ArDeep Horror Ff: Atheet Ka Bhoot Returns (4~Aarohi’s Painful Past)

Next day, he again took me to doctor Shetty so that further story could be known. Rashi had taken Deepika to the same orphanage to keep her away from boredom. I don’t know why Tara is sometimes good and sometimes bad. Sometimes she saves me, sometimes she just want to kill me. From my childhood, I had this incomplete feeling and I had strange dreams of me talking to another me. I never understood its meaning. Anyways, I entered the cabin alone and sat in front of Dr.Shetty. We greeted each other.

“So what happened after that? Can you please continue?” she asked and I nodded and smiled sadly.
End of her POV for sometime.

Flashback continues:
She even lost her voice in these two years. She didn’t had any will to live. She was a college going student at the time their parents died and she had only one friend who was Deep. He came searching for her as he was worried of her sudden disappearance. He found her in the hospital having severe attacks during sleep and he woke her up and hugged her. “Calm down, it was just a bad dream, don’t worry,” he said to her and his presence was a big surprise for her. “Dee.. Dee.. Dee.. Tu.. Ugh Dee..,” she said in a weak voice unable to speak.

He was shocked to see her voice was gone. “Nik.. Nik.. Nik..,” she said in a broken voice and he hugged her. “Bas.. Bas.. Everything will be fine, from today you will stay at my house,” he said and she smiled slightly at him. Later, she was sleeping in the spare room of Deep’s house when she had a strange dream in which she could see another her talking to her, then her dream changed to that ominous night and she woke up with a jerk. Deep came running to her and hugged her.
Oh Dil Se Dil Ka Rishta Judaa
Pal Do Pal Mein Mit Ta Nahi
Bandhan Dilo Ka Tut Ta Nahi
Bandhan Dilo Ka Tut Ta Nahi
Tere Dil Ka Mere Dil Se
Rishta Purana Hain
In Aankho Se Har Aansu
Mujhko Churana Hain
Mujhko Churana Hain
Mujhko Churana Hain
Tere Dil Ka Mere Dil Se
Rishta Purana Hain
In Aankho Se Har Aansu
Mujhko Churana Hain
Mujhko Churana Hain
Mujhko Churana Hain
Tere Dil Ka Mere Dil Se
Rishta Purana Hain]

For two years she stayed with Deep’s family. He had a mother and father along with a little sister Sanaya who had only one friend, Sushant. Later they got into an affair. The four of them always went on double dates, Deep and Aarohi were already in love with each other at the time. Although Aarohi couldn’t speak, she was never made fun of, she continued to go to college with Deep, it was very necessary to keep her away from depression.

“Bro, are we again going to double date? Seriously it will be so much fun,” Sushant asked. “Yes, we are too much bored bhaiya, let’s go na?” Sanaya asked with a pleading face. “No, you both can go alone,” Deep said. “OK, chalein Su?” Sanaya asked. “Chalo San,” Sushant replied and they went away from them. “Dee.. Dee..,” Aarohi said trying to speak. “Yes I know you want to ask why didn’t we go, actually we will go at night, pakka promise,” he said and kissed her forehead and they sat in the car. She stopped him from driving.

“What happen Aarohi?” he asked and she pointed to a kid. “Nik.. Nik..,” she said. “Niku?” he asked and she nodded and he looked in the direction. When he turned to her, she had already stepped out of the car. “Aaru wait,” he said but she didn’t listen. He got out of the car and saw her running on the other side of the road and a truck was approaching her. He ran to her and hugged her from behind lifting her off the ground and moved away along with her which resulted in both of them falling on floor.
[BGM: Teri Bechaini Ka Teri Tanhaee Ka
Ehsaas Hain Mujhko Sun
Main Jo Saath Tere Hu Phir
Tujhe Hain Kaisa Gham
Dard Baat Lenge Hum Sun
In Palko Mein Khushiyo Ka
Sapna Sajana Hain
Tere Dil Ka Mere Dil Se
Rishta Purana Hain]

He saw her unconscious and lifted her taking her to car. He made her sit on the passenger seat and sprinkled water on her eyes. She got conscious and her eyes searched for Niku. “Aarohi, please tum aisay mayoos mat ho, theek hai? Mil jayega Niku,” he assured her and hugged her. “I know how to calm you down,” he said and got down the car and then made her come out as well and took her to ice cream stall. He bought two ice creams for her.

She firstly offered it to him but when he was about to eat, he applied a dot on his nose and laughed. He too laughed and she ate both the ice creams by herself and they drove off to their house. They walked inside hand in hand. “Listen Aaru, rest in your room, then we will go tonight, okay,” he said and kissed her cheek, she smiled looking down and kissed him back and walked away shyingly. She went to her room and kept her bag at a side and sat in front of the mirror removing her make up and then she removed her necklace and her earrings but then stopped.

She recalled how Niku used to play with them and then she started to hallucinate him everywhere. She had gotten teary eyed and then she felt a familiar touch on her ears, she looked to her right and smiled. “Nik.. Nik..,” she said and was unable to speak further. “Bua,” he spoke and smiled and sat in her lap playing with her earrings. She smiled and kissed him and hugged him.
[BGM: Kaise Main Batao Yeh
Tera Iss Tarah Rona
Dekha Nahi Jaata Hain Sun
Shaam Jab Dhalti Hain
Subah Muskurati Hain
Khushbuye Lutati Hain Sun
Udaasi Ke Lamho Mein
Hamein Muskurana Hain
Tere Dil Ka Mere Dil Se
Rishta Purana Hain
In Aankho Se Har Aansu
Mujhko Churana Hain]
Suddenly he disappeared and she got shocked. “Nik.. Nik.. Nik.. ugh,” she started to cry. She stood up and tried finding him in the whole house like mad person.

She collided with Deep and she pushed him away. “Nik.. Nik..,” she said and ran in whole house trying to find him, poor girl’s hallucinations looked too real to be fake. “Nik..uuu,” she said and fainted, two arms grabbed her and of course it was Deep, he picked her in his arms.

FB to be continued in next chapter.


“Niku!” Aarohi shouted and felt dizzy and fell unconscious on the table that was between Dr.Shetty and her. She called Deep inside and he immediately picked her in his arms. “I m prescribing some medicines, just give her on time, don’t give her stress.”

Deep took her to their house and laid her on the bed and went inside, he saw Roma, Rashi, Sanaya, Sushant and Raghav waiting for him.

I sat on the couch looking down. “Now what happened to our Aarohi?” Mom asked. “She’s missing her nephew, and he is missing, we need to find him, but it’s not so easy,” I told them. “But there would be any photograph of him that we can ask in any orphanage, and we don’t even know if he is alive or not, and also if she was imagining him, maybe,” papa said.

“No no papa, he might be alive somewhere,” I said assuring them. “But what if nothing such happens?” Rashi asked. “Then I will explain her,” I said. “The orphanage to which I took Deepika to play with children, I will ask in that orphanage, and ask Aarohi for his photo,” Rashi said. “Hmm, I will ask,” I said. “Take care of bhabhi, also you said she’s seeing Tara again, this time I will bring someone professional to see if she’s really there or not, we seriously need to look into this matter,” Sanaya said assuring me.

“Ok sure,” I said and went and sat with Aarohi who was still unconscious and sat caressing her hair. She was crying in unconsciousness. I wiped her tears. “Mil jayega Niku, rotay nahi hain, Niku mil jayega,” I said assuring her. “Niku,” she said in sleep again and again. I woke her up and she sat up all of a sudden. “Shooting star! Mumma, papa, bhaiya, bhabhi, Niku, please, don’t go leaving me, Niku come back, Niku please, bua misses you, Niku! Niku!” she shouted and I shushed her and hugged her, I made her have medicines and kissed her.

“I forgot, I wanted to go to pick Deepika, I will just come ha,” I said and stood up, she held my hand and stopped me. “Tell Rashi to pick her, you be here, I need you,” she said. “I will tell Rashi to be here with you, I really need to go baby, please,” I said and went asking Rashi to stay with her. I drove off to her school and picked her from there and came back taking Deepika and sent her to freshen up. I went to room and saw Rashi was sleeping on couch very peacefully.

But something was unusual about Aarohi, her head was a little lifted up and away from pillow as she slept peacefully. I went closer and saw that her hand was also lifted up. I didn’t knew why was it so. I went and called Sanaya and she came with me and she was also shocked. Deepika came out of washroom and smiled looking at the wall which I felt a little weird and she too laid just like Aarohi was laying, her head was also lifted up, but why? Oh God, so weird, what’s going on right now? God knows. I and Sanaya were just paralyzed on our spots.

I came out of the washroom after freshening up and saw Tara aunty on bed, mumma was sleeping with her head in her lap and I too went and laid in her lap. I was playing with her long hair, she smiled, she’s very cute, she’s like a second mother to me. I love her. I just felt peace at the moment and didn’t knew when I fell asleep.

I was sleeping when suddenly I woke up and saw Tara near Deepika and Aarohi. I saw Deep and Sanaya paralyzed on their spots. I stood up and stood behind Tara and grasped her neck from behind and she struggled to make me leave as I pulled her from behind dragging her off the bed, Aarohi’s head and Deepika’s head slipped from her lap. “Aahhh!” she shouted as I pulled her from the bed and made her fall on the floor. She stood up and looked at me with furious eyes and grabbed my neck by both hands. “You.. you don’t belong..,” I cut her in between. “So do you, why are you here again?” I shouted, she shushed me looking at sleeping mother and daughter.

She adjusted their heads on the pillows. “I am here to find Niku, our beloved nephew,” she told me holding her neck, I bet it might be still paining. “Oh so sorry,” I apologized. “It’s okay, but how you know my secret?” I asked. “I m a soul myself,” Tara said. “Tell me one more thing, when did you got time to make out with Virat?” I asked and she smiled looking down.

[BGM: Dil lagi,
Kaise yeh aag hai
Bhujey na-mitey na-thamey na kabhi,
Yeh kaisi pyaas hai..

Dil jali..
Kaisi yeh raat hai,
Rulaye-hasaye-sataye mujhe,
Yeh kaisi aas hai

Aye ajnabi itna bata,
Kyun sacha lagey,
Bahana tera..
Aye ajnabi itna bata,
Kyun jiya lagey,
Fasana tera.. ] {Vikram Bhatt Web Series.. Twisted}

(Guys Nia may come in bigg boss, so Alisha will definitely come back as Aarohi, don’t lose hope, #wewantaalishaasaarohi)

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