Kya Mere Sapne Sach Honge- Shot 3

AdNi (FS) : Kya Mere Sapne Sach Honge : Shot 3

Nani and pooja are waiting for advay and chandni’s arrival in Raizada mansion as advay already called nani and told everything wat happened in the party, and about chandni…also he mentioned her not to talk anything about his dream bcoz chandni doesn’t know anything about that..

Nani , pooja are happy to hear that advay got his dreamgirl..

After few mins they hears the car sound

N: Pooja, i think they came.. ask shirpa to bring aarti plate

P: but nani advay would say anything

N: cheeku se mein baath kar loongi..

Nani said like a strict teacher.
Pooja smiled at nani’s action.

Advay, chandni enters the house while pooja said to nani about their arrival and nani stops them in the entrance.

Advay, chandni got confused

Chandni asked advay in a lower voice

C: who is she??
A: mere nani
C:kya aap ne mere baare mein sab kuch batha diya??

While dey speaking nani called shirpa

N: ek min…..shirpa kahan ho tu??
S: ji nani..aarahi hu

she came there with aarti plate..

Nani asks pooja to take aarti..

Pooja starts

It seems to be weird for chandni.

Chandni whispers to advay

C: wats all this???..u people will take aarti to the one who broke her own engagement??

Advay didn’t know wat to say..

A: woh..actually..its just a formality
C: Formality??

Pooja finishes her aarti and smiles at her..he gave the plate to shirpa…

Chandni is so desperate to know why they took aarti for her so she asks straightly to nani hesitantly

C: nani..actually i wanna ask…ahh yeh aarti…kyun…

N: mein samaj gayi ki tu kya poochna chahthi ho…

Y we are taking aarti for you..this is your question ryt??
advay brings you here and you are our guests….so we will treat our mehmaan lyk dis.

Somehow nani managed the situation..but actual reason is nani wants to take aarti for her bahu when her first visit..

Advay knows nani will do these kind of old tradition..and also he knows that she will give better reason for that

Nani took her inside the house..

Advay and pooja make nani to sit in the sofa..nani asks chandni to sit besides her..

And others too sits..

N : beta..wat would u like to have now..chai…coffee…or anything else

C: nahi nani..ab kuch nahi..i ate so much in the party…

A: okay you people have fun..i wanna go office

C: array kahan ja rahe hai aap..abhi abhi aagayi hum..our family is important than anything..spend sometym with family..

Chandni made advay to sit there just bcoz she don’t know anyone there except she needs him there

C: nani bathayiye na..aap ke baare mein..or some funny incidents of advay…let’s have some talk

Nani said about their family and advay, pooja’s childhood naughtiness…chandni njoyed advay’s stories..

While nani saying all these advay signalled pooja to ask chandni why did she broke her engagement

Pooja interrupts them

P: chandni, i think you heard lot about us …this is enough..and now we want to know about you..

C: meri baare mein??

Pooja nodded her head
N: haan beta..say about u..
C: ji nani

Chandni begins to say about her and her family

Advay listens carefully

C: i am chandni yash narayan vashisht…Mr.Yash Narayan Vashisht’s first daughter

P: aur
C: aur i have two younger sisters and one witch lady in my family

Shirpa and murli asked at once

Witch lady???

C: Haan my step mother

she said with little angry

A: you mean Mrs.Indrani Yash Narayan Vashist

Chandni nodded her head and continues

I love my sisters very much..i will be very happy when i am with my sisters..we three njoyed a lot…we always lived together..but now they are not with me..i am missing them so much…par kya karu…i should come out from there..warna..

P: warna??

That word made everyone too eager..because everyone wants to know why she left out from their house..

C: warna…in future i will be a wife to that bl****y bas***rd..dat sc*****al…bl****y dare he do like that..idiot..

She begins to cry by scolding him

P: chandni relax..i am sorry..i shouldn’t asked sorry..

By crying chandni lies in nani’s lap..nani consoles her

N: beta…ro math…we are all with you.

Advay wants to wipe her tears..but he couldn’t

And chandni continues by lying in nani’s lap

My step mom didn’t like me from my childhood…and my dad too knew dis..after my mom’s death i did everything for myself from childhood to only happiness is my sisters..the only one good thing that witch lady did for me is she allowed me to study..and now i am a physiotherapist with one year experience..that lady didn’t allowed me to work..i went to work against her..but atlast she stopped me by making me engage with dat ra***al..

At first i thought he is genuine, gentle man..but not …he is not like that..

Day before yesterday she made me to go with him out ..there he misbehaved with me..i just slapped him and came…i thought after all these he will cancel the engagement…but he didn’t

After hearing about that r***al advay eyes got red..he badly wants to beat that idiot

Chandni continues..still crying

That witch lady and that bl****y ra***al had a dealing.
He liked me so much..And so he had a deal with that witch
He offered some amount for me..

And she too accepted…
How dare she bl***y bi**h

I came to know about this yesterday night… i said everything to my sisters.. and we three made a plan on how to escape me from there..

While escaping from my house i saw advay..and i came with him..

N: vahan se aakar bohut acchha kaam kiya tu ne

She said by gently patting chandni’s head..

C: par nani..though i faced lots of problems from that lady , i felt happy wen i was with my sisters..but now they too are not here..i really feeling alone this world..

Again she continues to cry..nani try to calm her

C: aap ko batha hai na nani..har ladki ka first hero apni dad hongi..but in my life my dad is a coward..and every girl should have dream about her life partner..but that bl***dy idiot shattered my dreams…

She continues crying

N: beta…everything will get fine..we are all with you..u are not alone..u just sleep..u might be tired after all these problems..just sleep

Chandni begins to sleep in nani’s lap…

Nani asked advay to take her to his room

N: cheeku, chandni will sleep in ur room..u shift ur things to the guest room.

A: ji nani.

Advay carries chandni and made her to sleep in his room.

Advay wants to take action against indrani and that bl***dy idiot….so he went out regarding that..


In the evening

Chandni had a peaceful sleep after a long tym..
Chandni slowly wakes up and she see the place where she is… after a long sleep we couldn’t identify wer we that chandni got confused and slowly her mind recollect wer is she, wat happened in the morning..

Someone is standing near the door….when she try to see him, he hide his face behinds the wall

One more tym he did the first he see schandni , wen chandni is about to see him..he hides the face behinds the wall but now chandni stops him by saying

C: statue

And he stopped lyk a statue..

Chandni goes near to him…

C: aww little prince…hey prince wats ur name

After hearing this he said his name with his cute smile

Hi i am adi..

C: hmm adi..nice name.
Adi: i just want to know who are you?? What are you doing in my CM’s room

C: CM ?? Which state CM??

Adi: array yaar..CM matlab mere cheeku mama..ab bathayiye aap yahan kya kar rahe hai???

C: you mean advay
Adi nodded his head as yes

C: i am chandni..i came to know that in this house someone is searching a friend to play with him..that’s why i came

Adi: so u came here to play with me

Chandni said yes in an husky voice by pinching his nose

Adi jumped in a joy..

Chandni looks the room and asks adi

C: adi y dis room is looking messy..Ur CM won’t keep his room clean??

Adi: haaa..CM will always be busy..he will always be in his room will always be like dis..

Chandni keeps everything in its place..

And there is a shirt in a couch..she took the shirt and goes near the cupboard

she open the cupboard and kept it..she could see girls dress in the cupboard..

C: adi is ur CM married??

He replied no

C: den whose dress are these??

Adi: these are all for CM’s dreamgirl

C: you mean GF

Adi: No his dreamgirl..In his dreams he always used to see a girl..mama bought all these for her..

Chandni thinks
so advay is loving a girl who is really never exists.

Adi: CM will always talks about his dream girl..he loves her

While adi speaking about Advay’s dream girl, murli enters the room by hearing this..and he mistook that chandni now knew everything

Chandni and adi sees murli.

M: ab aap samaj gayi hongi ki mein aap ko bhabi kyun bhulaya tha

Chandni didn’t understand
Adi too..because he too didn’t knew that chandni is his CM’s dreamgirl

C: adi, mujhe pani please could you bring it for me
Adi : sure…..
C: u could call me as moonlight
Adi: sure moonlight☺☺?

She intentionally made adi to go because she wants to know truth and she turned towards murli

C: sorry bhaiya..i couldn’t understand

M: array bhabhi.. advay bhaiya ka dreamgirl hai aap..which means you are going to marry i should call you as bhabi ryt??

He asked with a smile

C: bhaiya, adi just said that advay bought these dresses for his dreamgirl..aur kuch nahi…par aap kuch aur bol raha tha..voh kya???
Saaf saaf batha dena warna…

She threatens murli

now murli understood what mistake he did..he said everything about advay’s dream and how advay felt wen he look her dreamgirl with someone else..he said everything

He pleads to chandni
M: pls bhabhi don’t say this to advay bhaiya

Before he finishes, chandni runs from there..

Murli afraid wat if advay comes to know dis

Chandni looks for advay everywhere..but she didn’t get him..

After few mins she hears advay sounds

Advay enters the house by calling nani

She runs towards him very angrily..she wants to ask him why he didn’t say anything about this

She runs by carrying a lots of questions with her..

And at the end she collides with advay..
They both fell in the ground…

A: ouch..wat are you doing chandni
C : woh actually..i came here to

They both try get up but again fell diwn

And this tym chandni’s hair get stuck in advay’s shirt button..she tried to remove

A: wait i will..
He said by removing the hair from her shirt..

While he is trying to remove the hair…chandni looks at advay..she feels something strange in his heart..she feels some secured feeling when she is with him..
She is staring advay without closing her eyes…advay notices that she is staring him continuously and he asked


She didn’t say anything but still staring at him.
And now advay couldn’t resist himself from seeing her…her eyes..

He is seeing the eyes which he always used to see in his dreams..

Without her knowledge chandni smiled at him..

They had an eyelock

They both lost in their eyes..

BGM plays

Woh khafa hai bewafa hai
Bairi piyaa hai..
Aag bhi hai raag bhi hai
Behroopiyaa hai…
Oh piya ji yeh ratiya
Tumari na hongi…
Chandni yeh raat hai…
Nazook bari baath hai…

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