Kya Hua Tera Vaada 28th March 2013 Written Episode Update

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Kya Hua Tera Vaada 28th March 2013 Written Episode, Kya Hua Tera Vaada 28th March 2013 Written Update

epi starts wid mona’s mom(mrs.singh) trying 2 feed rajbir but hes refusing 2 eat anything. she tries 2 make him understand mona’s situtns. rajbir asks 2 bring back rano & till then he won’t eat anything.RB goes & sleeps widout eating anything. naani cums out his room. alok sitting & asks abt RB eating & wants 2 talk 2 RB. they r also worried 4 rano.naani says she”ll talk.rano was taking sum money from anu’s purse. anika cums & asks if shes stealing her mom’s money. rano gets angry & tells that shes taking money as anu’d asked her 2 give money 2 chanda 4 grocery. rano started going & said looser 2 anika.anika start fighting wid rano saying her homeless & beggar etc.and said that rano’s mother has threw her out.rano called her mental & both start fighting like cats wid punching each oder. anu cums & stops them. chanda cums & tells sum1 has cum 2 meet her.anu goes 2 meet the tells that she worked in Mr. Bhalla’s mumbai ofc but she’d left the job earlier bcoz of sum prsnl prob.but late ron she came 2 know that Mr. Bhalla is not well . she asks abt his health. anu asks her abt the matter. gal says she needs sum job now . anu says she doesn’t’ve any work 4 her. gal insists & then they show mona, BB, jatin , vihaan & shyam listening thru phone. maid cums & tells that she doesn’t want 2 work here as both gals r making her mad & maid goes away.anu asks the gal 2 take care of her relative’s daughter. and asks her 2 talk 2 her accountant. mona asks ria(gal’s name) 2 see rano 2day itself. ria says 2 anu 2 let her meet her relative’s daughter as it”ll b easy 4 her 2 start work.a nu asks her 2 cum wid her. ria was relieved & oders were listening.

anu takes ria wid her 2 anika & rano & introduce her 2 rano. and asks her name. ria tells meera.anika opposes but anu takes her away. ria asks her abt health rano says she sfine &a sks why shes aksing as they’d just met. ria says weather is changing so asking but rano tell shses fine. mona etc. listening & mona heaved sighe of releif & thanx shyam & asks shyam 2 thanx his wife also.shyam says BB & vihaan’d done much more than hes doing.shyam goes. mona thanked vihaan also. BB makes face & asks mona 2 go 2 home on her scooty. vihaan asks them 2 drop. BB doesn’t like it but jatin asks 2 drop mona home & asks both of them 2 finish work.mon’s mom calls mona & tells abt RB not eating.mona gets upset. jatin asks abt it. mona tells abt RB.

@home alok also saying RB 2 eat. BB & Mona cum wid pizza & cold drinks & goes2 kitchen. while RB refuses alok till rano cums.RB goes away & sit on sofa.mrs. singh complains abt RB & mona asks her if they’d eaten. her mom tells that she made alok eat 1 roti wid lots of difficulty.mona asks her 2 go as she”ll handle him. naani goes. mona hints BB.both started talking abt pizza, cake& icecream which they’d brought . RB listening. BB says that both of them can’t finish all pizza & asks RB 2 cum & eat. RB didn’t cum .BB tells him that she’d talked rano & shes v.happy & living in a big room & ahving lavish b’fast eating strawberry cornflakes & here hes on hunger strike. RB says if shes saying truth.BB asks him 2 call her & ask rano himself.BB takes pizza 2 him & made him eat.mona sees & gets happy an dmade excuse 2 call sum1 & goes away. BB says she”ll bring oder one also. mona goes inside room & he rmom asks abt RB. mona tells that RB eating wid BB.naani priases mona that how she made RB 2 eat. mona says shes his mom so knew weakness also & we shudn’t care abt children’s “jidd”. mona’s mom asks her 2 eat also as shes he rmom so knew that mona’dn’t eaten also. mona again goes 2see if rB etaing or not. mona sees both BB & RB eating happily wid each oder.

rano sleeping ria talking 2 mona thru hidden head phone of mob.mona asks abt rano.ria tells all happenings abt rano. mona tells ria abt her likes & dislikes in eating. that rano likes eating ‘gobhi&baingan ka bharta but don’t like bhindi & gazar.mona also asks ria 2 put sum ghee on rano’s roti.then ria tells mona abt rano’s burnt hand. mona tells ria sumthing.

nxt morning ria opens curtains & asks rano 4 coffee. rano says if her mom came 2know that she’d coffee widout brushing her teeth she will gte angry. ria asks her 2 brush her teeth b4 drinking coffee but b4 dis she”ll put sum turmeric & sandal paste on her burnt hand. ria puts paste on her hand & rano says her mom always put paste on her wounds. ria says that she thinks all moms’ve this paste as fav.and starts telling that her mom always distracted her by telling stories. rano says her mom also did this.then theres FB where mona was telling ria that children’s wounds don’t heal like this but they need love & care.ria praises mona saying that shes rite & tells her 2 bring milk 2 her.

nxt RB & rano sitting in sum returaunt. RB asks why she went bcoz she was angry wid mom & not wid him.rano says that mom threw her out. and RB says & she came out. rano says mona is doing wrong. RB says that anushka is wrong & she was also involved in his college scam.rano refuses & says that anu’d told her that shes framed & jatin’d framed her bcoz he wanted 2 prove anu wrong in front of him & anu’d helped her. and mona is under influence of jatin .RB said that jatin uncle saved his life.rano says but in return hes taking their mom & shes tensed abt mona as shes v. innocent.RB thinks.

precap- jatin wid mona @ sum function on holi . he took her hand in his & take her in front.BB & alok also present. jatin puts colour on mona’s forehead. anu cums & saw this & rano also saw this.

Update Credit to: tiny15

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