Kya Hua Tera Vaada 22nd May 2013 Written Episode Update

Kya Hua Tera Vaada 22nd May 2013 Written Episode, Kya Hua Tera Vaada 22nd May 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Anu asks Anika what she had done? Leaving her mom n going.. n that she has no one except her..! She blames Mona n others for this..! She reassures that she will fix all..! Anu says she will file a case against them..! Anika asks Anu how can she think of teaching Mona n Bulbul a lesson when Anika is in hosp? What kind of a mom is she? She rues saying it but says Anu has compelled her..! Anika says.. wish Anu werent her mom..! She says..wish her mom was like Mona who would slap her for her mistakes..n not take advantage of her..! Anika rues that Anu has crossed limits.. instead of wanting her to be with someone who loves her.. Anu forced her to marry ..someone who doesnt love her..! She rues how Anu broke her marriage to Vihaan when he loved Anika..coz he din have money! Anika rues that people say kids are like stars but she became a puppet at Anus hand.. ! She asks Anu what she has become? She says..the people who thought good for her.. who saved Anika.. Anu wants to send them to prison? She says Anu is sick.. n she needs treatment..! Anika says.. she regrets calling Anu her mom..! Anika asks Mona to tell Anu to leave from there..! Anu breaks down..! Mona is speechless..! Rano-Alok are pacing outside the hosp room! Jatin comes n says Rohan has confessed his crimes and cops have come to arrest Anu as Rohan said Anu is part of the scheming! Jatin comes with Cops in Anikas hosp room…n recollects her years spent in prison …!

Anu blames Mona for cheating her again…! Anu says..she wont spare her..! Cops say that they have come to arrest her.. coz of Rohans admission..! Mona asks cops to stop and says she is withdrawing the case…! She says that Anika needs Anu …! She apologises to the cops for wasting their time! Jatin asks how can she do this? Mona says..thats what she wants to do..! Cops leave..! Anu asks Mona why she does this? Acting like a saint! Mona says..she doesnt wanna be a saint but wish Anu could become a human ..! She asks Anu what she has become? What thing is she taking revenge for? Blaming others for ones own mistake..n destroying them? There is no punishment for this..more than the fact that her own daughter is not with her..! She asks Anu to go n live in her mansion all alone.. n this is her punishment..for her own self..! Anu looks at Anika but she looks away..! Anu stands aside n cries…!

Part 2

Alok wishes Anika speedy recovery..! Anika asks Alok if she can call him grandpa.. n if he will teach her difference from bad to good? He nods! Anika tells Rano her dressing sense is same n if they are friends.. Rano nods! Anika tells Bulbul that she had given a gift to her on her wedding. .n as her sis.. she wants to give her a gift.. n she signals yogi..! The guy gives Bulbul divorce papers from Vihaan ..duly signed..! Bulbul is surprised..! Vihaan sees the papers n is surprised too…! He smiles at Anika n thanks her..! Mona asks what is it? Anika says.. her divorce papers… n that she is returning Vihaan-Bulbul their life n wishes to restart her life! Mona asks if Anika will give her something if she wants? Mona looks at Anu n then Anika n says.. to forgive her..! Anika looks at Anu .. n they hug..! All are emotonal watching the mother -daughter reunion..!

A few days later… Yogi is drooling on Anikas pics and Bulbul catches him..! She asks him what is he looking at? Bulbul says..something is wrong.. ! Yogi blushes..! Bulbul says.. he has changed..n the girl is here.. so who is she? Yogi says.. nothing like that! She asks to see the camera.. n diverts him. .n takes the camera n sees the pics.. of Anika..! Yogi blushes..! Bulbul he is crushing on Anika.. n does he love her for real? Yogi says yes.. n asks for help..! Bulbul says..she wont agree rightaway. .but he has to try hard n she will help..!

Part 3

Yogi is on the phone discussing the flower arrangements..! Rano is running around with decorations…n Rajbeer is busy working too and asks Anika ..what is she doing? N asks for help ..! Rano teases saying.. call her Aunty..! Anika teases them…! Anika goes to help for arrangements n asks for Pandit ..n right then Yogi comes..! He offers to help…in Mandap decorations..! Anika thanks him..! Yogi approaches Anika but loses confidence.! Anika says.. she is ready..! Yogi is taken aback n says.. he din ask anything! Anika says.. the way he is struggling he wont be able to ask too.. but she can see how he tries to come to meet her daily..! She asks when will they go to have cofee? Yogi says.. rightaway .. n Anika smiles n says.. after wedding..! Mona watches them..! Alok asks why is she smiling? Mona points to Yogi-Anika n Alok says..seems they have to prepare for another wedding soon!

Alok comes to Bulbuls room n watches her getting ready n is emotional..! Bulbul notices him crying n asks the others to leave the room! She tells him that if he cries..she will cry too! Alok says ..Bulbul is his fave.. how will he live without her? He gives her jewellery as gift..! Alok blesses Bulbul..!

Precap — Anu tells Mona that if life has given another chance so she will like to live a life where no one is embarassed.. neither her nor Mona..! She tells Mona that wherever she is …she will wish good for Bulbul n Vihaan..! [Bulbul-Vihaan shown greeting guests who wish them on the wedding]

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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