Amita Ka Amit 7th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 7th March 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 7th March 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with falguni asking tina whats in her hand ? She says nothing, and ria enters with a gift. She starts showing it to falguni to divert her mind, ria says amita’s family’s choice isn’t that bad. Again falguni starts asking tina, she starts saying,”ok fine i’ll show you, its all amita’s fault..” scaring her more.She hands over a little gift to falguni saying i bought this for u, i thought i’ll give you after wrapping it properly but coz of amita and her family she didn’t get any time(then they show how when ria was asking falguni about the gift, she tells tina with her hand to hide the diary…so tina quickly throws diary in the cupboard and picks up another box). Falguni tells them she really liked the bracelet and leaves. Both ria and tina are relieved.

-Amit comes with the function pictures. Falguni takes it from him but amit wants to leave to meet sanjay and batuk. Falguni stops him from going as amita’s friends are coming to meet their jijs(amit is confused and ask her who is jijs ? She tells him, its you) Falguni starts going through the pictures and is disappointed. She looks at amit, and slammed the album on the table. Amit is confused and ask her whats wrong ? She is not happy with amita’s pictures(i relli liked them) Falguni starts saying all her friends wants to see her daughter-in-law, now what should i show them ? They’ll make fun of me behind my back if i show them these pictures Amit tells her to relax, there is still time in wedding…she will change.

-Aarti,kajal and preeti arrives while they amit-faulguni are talking. Kajal sees the album and starts seeing it and says, oh no amita has a double chin in the pictures(not again dude) preeti puts the album back. They tell amit about the measurements and will not take much time. Amit is little surprised coz its early, they still got 6 months. Preeti makes up a excuse saying kajal wants to make perfect wedding clothes for you and amita so it’ll take sometime. Falguni says but amita’s weight will change before the wedding, aarti tells not to worry…her weight stays the same. Falguni says coz you guys are her close friends so i’m saying, don’t you think her weight is little much before the wedding. Amit is embarrassed and tries to stop his mom but kajal says its ok, you are right…amita should lose some weight before the wedding. Falguni gets happy,leaves saying she’ll get something to eat for them.

-Preeti starts going through the album while kajal makes up an excuse to go to the washroom with aarti. They leave to find the diary and wonders if amit read the diary. Kajal goes to amit’s room while aarti goes somewhere else. Sanjay and batuk arrives at amit’s place, and sanjay ask preeti you didn’t tell me you are coming here. She answers we came all of a sudden as kajal had some work. Aarti is in some room going through the boxes whereas kajal is somewhere else. Ria comes talking on the phone where kajal is searching for the diary. At first kajal hides but then scares ria. Kajal ask her about amit’s room as she needs to use his washroom. Ria tells her and gets little suspicious. Ria goes to another room where aarti is, aarti gets nervous…and starts making excuses. Ria says you must be looking for the washroom, tina comes there and tells her the way to the washroom. They both give each other a evil smile coz they know they are here for the diary.

-Everyone is seeing the album except amit(kajal is not present there). Aati is praising amita, amit is trying to see it. Aarti whispers to preeti that she couldn’t find it, hope kajal finds it. Scene shifts to kajal searching for the diary in amit’s diary. On the other hand, amita is on the phone with jigna. She worrying about the diary. Sanjay ask aarti, kajal went to the washroom…taking a long time. Aarti changes the topic by saying, Jijs did you plan your honeymoon? u much be taking amita outta country. Amit is not really liking it. He tells them he doesnt like thinking about it and leaves from them. Sanjay goes behind him to check. Preetu ask batuk if they said anything wrong on which he answers, amit is shy…that all.

-Sanjay comes behind amit calling him. Kajal hears it and hides under the table. Amit is really mad at amita’s friends. He tells sanjay, from what angle they think amita looks like ayesha takia ? what chemistry did they see in us ? and they are talking about honeymoon and all, what is jijs ? what is all this ?(didn’t expect this from amit) I’m stuck now with her, Sanjay tries to calm him down, but amit stops him saying…you’ll say it coz u got a perfect wife like preeti. Kajal is shocked to hear all this. Sanjay answers him back saying you are the one who sent your parents over to amita’s house. Amita tells him coz i was dumb, i should’ve told snehal about everything about amita. I got stuck in my own ego. And you also know that i can not love amita. Kajal is damn shocked to know that. Sanjay explains him that amita is going to be your wife and thats the truth. Amit’s phone rings, accidently he drops it on the floor. Kajal is scared, as amit bends down to pick it up. Batuk comes and calls amit. He tells them to come as preeti and aarti are waiting for them. Batuk reminds amit about ‘geeli meeti’. He tells him that he knows a place where they simple girls into beautiful girls.But we’ll discuss about it later, come out right now.

-Kajal comes out of the table and thinks amit doesn’t love amita, she’s just marrying her coz he got stuck with her,i need to tell amita about it. Scene shifts to preeti driving, aarti asking kajal whats wrong ? why she in a hurry ? Kajal tells she needs to tell amita something very important and can’t tell on the phone. Kajal was about to tell them everything when she gets a call from her mom. Kajal gets worried and tells preeti to stop the car. She doesn’t tell them anything, just runs out of the car. Aarti and preeti both wonder whats wrong with her.

-Sanjay,batuk and amit comes to a health spa, that person starts asking batuk how much weight he wants to lose ? batuk gets embarrassed and amit starts laughing. Amit shows amita’s picture to him. Sanjay tells she should be slim in 6 months. That person tells them its not magic and it takes time. Amit is shocked. Amit tells him, we just have 6 months …plz do something. So he tells amit we do a special program for that but you have to pay extra for it. Amit tells him not to worry about the money, batuk and sanjay are shocked. Spa person tells amit, we want madam to join today. Amit goes to call amita. Batuk runs behind him to stop him and snatches his phone. He tells amit, amita will not like it,you shouldn’t tell her straight. We should tell her in a way that she shouldn’t find you are doing all this.

-Amita is praying to god, when aarti and preeti comes. She ask them about the diary, they tell her no. She ask them, if they found a rope. Preeti ask her rope ? Amita answers so that she can hang herself with it. Aarti tells her we tried our best, but we couldn’t find it and it doesn’t look like they know anything about it. They tell her about Kajal, amita was about to call her when she receives amit’s call. Amita gets scared and wonders what to do. Finally she answers it. He invites her for lunch. Amit tells her to get ready and he’ll ask her parents, Amita agrees. Episode ends on amita’s worried face.

Precap: Kajal’s dad is on hospital bed, he is holding both amit-amita’s hand and asking them to get married before 6 months coz he doesn’t have much time. Amita is teary-eyes while amit is looking at her.

Update Credit to: mehak30

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