Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 20th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 20th March 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 20th March 2013 Written Update

Navi is crying and has FB of Mohan calling out “Aye chavvani” to her, Mohan telling her about his efforts in searching for Addu, Beera’s words on Mohan.

Beera walks inside the house to find Jiji standing. Jiji thanks for saying what she couldn’t say for so many years. Jiji says it is weird to see how sad in became looking at others sadness. Beera says he is a splendid actor and he is Govinda’s fan. Jiji surprised. Beera says he is going inside as his cheeks are hurting. Beera asks Jiji what she feeds Navi as his entire body is still reeling from her slap. Beera says he has heated up the iron rod for her.

Navi sitting outside. Jiji comes and sits besides her. Navi asks do you feel I misunderstood Spiderman? Jiji says if you are thinking this way then there must be a reason behind it. Jiji asks her to look at the situation not from Addu’s POV but her own. Navi has FB of Mohan(Sawali si raat ho playing in BG) Megha wakes up with a start. Mohan wakes up and kisses RJ’s forehead. Navi still lost in Mohan’s FB. Beera sits on the swing with her and offers her his hanky. He grabs her spectacles and teases her. Mohan thinks about meeting Megha on Shivratri. Beera returns the spectacles to Navi and Navi smiles at him.

Megha looking outside the window when Navi comes into the bedroom and slowly walks to Megha’s side of the bed and picks up the torn picture. She puts it together.

Next day Mohan apologizes to Guru. Guru asks him was it necessary to do it in front of RJ. Guru asks him if he met Megha. Mohan says for a moment he felt he found his entire life and then it was lost again. Mohan says whatever happened last night won’t happen again. He says Nanhi is no longer my Chavvani. In her memories I am no longer Spiderman but a step father. He says all my relations are over with Chavvani and Megha.

Navi is packing tiffin and wonders if he(Mohan) will talk to her. She thinks that Spiderman has to talk to chavvani. She ties a knot for good luck.

Mohan tells Guru that he will fulfill his promise. Guru asks what after that? Mohan says you, me and RJ we’ll be happy in our little world/

Jiji comes and says hope god gives you common sense. Jiji asks if she is packing lunch for Beera as well. Beera comes with a black eye and broken tooth. He pretends to be hurt and Navi laughs. Jiji scolds NAvi for laughing. Navi takes Jiji to the mirror to show black marks on her forehead(which she got because Beera’s black eye was because of makeup). Navi and Jiji laughing and Megha watches them in amazement.

Mohan apologizes to RJ. RJ says she will forgive him but on one condition that he brings her a new mummy. Mohan and Guru are bewildered. Guru asks where did new mummy come in between. Mohan says it is not possible. Mohan is baffled and tells RJ that one cannot buy a mummy from a supermarket. RJ says where will I find my mummy? Mohan asks Guru to get married RJ says she knows exactly whom to talk to and walks away from the room. Guru he will take care of this but he would have to take care of her studies as she has red marks in 3 of her subjects. Mohan says he will talk to RJ’s principal about a tuition teacher.

NAvi asks Beera if he would like to come to office with her. Navi tells Megha that she is going to office. Megha is surprised with Navi’s attitude. Jiji says our old Nanhi is back and now everything will be fine.

Navi arrives in office and runs into Mohan. Mohan walks by her but he doesn’t speak to her.

Anu shouting at a man for their lax security. Anu says because of their lax security all the files are lost. Mohan comes there and Anu tells him that all their data was wiped out. She tells him that they have hard copy. TOmmy comes and tells Mohan that his office too was not spared. Everyone goes to Mohan’s room to find all the files related to PT burned. Navi says even if our data is hacked no one can take our spirit away. Navi says we can work on the cases again and we will collect the data again. Navi says we made a promise and we cannot back out now. Everyone agrees with her. Mohan says “well said Miss Vyas”. Navi is taken aback.

Precap: Mohan tells Anu that these kidnappers would do anything to deter us from our path. Munna is shown dressing up putting on false beard. Mohan tells Guru that he has spoken to RJ’s school principal about a tutor for RJ. Munna comes to Mohan’s house and introduces himself as Joseph Braganza to Guru and says he is RJ’s new tutor.

Update Credit to: NeelimaSJ

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  1. omg!!wats happening in dis serial 1st navi was against mohAN n now when navi is ready bring back chawanni n spidermans relation mohan is taking backsteps….WHAT THE HELL IS GOIN ON IN DIS SERIAL..N 🙁

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