Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 28th September 2017 Written Episode Update: Amla Decides To Fight Her Own Case

Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 28th September 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rishan asks Viren to give such offer to Mando that she couldn’t refuse. Mando thinks Viren is calling me now and thinks price will be more now. She picks the call. Viren asks if she can help them. Mando tells him that she can’t help them and tells that she can’t see Amla’s sad face. Viren tells Rishan that Mando is not agreeing. He says we had warned you that we will not back off, but have ointment for you. Mando says my family have gone against me and Raghu is also angry on her. Rishan asks Viren to offer her 75 lakhs. Viren says 75 lakhs. Mando gets happy and agrees to do the work. Viren says we will give money after you finishes work and asks her to listen what to do.

Amla is arranging some papers and goes. Mando comes there and takes pic of those papers in her phone. Amla comes and catches her red handed. She gives her file and says this will be more useful to you. Raghu hears them. Mando says no…Amla says I didn’t remember anything about Maa. When I was young, Bhao used to style her hairs, everyone used to laugh seeing her in school. When you came home, I got happy thinking my hair style will be good. She says she have been searching mother in her, but can never find. She says your all dreams was broken when you got married to my brother, and have responsibility of us. She says when Maliks offered you money, you couldn’t refuse and might have thought to fulfill all your dreams. She says you didn’t do any mistake. She says Maliks might get this file or not, but we both know the truth. She says truth always win at the end and cries.

Mando cries being ashamed of her doings. Amla goes. Raghu comes to Mando and asks what you are doing? Mando again takes the papers and tells that she is making their life good, and says Maliks offered 75 lakhs rs. Raghu says I am shocked knowing you are such a bad woman. He says do you realize that Amla needs to win case. He says you don’t know what people tells to her and says you never supported her, you are betraying Amla, you can’t become of anyone. He calls her gandi aurat/bad woman. Mando cries. Raghu says Mannu never asked you for anything and always ask Amla whenever he wants anything. He asks her to take their money and stay with them. He asks her to get out and forcibly pushes her out of house. Amla, Abeer and Karuna try to stop him. Raghu says nobody shall say anything and closes the door. Mando cries standing out.

News reporter tells that Amla’s supporters are in lakhs on the social networking sites etc. In the court, everyone waits for prosecution lawyer. Abeer calls him, but he pick the call. Judge comes and asks Amla where is prosecution lawyer. Amla says he might be stuck in the traffic. Viren says may be he got another case. Judge gives them time. Amla and Abeer calls at his office. Abeer tells her that he is not in office. Evan comes and asks if they are tensed and asks them to leave from there. Amla says either he is scared or taken money. She tells Abeer that she will be back in 2 mins and asks Abeer to go.

Goon comes to Mahi and gives her food. He says you are tied, how you will eat and serves her food. He asks her to tell where is the tape recorder and says Malik Saheb needed it. He asks if you will dance with it, Maliks asked to kill you. Mahi says she will never tell. Goon asks her to die then and says today will be last day for you, you will get hungry or feel thirsty. Mahi cries. In court, Viren tells Judge that Ramchandani, prosecution lawyer is missing and wasting court’s time. He asks him to dismiss the case and end this hearing for now. Judge says it seems we have to do this. Amla comes there and says she wants to say something. Viren says she wants to ruin time in talks. Amla says she wants to fight her own case. Everyone is shocked. Judge asks do you know what you are saying? Amla says yes, your honor and says this country’s law gives permission to fight their own case if any lawyer refused, she don’t know much about law and apologizes if she tells anything wrong. Judge asks Viren not to talk unnecessarily and trouble her. Viren warns Amla that this is his work place. Amla says he will make him taste the dust in his own place. Viren is shocked.

Evan tells in court that Abeer was with Amla when they come to know later. He says Abeer tried to set them with Amla for money. Everyone looks on.

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