Kya Hua Tera Vaada 20th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Kya Hua Tera Vaada 20th March 2013 Written Episode, Kya Hua Tera Vaada 20th March 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Anu slams things around in her room n screams.. why Mona wins always? She recollects Monas acceptance of Jatins proposal and drinks some more! She imagines Mona laughing at her..and breaks a mirror ..! Anika comes to her and asks if she is ok? She says she is ok! Anika tells Anu that Mona-Jatin are having an affair n that news is all over..! She says Mona is amazing! Anu asks her to shut up and not increase her pain..! She asks Anika not to praise Mona! Anu says she will see how Mona gets her happiness n for how many days! She sends Anika away…!

Alok tells Jatin that he is extremely happy seeing Jatin n Mona together now as compared to the grief he felt when they split 10 years ago! Alok tells Jatin that he has always prayed for Monas happiness n requests him to ensure Mona does not get any hurt! Jatin says he knows.. n that his responsibility has increased.. that he give Mona all the happiness in the world.. much more than the grief she has got! He asks Alok to tell everyone that his daughter is very happy! Alok blesses Jatin! Jatin comes to the terrace where Mona has called him!

Mona tells Jatin that she respects him a lot .. n after so many years she din let him get involved in her life.. though she knew he wanted to help her..! She says that Jatin has done a lot for her.. n she is indebted to him but the marriage is only for Rano’s sake.. and to ensure no one points finger at Bulbul n Rano! Mona says.. he must be thinking she is selfish! Jatin says..he is selfish too..they will make a nice pair! He says the city has given him a lot.. n now he wants someone who will be his own! He says..he does not expect anything else from her. .barring friendship! Mona agrees! They come back to Mona’s flat..! Monas mom and Alok say they need to do the rituals as needed..and wilfully..! Alok requests Mona to agree..! Mona looks at Jatin n he looks at her..! BG – Zindagi ye safar he ..! Alok gives Jatin engagement ring to put on Mona..! As Jatin is about to put the ring on, Rano comes ..! She taunts Mona..about how she is herself.. doing wrong stuff after lecturing Rano all the time! Rano snatches the ring from Jatin and reminds Mona her words that Pradeep must be watching ..them. .n is this only his value in her life? She asks Mona why she is marrying Jatin? Coz he is rich? She asks Mona what is the matter with her..that after preaching all not to chase money..she is marrying Jatin for his money! She says that Anu was right .. Mona is not as great as she acts ..! She tells Mona she is no one to interfere in her decision .. ! She tells Mona that no matter what relation Mona forges with Jatin .. Rano will not accept Jatin in her life.. EVER ..!! She throws the engagement ring n walks off! Mona’s mom consoles her..!

Part 2
Monas mom tells her that Rano has not eaten..! She tells her that she should have slapped Rano..! She asks Mona to eat..but Mona is in tears..! Alok tells Mona that even Bulbul n Rajbeer would have been wayward if it was Monas fault. .! Monas mom says… its all coz of Anu! Mona says. Anu only swore to break her home n she did! Jatin quietly excuses himself..! Alok cribs about Anu..!

Next day morning..Mona opens the door to collect milk . .n finds Jatin! She is surprised..! Jatin says..seems she second guesses when he will come. .Mona says..she thought it was milkman..! Jatin says..its good she opened herself or he would have had to wake everyone up! Jatin says.. todays morning is different.. n unique..! He says.. he wants to drink tea with his friend.. n asks Mona to come with him as he wants to talk to her! Mona goes to change..! Jatin waits outside.. !

A while later Mona-Jatin are walking towards the parking lot and Jatin says..he should give her a gift for engagement..! He shows her a balti [tumbler].. n Mona is confused..! Jatin says..its perfect for her. .so that she can shed tears in it for life..! Mona asks why is he saying so? Jatin asks her what her view is about this marriage? That she is not happy thinking of her kids..! Mona says.. but Rano din accept it! Jatin says.. Mona has been a strong woman always.. dealt with Anu .. then why she is so weak handling her kids? He asks Mona to discipline Rano..! Mona says..she is at a tough place.. she has to marry him for society n if she does.. her kids are unhappy..! Jatin asks Mona to discipline Rano .. to set things right..! Jatin tells Mona to fight for Rano .. like she did for Pradeep..! He tells her to show Rano .. to be a PERFECT MOTHER..! He tells Mona to put oinment on wounds.. even if it burns..and if one has to walk.. a kid will stumble..!

Part 3

Jatin apologises to Mona if whatever he said has hurt her but he said what he felt was right..! Mona tells Jatin that she cant accept his gift..! The duo smile..! Mona comes to talk to Bulbul ..! She asks about ? Mona-Jatin? She says..she saw on TV n says congratulations to her! Mona tries to explain..! Bulbul asks Mona what to call her? Mom or Mam? After all she is marrying the CEO of her company..! She rues that now all will say.. Bulbul will get promoted coz she is Jatins daughter n wonders how to go to work! She tells Mona that she din expect this from her..! Mona in tears..! Mona self thought that she has hurt both her daughters n how will she explain things to her daughters. .what to do? Bulbul asks Mona if she will shed all tears now or keep some reserve for bidaai! Mona taken aback..!

Precap — Anu tells Rano that if there is a moment when Mona has to choose between Jatin n Rano .. she will choose Rano! Rano in tears and says. .no ..she will choose Jatin! Anu asks her to test that..

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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