Kya Hua Tera Vaada 2nd January 2013 Written Episode Update

Part 1

Australia –

Vihaan is in the car. .n trying to call but cant get thru to Anika..! He calls up Anikas driver and asks to give phone to her..! He informs that he has dropped Anika off and is stuck in the snow storm..! Vihan rushes to Anika..! He looks around and sees people running around..! He gets blocked by cops but he fights them off and rushes ahead..! He looks around and spots Anika .. n rushes to her … ! He finds her freezing in the cold and she passes out in his arms..! Vihan carries Anika in his arms..!


Mona is pacing around in her room ..! She wonders what to do.. whom to choose? Bulbul/Rajbir/Rano? She imagines Pradeep and talks to him! She says that in life if one has to choose between good things.. it will be touf.. n how he used to suggest to let someone else decide.. between happiness .. future and wealth..! She realises she was talking to herself n stops..! She smiles and says.. Pradeep always solves her problems n she got her solution..!

Part 2

Australia –

Doc is checking Anikas condition..! Anu is worried..! Doc informs that she is fine..! Vihaan shares that he gave her brandy as she was too cold! Doc says..he did good! Doc goes out.. ! Anu tells Vihaan that he saved Anika today.. or she could have lost her life.. for her stubborness! Vihaan says..he saved his life..aka Anika! Anika is conscious..! Anu says. she scared her.. n says..will send soup! Vihaan assures to ensure Anika drinks it! She leaves..! Vihaan holds her hand.. n Anika apologises to Vihaan..! Vihaan says.. its ok..! He asks her what she was thinking ..going out in snow storm .? She says…she needed to show her friends a ring.. as he din give her one! Vihaan asks her if she is mad.. taking such a big risk for a stupid ring! He says..he will give his life for her..! He asks her if she thinks he can live without her? He kisses her forehead and hugs her..! Anika closes her eyes..!

India –

Rano says..she is always stuck between Bulbul/Rajbir! Monas mom asks her to tell her..the matter.. ! Rano is scared and prays to God to help her..! Mona comes and says that she called them all as she needed to speak to them! Alok asks the matter ..when he sees the bag that Mona has brought! Mona says.. the bag has money accumulated by Pradeep.. her jewellery .. share certis n bonds! She tells Bulbul/Rajbir that in front of her is their need so she cant choose between the two..! She tells them to choose whatever they want.. ! Rajbir rues that Mona is talking of separation ..n keeping all in one bag..! Bulbul says..she has made a choice..! She tells that she does not want anything..! Bulbul goes to Mona and says..that.. she has chosen her and she knows.. that she cant choose between her kids.. so .. she gave them the option of selecting between Mona and her things so she chose Mona..! Bulbul says.that Mona will always be her first choice.. always! All smile..! Mona asks about Bulbuls studies.. degree? Bulbul says..she can study from here.. no need to go abroad! She says.. Rajbir needs the money more n better education too! Rajbir says..he accepts that Bulbul is older but it does not mean she loves Mona more..! He says..he too will choose Mona! Bulbul says.. she chose first.. ! Rajbir says..he too wants her ..! Bulbul says..seems he wont leave Mona and go to Australia! Bulbul says.. she has filled up forms in here..! Mona says..she din tell her..! Bulbul says.. she din as Mona was chasing.. her to go to London.. but she is not interested! Bulbul tells Mona that. Rajbir needs the money more as he has to go abroad..! Rano thanks God that all is settled..! Monas mom asks if there is something wrong..! Rano says no n says that if she had to choose.. she chooses her Granny..!

Part 3

Australia –

Anika is conscious and all her friends praise the shine of her ring..! Anika asks what they are doing here? Her friends say they came to check on her but are mesmerized by her ring! They praise the ring she is wearing..! Anika starts to show off..! Her friends tell her to keep Vihaan safe or they will steal him away..! One of her friend says.. Vihaan is hooked.. booked n cooked by Anika! They ask her where she went during snow storm! Vihaan says..that.. Anika had gone out to get a diamond ring for him .. though he has the ring she gave him..aka the can ring.. n says how its special to him she had said..the ring is her love.. for him..! He says..the ring is very important for him..! Anikas friends praise Anika for her romantic side.. ! They say.. the duo are made for each other..!

India –

All of Rajbirs friends talk how he is a daredevil .. by making chits for his friends despite.. of his mom being called to meet the princi! Rajbir shares that she was called as he got the scholarship to Aus ..! His friends ask for party..! Rajbir says that he does not have money! They say they will arrange n asks him to get Monas car..! Rajbir says..not possible..! They all start teasing him . .n Rajbir fumes..!

Rano asks Mona why she called her at the cafe? Mona says that coz she ignored Rano .. in past few days.. for Bulbul/Rajbir! Rano says.. that she is cool .. not to worry! Waiter offers special coffee to them.. .n Mona says..they din ask..! Rano she is regular customer so.. complimentary! Everyone sitting there .. is looking at them! Mona wonders the matter! Rano goes to the counter n chides the guy for sending coffee n message! She asks him to stop! Mona says..she will stop all this! Mona asks Rano if she thinks that Mona does not know what is going on.. if she is stupid? Nope..! She chides Rano .. n asks for bill..! The guy gives.. n its a chit with ‘Kya khubsurat lag rahi ho’ written for Rano! Mona fumes on Rano!

Precap — Vihaans dad shares that their company is on the edge of bankruptcy..! Vihaan asks how? His dad tells him that he has to save the company at any cost! Vihaan is worried!…

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