Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 27th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 27th March 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 27th March 2013 Written Update

Adi and panku playing holi…they dance to soni soni aniko wali. (NICE CUTE MOMENTS) Rubel looking angrily.. latika tells rubel i m close to my mom and i thought i was the best daughter of my mom..but after meeting u…u follow ur mom’s orders blindly. and whatever plans u make u credit ur mom for it. today all ur mom’s plan fail…now u do something…and rubel tinking and latika looking at him.

Panku on phone..rubel gets colors and walks towards panku and puts lots of colors on her face. Panku upset. and rubel says if u feel bad..i m sorry and u can tell ur husband i m sorry as well. adi says dont instigate me…and rubel trys to have argument with adi. but adi grabs panku’s hand and walks away…and rubel says walking away wont change the truth. U were taking advantage of latika..and announces to all that adi was thrown out for misbehaving with latika. avantika says where are ur manners..we are at someone else’s house. and panku says why r u doing drama all the time to prove u are better then adi. but this is proving u r not better then adi atall. but rubel says u r supporting adi for cheap antics.

Adi says u done or u want to talk more. adi says by accusing wont matter but my family is with me…and picking this matter all the time..u r insulting ur finance!! do u even have an emotional bonding with latika. and u got what u want…diwan mansion, diwan industries…we left everything for u. so why so insecure. and i m not like u. i will start anew and it will be rightfully mine. So Happy Holi.!!! (A MUST WATCH SECEN)!!!!!!

Ppl says where is that comedy entertainer who was suppose to come…and rubel says why someone else..harish uncle is here. as it is he is not doing anything so he will earn some money. Sheila says why u r saying this…we will support them. and adi says i wont hear a word about my dad…but i wont make a secen like u. and the status u have today…my mom gave that to u in charity. adi says come dad…and they leave. and adi leaves with his family.

at home adi is saying rubel is crossing his limit and now he insulted dad. and harish clams him down and tells him to forget it. and adi says i wont do it. adi goes to change clothes.

at Diwan mansion…anuj colliades into nanaji and says sorry and nanji says keep ur sorry when rubel will misbehave with u. and walks off.

adi says I WANT TOWEL. panku gives. avantika sees this and smiles and avu comes and takes harish to garden and says we will goto juhu beach. and harish wonders why? and avu says no we will go!!! and harish says whats going on?? avu says if we go out..adi and panku will get them alone. and harish says Yes ofcourse!! and they leave.

sheila says to anuj..u should have answered back to nanaji!!! and anju says shut up!! shiela says she is thank ful that anuj and rubel are her family.

Latika adds spice to this to rubel and rubel says whatever is mine…i can fight anybody!! and latika..this nature of ur i will use in future.

Pre-cap — avu says to panku..adi is shatterd and he needs support…not a friend but a wife can give that!! Panku gettting ready all s*xy in blue black sari

Update Credit to: kasrana

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