Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 27th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 27th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dev tells that he will kill the criminal. His father asks Sultan to take him for a three day tour. Pushpa cries and accuses Amla. Spy gets Rishan’s call and asks Abeer to come as Malik called him. Abeer pushes him and runs. Spy says you will repent, Malik will not spare you. Bhao takes Amla home while carrying her in his arms. Karuna is waiting for her and asks Bhao to let her talk to Amla. Bhao takes Amla to room. Karuna asks Bhao that she will bandage her hand. Bhao gets angry and breaks the things asking them to leave. Karuna leaves. Bhao calls Mando and asks her to come home. Mando says you got maharani and asks where is she found? Bhao tells that neighbors was badmouthing about her. Mando says I am coming to take care of her and taunts him. She tells Viren that her life is a hell and tells that they both have made her mad. Spy calls Viren and tells him about Abeer. He is shocked and tells that Abeer ran away. Mando says we shall keep them locked. Viren asks her to go home and handle Amla.

Neighbors taunt Amla and tells Karuna that Amla shall die after letting her respect gone. Karuna asks them to have shame. Abeer’s Guru asks Karuna to come. Karuna feels bad for Amla and Abeer. Abeer is running on the road. Police is searching Abeer. Abeer collides with Viren’s car and injures his hand. Viren asks where is he going? Abeer says Police. Viren takes him to side. Amla gains consciousness and cries hugging Bhao. Viren asks Abeer what you will tell Police that the girl is raped. He emotionally blackmails him and asks who will marry her. He says if you go to Police then everything will be confirmed and asks then where she will hide her face. She will die then. Abeer recalls Amla telling Bhao that she don’t want to live. Viren tells him that her finance left her. He says jija ji Rishan thought about you, and tells that he told a story to Police that you loves Amla. Abeer says I don’t know her, why did you tell this. Viren says then how could I solve the matter. He says you are also accused and says I want to wipe raped word from her forehead and says this is your penance. He asks him to marry Amla, give her respect, home and name. Abeer asks how? Viren says this is your only way.

Bhao checks Amla’s hand. Amla cries and asks how her wounds will be healed. How she will live? Bhao says you will live happily. Amla tells him that her happiness is gone, Dev has burnt their happiness, nothing is left, everything finished with the house. Bhao says happiness will be back, you will get married and will be happy. Amla says I will not get married. Bhao says he will get her married and says you will be very happy, all pain will be gone.

Abeer thinks what Viren had said. Police team see him and catches him. Spy looks on. Amla recalls her moments with Dev, and Dev telling that he can’t bear even a scratch on her. She thinks everything is scattered and cries. Mando comes and taunts Amla, asks what will be her next invention. Bhao takes Mando from there. Dev is still sad. Dev’s father calls Sultan and asks him to take care of Dev. Viren comes to Bhao’s house. Bhao tells him that Amla don’t want to marry. Mando says she wants to do drama and asks Bhao to ask her where she wants to kill them. Raunaq calls Viren and tells that Police caught Abeer. Viren is shocked and tells that he will handle Amla. Raunaq says you should have gotten them married by now and asks him to solve Abeer’s matter first. Viren asks Mando to take her inside. He bluntly asks Amla to do as he says. Bhao is shocked. Amla looks on scared.

Pushpa comes to return roka stuff. Viren tells amla that Dev will never accept her. Amla cries. Dev tells that until Amla is alive, he will be hit by the truth and when she dies, he will feel peace. Neeru tells Inspector that if he accepts the rape accusation then he will have life imprisonment.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. RoopaliVaishali

    Hi one correction in precap. Neeru doesn’t tell inspector. Neeru tells Abeer

  2. sad that Dev is blaming Amla for her misfortune …
    I feel so sorry for Abeer … his so-called friends are no better than commoners ?
    Mando is a very wicked person, shame on her ?

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