Spoilers 28th September 2017


Avni attacks Gurumaa after the Durga puja. She asks Gurumaa to release all the girls, else she will burn her alive. Avni points knife at her and pushes her down. She pours oil on her and threatens that she will ignite fire. She gets a fire torch. Avni takes Durga Maa avatar and does not listen to anyone. Dayavanti, Neil and Ali witness this. Avni wants Juhi and all girls to get free. Gurumaa asks Avni to leave her and begs to her. Avni wants to make the place free from Gurumaa’s evil. Avni is ready to kill Gurumaa. Gurumaa has done much crimes in her life and always got free from blames.

Dada ji is worried as his family got broken. Sandhya is playing a game. She cheats and makes Karan sign on property papers. She wants to get the property on her name. Naina gets to see this and makes water fall on the papers. She ruins Sandhya’s plans. Sandhya gets angry on maid Pyaari, not knowing she is Naina.

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Dil Se Dil Tak

Piya Albela





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