Kya Hua Tera Vaada 27th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Kya Hua Tera Vaada 27th March 2013 Written Episode, Kya Hua Tera Vaada 27th March 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Mona comes at Anus place wearing glares and looking stylish..! She asks Anu what is the matter? Anu says nothing! Mona hands over the rent of her restaurant with 2 months advance..! She says.. so that she doesnt have to see her eek face..! Rano looks on..! Mona says that she has kept a bai …who only blabbers a lot.. n her name is Anushka.. whom she kicked out.. ! Anu calls out to her.. and asks her if she forgot something? Rano looks on expectantly ..! Mona asks what? Anu says.. your daughter? Mona asks Bulbul? She is fine..n has gone to office! Ranos face falls.! She overhears Jatins words on her handsfree..that dun turn back.. walk ahead..! Mona puts on her glares n walks off..! Anu is left confused..!

Mona gets in the car …and Jatin drives her .towards home! Mona is in tears..! She says sorry.. ! Jatin says..he can understand and praises her for her effort..and strength..! She says that Rano was in front of her eyes and she couldnt even hug her..! She says that if Jatin was not with her she could not have done this..! Jatin says..why wont he be there..he worries for Rano too! She says that…today also Rano was eating cereals.. atleast she could have fed Rano parathes! Jatin says that this is called Punju spirit.. n these parathas will bring Rano back to Mona! Rano tells Anu that Mona doesnt care about her! Anu says she had told her before…! Anu wipes Ranos tears and says that she is there with her n she will love her so much that she will forget Mona..! Anu asks her to eat.. ! Anu self thought that Mona can fool Rano but not her.. ! She says that she knows how to fulfill her dreams n her dream is to see Mona beg for Rano from her..!

Bulbul is pacing in her office n wonders how is Rano n decides to call but wonders about Mona..! She decides to call nevertheless.! Rano sees her moby and Bulbul greets her..! Rano asks why she din call before? Bulbul says..she was busy n din wanna disturb! She asks how is the new home? Rano says..its amazing..n her room is huge..! She talks of branded dresses.. shoes..n options for breakfast..! Bulbul asks so for all this she left Mona? Rano says.. her mom left Rano..! Bulbul asks.. my mom? She asks how can she say that.. she used to fight with her..till now..! She says she wants to slap Rano for this..! Rano says.. they all slap her.. always.. only Anu cares for her! Bulbul asks her to shut up .. n says…Rano cares for Anu so much that she has deserted her own blood ?? She says..Rano can only see the huge house not her family? She doesnt wanna talk to her n cuts the call! Bulbul cries..Rano sulks..!

Ranos moby rings again and its Bulbul and asks her to take care.. n eat on time.. sleep on time.. or her health will get ruined.. n if that happens..she will come n beat her up ..n her so called Anu aunty cant stop her! Rano says.. i love u di..! Rano goes to call the servant to fill a jug of water ..! Anika watches her n then butts in and tells the servant.. to iron her clothes..! Rano and Anika bicker.. n the servant listens to Anika..!

Anu comes to the restaurant..! Anus moby rings..and its Anika..! Anu chides Anika about her behaviour with Rano n asks what happeened to her? She has fever? How much temperature? 102? Mona loses her composure and Jatin stables her..! Anu asks Anika to call doc n leave for party…n let Rano be alone! Mona tells Jatin she has to talk to Anu .. n Jatin asks Mona to stay calm n that he will brief her about Rano..! He asks Mona to keep smiling..! Jatin leaves n Mona asks waiter to serve Anu ..! Anu is confused..!

Vihan is discussing about work n meetings.. n notices Bulbul crying..!

Part 2

Rano opens the water tap n her hand burns.. she squirms! Anika teases her and asks if she needs help? Rano asks Anika not to loitre around her room! Anika says the whole house is hers! Rano self thought Anu din tell her that this girl is nuts! Rano tells Anika not to show her face n goes in her room ..! She recollects how once she had burned her hand and Mona had cared for her.n put burnol on it..! She hugs Rano and says.. she is the brightness of the house.. !

Vihaan asks Bulbul if she is going home? She says.. yes.. but she is on CL . .n before he shows off his boss-pan .. ! She tells him off not to tail her.. n that he might not have family to worry for but she has..! She tells him that its bad omen to call from back. .n ends up tripping n injuring her hand..! Vihaan pulls her up n helps her .. n ties her hand! Bulbul says her contract doesnt need her to obey his every word..n Vihaan says.. what contract! He offers to drop her off home but she says she has Hero Pleasure. . n she doesnt need to worry..n neither does he! Vihaan says he is trying to help but Bulbul says she doesnt need it.! Bulbul switches on her vehicle.. n Vihan assks if he can ride..? Bulbul says he cant ..its for strong people! Vihans moby beeps n its Jatin who has called them both..! Vihaan takes Bulbuls keys n walks off.!

Part 3

Vihaan asks Mona what if Anu is lying? Mona is worried and says..what if she has fever? Bulbul says that she had called Rano n she is fine..! Mona says she needs to find out! Jatin says …they know but.. its not right..! Vihaan talks of Vibhishan n Jatin says.. ghar ka bhedi..lanka dhaye.. so someone is tipping Anu? Vihaan calls a guy to come .. n its Shyam.. n he asks him to do something..! Shyam agrees to help.! Vihaan tells they can start their Opeartion! He tells Bulbul had she been in Ranos place they did call it Operation Surpanakha..! Mona is taken aback.. Bulbul Vihaan n Jatin smile..! Jatin looks at Mona..n they smile..!

Precap — Mona tells Priya to meet Rano at any cost n Anu gets suspicious..! Mona-Bulbul hear the convo..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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