Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 31st August 2018 Written Episode Update: Kunti Wants Compensation

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 31st August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sarla tells Kunti that her teej festival will be a grand affair as her brother is coming. Pratap says he was in jail. Sarla says her cousin is in jail, her biological brother is bringing teej personally. Kunti says her brother comes every 7-10 days. Sarla says yes as her brother met with a railway accident and railway department give him lifelong free pass for his and his family, so he goes on bharath darsah every now and then. Kunti excitedly asks really? Pratap asks not to fall from train for compensation, she will get coffin from her own money. Kunti shuts his mouth and excitedly thinks she will get compensation from Bhole.

Kunti informs Kanhaiya that she asked 1 bahu with 5 qualities, but Bhole gave 5 bahu with 1 quality each and did a mistake, so she needs compensation from Bhole. Kanhaiya says Bhole is god and it is her mistake that she asked 5 quality bahu. Kunti says she does not know anything, she needs compensation from Bhole. She walks to Bhole’s idol and prays him to appear in front of her. Kanhaiya appears. Kunti with Kanhaiya greets him and says she needs..Bhole says he personally came to felicitate her as she forgot greed in jewelry shop. Kunti says if someone does mistake, they have to compensate. Bhole says absolutely. She asks what if god makes a mistake. Bhole says even god has to. Kunti says then he did mistake by giving 5 bahus with 5 qualities instead of 1 bahu with 5 qualities, so he has to compensate with giving 5 shops for 5 bahus. Kanhaiya says he is happy with 1 shop. Kunti says she has to spend a lot on all 5 bahus. Bhole gives boon that she will get 5 shops.

Panjiri goes to buy vegetables and asks vendor to give lots of vegetables as her family is very big. Family sits for lunch. Pari jokes Panjiri must be listening to music. Kunti angrily curses Panjiri prepares tasty food and hopes she should not prepare tasty food. Panjiri loses her memory and tells vendor that she has only 2 members at home, she and didi, she does not need so much vegetables. She panics that her didi is missing and searches Prarthana. Kunti walks in and asks vegetable vendor if her bahu came here. He says she just went and told she has only 2 members in family. Kunti catches Panjiri and asks what is she doing here. Panjiri says her didi missing. Kunti calls her bahu. Panjiri says she is not her bahu. Kunti says her sister is at her home and takes Panjiri. At home, Panjiri asks everyone if they know where is her sister and ask how do they know she is Panjiri. Kunti gets tensed and asks Bhole what is happening. Bhole says she asked boon of 5 shops for 5 bahus, this is compensation.

Precap: No precap.

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