Junoon 29th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Junoon 29th March 2013 Written Episode, Junoon 29th March 2013 Written Update

1) Akash promises Miu that he’ll talk to his father about the truth of her love for Prithvi and cancelling the wedding. But, he has his own evil plans to make sure the wedding happens. He decides to hide pappa Raj’s medicines so that when pappa falls sick he’ll have an excuse for not disclosing the truth. Anyway, pappa was responsible for bringing Prithvi into their house, so let him pay the price. affraid

2) Next morning Miu and Akash notice that pappa has fallen sick. The doctor arrives and the whole family is around pappa, worried about his health. The doctor gives him a warning not to miss his medication as this could lead to serious problems. Pappa notices Prithvi standing with the wedding card and asks to look at it. He’s really happy to see Akash and Meera’s names on the card. Looks like he’s the only one who’s truly happy, rest of the family is sad for different reasons. Sad

3) Akash tells Miu how helpless he is in this situation, what can he do? But he’ll make sure Prithvi is the one to sit on the mandap with her, he’ll never let anything bad happen to her. As soon as she leaves he switches to a monologue, ‘Yes, I’ll never let anything bad happen to you, like the marriage to Prithvi that happened earlier. You are mine and mine alone.’ Twisted Evil Miu alone in her room and telling herself she wants only Prithvi and she’ll do anything to get him back ( Rolling Eyes arre yaar, how long do we have to wait to see you in action?). Prithvi looking at the wedding card and thinking of Meera and telling himself she’ll belong to Akash, so why think of her (don’t you know you buddhu ram? Rolling Eyes )

4) Prithvi trying to reassure pappa that things will work out and he has nothing to worry about. Just then Miu enters with some refreshments and she sits next to Prithvi and they are once again eyeing each other 🙁 <3): . Akash, who’s walking past, thinks to himself that he should make sure Prithvi and Miu are not in each other’s company, but yeh lo, he just found out they are indeed together bounce . So, he makes a plan to take away Miu to buy her shaadi ka joda. He tells her even if she weds Prithvi, she still needs a wedding dress, right? (who can beat such logic). Also, they can discuss how he’ll stop the wedding on this shopping trip, away from everyone; bakri Miu agrees. Bang5) Akash is coming towards his car and thinking aloud of the victory in hind (almost), at last Miu will be his and he’ll not allow any third person to come in between them. He opens the car door and ………..tada, Prithvi is sitting in the driver’s seat (of course he’ll be kabab mein haddi, for Akash I mean) lol! . Akash is totally shocked, but he recovers quickly. Prithvi tells him since his life was in danger, he’ll be the bodyguard and take him around and protect him as needed; all of Akash’s protests fall on deaf ears…… aakhir bhai jo hain and if he was the one who saw Akash being attacked……. toh protection kavach banana hi padega ( karma took a bite of Akash cheers ). Miu joins them and when she sees Prithvi, she’s all smiles. Poor Akash has no say now. Woh toh bilkul chup ho gaya. sunnyPrecap: Prithvi is driving Akash and Miu. Meera just happy that she’s with her Prthvi; she and Prithvi are stealing glances at each other in the rear view mirror I love you . Akash wondering how is it that whenever he plans to separate them, they always come together. Sudha asking for Ramdhari’s opinion on which piece of jewelry will look good on Miu; he tells her she’s her mom, so should know better what’ll actually look good on her…… he means Prithvi is that jewel…..

Update Credit to: chitmanas

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