Kya Hua Tera Vaada 3rd January 2013 Written Episode Update

Mona shouts at Rano for the msg she got n snatches her mobile but Rano pleads to return her mobile. Mona says if she accepts friend request on FB then she will do so, so that she can keep an eye on Rano n her friends.

Balbir praises Vihaan for what he has done. Anu flirts him n asks if he won’t do the same for her. She later blindfolds him as a punishment for sending a detective behind her and takes his signatures on blank cheques. He thinks he became ullu. (it was funny )

Bulbul irritated seeing all the lovers in the park n says to Jogi that she will go mad if she stays here any more n also feels angry as she has to come next day too as she didn’t get any thing for coverage.

Mr. Ruea explains to all the board members reg. the bankruptcy n Vihaan was shocked n also cuts the phone call of Anika and answers that the present situation is imp. for him n asks for solution.
Rajvir n his friends in Mona’s car and his friends go to get some drinks by showing fake id.
Dadi talks to Vihaan to inform abt the situation to Balbir but Vihaan assures her that Anika loved him n not his money n she will always support him.

Rajvir’s friends stop the car n tease a girl who slaps. Rajvir diverts them n thus she runs away. His friends follow her n bulbul n Jogi stos the car seeing the girl and gets to know abt the boys. They follow them n Bulbul asks to zoom on the no. plate n was shocked to see Rajvir n the car.

Precap: Anu calling Mona n finally Mona recognizing her.

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