Ek Aastha aisi bhee 27th April Analysis

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The episode starts with Lakshmi telling Guruma that we should tell shiv truth to aastha family what will happen if they get to know it after marriage. Guruma says what u think that they will break marriage if they know shiv condition. No becoz they r having relation with family like us. So u dont need to tell anything to anyone.
Aastha comes there and asks lakshmi is shiv ill becoz see he is taking medicines i asked him but he did not told me. Guruma says to aastha that actually shiv is having headache from morning so he took medicines and lakshmi says he is nervous also like u today its big fay for him also so dont take tension he will be fine. Radhika comes there and asks aastha what r u doing here come we should go and change.
Jaya chachi daughter in law comes there and tells that u both r here so i should call beautician but radhika stops her and says no need to call beautician i will do Aastha make-up. Jaya chachi daughter in law leaves fuming that now aastha friend also thinks of me as Maid.

Radhika tells aasyha to go and freshen up then we will do your makeup Aastha asks radhika that i feel shiv is tensed do u also feel same radhika says maybe its becoz Shiv does not want to marry you.Radhika says i m just kidding he was tensed becoz of marriage work so just smile and go and freshen up then we will start make up.
Shiv comes in Lakshmi room and tells her to listen this cd once then chachi daughter in law comes and shows Lakshmi shagun plate so shiv tells lakshmi that i m keeping cd on table listen it later and leaves .. Chachi daughter in law(Janki) sees cd and thinks its her music cd for sangeet and thinks to check it so she inserts cd then lakshmi tells her to go out and check other things and leaves taking engagement ring to show it to sharda and shiv cd plays in empty room.

Radhika pours some liquid on Aastha dress. Aastha comes there and checks dress and says how it got burned so radhika says maybe seller gave u defecrive piece u wear my dress till then i will go and repair your dress with tailor. Aastha says that she should call sharda but radhika stops her tells she will get tensed.
Jaya chachi tells about Aastha ring size to her daughter in law. Lakshmi asks is this ring not small so runjhun says our ring is small as compared to this jaya chachi daughter in law sees ring diamond size and faints runjhun sprinkle water on her and tells did u fainted by seeing ring size she says yes but later jaya chachi says she must be tired by working all day.
Laksmi tells chachi to give some cold drink to janki and asks janki to return ring. Sharda tells lakshmi that whats the need to give such a costly ring but lakahmi says u r giving us your most prestigious diamond so this ring is nothing in front of aastha. Govind comes an tells that guruma is asking is aastha ready sharda says i will go and check but lakshmi says u stay here i will check her. Aastha says y is mom not picking up call.

Sharda says to runjun see how much everyone loves aastha i wish your dad would have been here runjun says dad will be happy wherever he will be.Lakshmi tells aastha that what r u doing here come downstairs. Aastha hears shiv recoeding voice but when she enters room it stops.
Balwan says to shiv that today my dream will become reality aastha will be becoming my bhabhi officialy. Aastha comes downstairs everyone praises her. Govind says to guruma pandit said engagement will happen after half hour so gayatri says till then we will dance. Aastha sees radhika and asks where is my dress radhika says tailor was not there so u wore my dress aastha says yeah i have pinned it. Radhika thinks she is smart.
Gayatri and balwan start dancing then Gayatri and ashok and Balwan and runjhun (RUWAN) dances on tukur tukur song. Gayatri removes price tag from ashok dress and they both fight over price tag.
Janki dances on Dance basanti with her husband later everyone joins them. Radhika removes aastha dress pin and her dress falls from shoulder but shiv comes and help her. They have an eyelock.

PRECAP= shiv talks to lakshmi and suddenly feels unconscious and faints on ground. Lakshmi shouts shiv.

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