ahilya says it doesn’t matter, my Manik will win, horse runs in the race, but the rider should have passion to win. She challenges Khanderao indirectly. She says maybe someone doesn’t want to go to darbar out of fear, the person who gets scared and hides by darbar’s name, that person can’t make his horse win in the race. Khanderao says I m not scared, I can run and show the people. He goes. Parikshit goes after him. Ahilya laughs and says he doesn’t listen when we say anything straight, when we challenge him, he agrees to do the thing, he didn’t change.

Khanderao comes in the darbar. Malhar says you got late in coming, you broke the rules, you have to stay away for a day.

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