Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 31st October 2018 Written Episode Update: Kunti implements Panjiri’s strategy for good upbringing

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Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 31st October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with all bahus telling Kunti that the girls refused to go to school. Pari says even my daughter don’t want to go. pratibha says we shall not give much liberty to them. Panjiri says we thought not to scold her, but this idea is not good. Prema says Shakti has broken the window, and I couldn’t scold. Prarthana says they are getting more mischievous. Kunti says kids do mischief and we shall not scold them else we will get habitual to scold them often. Pratibha asks them to follow the book. Panjiri says I got an idea and says we shall praise and then scold alternately. Kunti says Panjiri’s idea is good. Pratibha says it shall be according to the situation. Kunti says Bholi’s idea is good. Panjiri says she got one more idea. Kunti says it is enough for today. She asks

Pratibha to say that it is good. Pratibha hesitantly says it is good.

Buddhi asks Chanchal what is she doing with tomatoes. Chanchal tells that it is fortunate tomatoes and says she will sit on the terrace and will throw them from there on the person, says it is Chanchal attack. Buddhi says according to science, it can’t fall together. Chanchal takes the tomatoes back and says it is not made for science, but made for some other shubh mahurat. Buddhi says I will demonstrate with something else. She takes ball and glass and says I will drop it at same time, but it will reach floor at different times. Panjiri gives upbringing book to Pratibha and says it was there. She asks Pratibha, first they shall scold or praise them.Panjiri says whatever you say Maate. Panjiri says I am Didi’s sevika. She says we shall start with scolding. They hear the glass breaking and come out. Buddhi gets scared and says they will be scolded. Chanchal reminds her of Dadi’s rule. Pratibha and Panjiri come out and ask why did they break the glass. Buddhi says science have broken it. Panjiri notes down in the book. Buddhi says Chanchal had planned to break someone’s head with tomatoes. Panjiri asks Pratibha to praise Chanchal. Pratibha praises her hesitantly.

Kunti tells Sarla that she brought Rs. 2500 worth saree and tells that they got good news on upbringing. She is about to sit on the couch where Dhairya is sitting, but Sarla stops her. Dhairya says I was about to go to your room, but slept here. Kunti asks what happened? Dhairya says she wants rose for the project. Kunti says Prarthana brought it and asks her to pick it from the table. Dhairya walks slowly. Kunti asks her to walk fast and is about to sit on Sarla. Sarla shouts. Kunti says I will show you my new saree. Dhairya comes to room and says Gulab. She picks floral saree instead of flowers kept on table.

Buddhi tells her sisters that the families have decided to praise them once and then scold them once. Surili says mummy praised me, and before that she scolded me. Buddhi says this is the new way of upbringing. Just then they see Dhairya cutting Kunti’s floral saree and paste the flowers on her project work chart. They say she will be scolded. They think to save her.

Kanhaiya asks Kunti why is she changing the rules fast. Kunti taunts Pratibha indirectly and asks Kanhaiya not to become like her. Dhairya comes there and tells that she is ready with her project.Panjiri tells Kunti that it is the time to praise her. Kunti says my daughter is intelligent. Panjiri says she is mine. Dhairya asks shall I show my project to Dadi. Buddhi says no and says now it is scolding time and asks her to do something. Dhairya makes the pot fall. Kunti scolds her. Buddhi asks Dhairya to show the project now as it is praise time. Dhairya shows the project chart. Kunti says the flowers look familiar. Kanhaiya says I brought this saree for you. Kunti gets angry. Dhairya says you told to get the flowers. Panjiri asks Kunti to praise her. Kunti goes angrily. Pratibha asks Panjiri what she will do now. Kunti comes out and asks herself to calm down. A lady comes there with her son and says Shakti has beaten him. Kunti asks why did you beat him? Shakti says he hit the little kids with cycle and laughing. His mum says you would have told me. Shakti says you wouldn’t have listen. Kanhaiya asks her to say sorry. Prema checks and says it is the tome to praise her. She praises her for beating the boy and says I am proud of you.

Chanchal teases Pari. Kunti asks bahus to make children obedient like God Shri Ram.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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