Jiji Maa 31st October 2018 Written Episode Update: Karma gets arrested

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The Episode starts with Karma informing Suyash and Falguni about his marriage. Falguni says Piyali is already married. Karma says that marriage was a cheat, this marriage will be real. He forces Piyali for marriage. Pandit says she already looks married. Karma forces Pandit to obey her. Falguni asks Suyash to protect Piyali, she is his wife. Suyash says they love each other, let Karma marry Piyali. Uttara looks on and thinks Karma can’t ruin my plan.

She calls police station. Karma washes off Piyali’s sindoor. She asks him not to do this, she has to make Suyash’s life hell. She asks what happened to you, what did you do, you went jail for me, try to understand, I have to stay as Suyash’s wife for revenge, we will marry later. Karma says we will marry today. He asks her to sit. He gets

his gun and asks pandit to start mantras. She asks how can I marry you, when I just married Suyash. Pandit asks what, its kalyug, don’t insult Dharm. Karma scolds him and asks him to just do his work. Suyash and Falguni reach there. Falguni stops Karma. She asks him not to marry this way, he can’t make joke of marriage this way. She says marriage won’t break this way.

Karma says I don’t care for your advice, Piyali married Suyash in anger, when she calms down, she will understand she is doing right, we will marry and go, you be with Suyash. Falguni says you can’t marry against her wish. Suyash says Piyali did so much for me, you care for Piyali’s wish. Falguni says yes, Karma wants to forcibly marry Piyali. Karma asks her to watch the marriage. Inspector comes there and asks is any girl’s marriage happening forcibly here. Falguni says yes. Suyash says Karma didn’t kidnap Piyali, they are good friends. Karma says he is right, girl is upset with me. Everyone comes there. Piyali says I don’t want to marry Karma. Uttara says Piyali has become our bahu, you can’t do this. Karma says tell me Piyali, you love me. Police beats up Karma. Karma shouts to Piyali. Piyali cries. Karma is taken away.

Falguni says you didn’t tell Karma that you love her, he loves you so much. Piyali says I can do anything for my revenge, truth is I m Suyash’s wife, none can deny this. Suyash says I don’t believe this marriage. Piyali asks Falguni to see what is he saying. She says our divorce can’t happen, I will never free you, I don’t care for anyone. She asks them to come home and talk the rest of the things. Falguni comes home. She cries seeing her room and runs out. Niyati hugs her. She asks her not to shatter, nothing has finished, they will find some way. Falguni says you heard what Piyali has said. Suyash comes. Falguni says I don’t want to talk to him.

She taunts Suyash for alienating her. Suyash justifies himself. She says I would have lived few days happily with you than living alone all my life, you didn’t involve me in your matter and denied the marriage vows. She angrily goes. Piyali says you would be shocked that I m alive. Falguni says you are senseless to think so, Uttara is behind this. Piyali scolds her and asks her to leave the house. She goes. Uttara says Piyali won’t understand anything, she has become my puppet, just one thing is common, we both hate you, you have to leave the house. They argue. Piyali asks inspector not to beat Karma. She tries to sotp them. Uttara comes. Piyali asks her to save Karma. Uttara says you are listening to me, bear the pain of these thorns for Karma’s sake. Piyali bears the pain and sheds blood for Karma. Uttara says if you want Karma to get released, you have to oust Falguni else you know what will police do with Karma, he will be tortured, do you agree to do my work. Piyali says yes. Uttara goes.

Piyali asks Falguni to leave the house. Everyone opposes her. Falguni says I will leave from this house.

Update Credit to: Amena

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