Kya Hua Tera Vaada 7th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Kya Hua Tera Vaada 7th March 2013 Written Episode, Kya Hua Tera Vaada 7th March 2013 Written Update

epi starts wid anu & rano.anu showing rano her collection of clothes & shoes & asks her 2 take anything as their ht doesn’t differ much also. so there”ll b no need 2 alter much & all sweet 2 her. rano asks 4 tryimg sum stuff. Anu agrees. & gives evil smile while rano selecting yellow shoe pair.
vihaan wid rajbeer & asking abt bulbul ‘s behaviour & nature @ home & making fun of her.bulbul watching & saying 2 herself that vihaan doesn’t’ve anything 2 do & now V is buttering her bro, 1st he did wid her sis. while outside vihaan- rajbeer talking & vihaan tells him that he was joking abt BB but shes v.nice human being & gud boss. RJ says he knows that his sis is nice.& he was also joking. both laugh.
vihaan asks RJ whether he goes 2 college. he tells yes in australia. vihaan asks where. RJ tells vincent college caathederal state.V surprised & tells that he’d also studied in marks college .RJ goes.
V calls sum Richard & asks sumthing & got shocked & asks him 2 send details on his e-mail .he went inside BB’s cabin & closes blindfolds & door. and took her lappy. BB gets angry saying wat hes doing??V asks abt their retaurant & their earnings & abt RJ studies. BB tells all & asks abt the matter. V opens lappy & his e-mail address & tells BB that univ where RJ is studying is fraud & tells that his frnd is investigating abt it there. BB gets shocked &cries & hugs V. V hugs back her & consoles her. suddenly BB realizes & starts scolding V that all men r alike & they just see gal distressed & wants 2 take advtge & hes also like them. V shocked. BB goes 2 wash room& starts saying 2 herse f that V is also like all men & how cud she trust him??
suddenly sum1 said 2 her & she luked back & saw her own reflection. her reflcn said why shes upset that V hugd her. and if she doesn’t trust V or herself.he was doing this only a frnd & doesn’t he has this rite as a frnd.BB realizes her mistake & said that she’d done bad wid him & shud say sorry 2 him.
she goes out & mayra cums & gives her wedding card & asks 2 give wed card 2 V 2 decide card’s design as he wanted 2 do but she cudn’t find him . BB says she”ll b happy. myra says thanks 4 he r wishes & said she knows him from such a long time but now shes getting bit scared b4 marriage. BB gets upset thinking its V-M wedding card.myra goes away.. BB hesistantly opens card & sees myra weds akash. & gets confused & then happy. BB asks peon abt her bro.he tells her that hes near coffee machine.peon goes.
V in cabin thinking & rembring that BB must’d felt bad & why he cares 4 her & he shud clear that he did just as frnds. Jatin cums & asks V abt BB being upset. V tells abt RJ’s univ.scandal.jatin gets upset & sayd mona’d done so much 4 her children & now we they r all getting on their feet it feels bad.jatin goes away.
RJ @ home talking 2 his frnd on the phone abt refunding of fee etc. his frnd said no its not possible.RJ gets angry & said that he doesn’t care bcoz he(frnd) can join his dad’s business & will do MBA sumwhere else by giving money but her mom’s savings r getting wasted & cuts the phone.suddenly BB calls him & RJ cums out of his thots(he was rembring his convo).
BB cums & hesistaintgly asks RJ abt his univ that she heard sum rumours. RJ tells these r not rumours & his univ. is money making scandal. BB asks if mom knows RJ denies & tells how can he tell & apologised her that he snatched her MBA oppur 4 his tudies & now all is wasted. BB consoles him while also crying but RJ thinks all ended.he wa [email protected] home & thinks all ended bcoz of him & wipes of his tears & decides sumthing.
RJ cums outside & saw mona talking wid his naani that Jatin like d their food & wid 1st cheque she”ll pay off RJ’s loan. alok cums & gave him new shoes. RJ happy & asks how he knows his size.alok tells every parent & Grandparent wait 4 this day wen their things bcum their children’s. RJ praises him & said that bcoz of him he never felt absence of his papa.
mona & her mom emotional & even alok gets emotional. his naani says that she’d prepared his fav. “kathal ki sabji”(jackfruit) & asks him 2 sit & eat.RJ sits.alok’s phone cums.its suhassi’s phone mona’s mom also asks 2 talk 2her. alok goes & mona’s mom also goes 2 talk. mona cums & give RJ phulka.RJ asks her 2 feed him if not busy. mona says even if she’d work she still wud’d fed her child.and he needs mom’s luv as mom was not in australia . jatin calls but mona thinks she shud 1st feed RJ & then talk 2 him& cuts phone. RJ gets emotional & luking @ her. mona asks him abt it & RJ says I lov u mom. mona says she also luvs him.

Precap: jatin & mona r there & sum neighbour cums &asks that she’d earlier also told her & her children 2 close the door after using terrace. mona apologises & says she “ll tell them but jatin asks her 2 go 1st inside 2 bring RJ’s phone.mona goes & jatin runs 2wards terrace & RJ was on terrace railing( he was going 2 commit suicide).

Update Credit to: tiny15

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