Amrit Manthan 22nd May 2013 Written Episode Update

Amrit Manthan 22nd May 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 22nd May 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Nimrit asking Tej and other not to go , just then from the bag Agam’s pictres fell off , Nimrit got a pain in her head by seeing those pictures but soon Amrit got her concentration towards her and said that they all will remain here and will celebrate the birthday , while Tej kept all the pictures back in bag .
Now every one was preparing for party , amrit was doing the topings of the cake nimrit comes , he hold the chocolate pudder and tast a bit chocolate and then nodded her head and amrit start doing her work . Nimrit was bringing cake and then amrit asked her about the birthday boy . so nimrit said he will come at last as he is birthdy boy , finally nimrit introduced her teddy bear , Sunita remembered that Agam has given this to Nimrit after their reunion and so after that Nimrit said to amrit that he was hiding in our room alone and i bought him here .
Nimrit was cutting the cake with her teddy , the match stick was about to burn nimrit’s finger when bani throwed it and the stick get on the cake , nimrit becomes very angry seeing this all and she pushed bani at back saying bad girl you spoiled the cake , amrit said nimrit don’t worry i’ll make it correct now and so she said look its fine now and amrit asked nimrit to say sorry to bani as bani was just trying to save her . so nimrit said sorry to her and then they cut the cake , after that amrit was serving the cake , nimrit saw jojo’s plate and there were some chips along with cake , she took her plate and said that as i and my teddy has to share it we need some thing more and she gave her plate to Jojo . then bani kept her cakes in nimrit’s plate , and said see take these also , nimrit becomes happy .
on nimrit’s upper lips side bit of the cake was applied so she cleaned it with amrit’s hand , and said keep her cakes safely as she is going to play with teddy , Now amrit went with yug in theri house to fetch her clothes , yug saw amrit very tired so he added the sleeping capsules / medicines in amrit’s milk and asked amrit to drink it . Amrit drank it and soon she slept there in only , yug took her phone along with him ..
Nimrit was crying a lot as she was asking for amrit , bani called amrit but yug cut the call , and then bajo decide to entertain nimrit by playing with toys , and then they played with nimrit and she slept after that ,,

Precap : the lady who is karan’s mom come to hospital and said to nurse that the girl inside is my relative and i want to get good treatement for her , and then she gave money to her and said just do what ever i say .

Update Credit to: Mehak

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