Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 30th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Kunti comes up with a solution liking Prema’s idea

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 30th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Panjiri telling Prema that Pratibha told Dhairya that she can’t walk and that’s why there is no use of practice. Prema says pratibha said similar thing to Shakti and asked her how much body guard is paid, and said that she will not go to school. Prarthana comes and says even Chanchal don’t want to go to school listening to Pratibha’s talks. Panjiri blames the book, doodh ka doodh pani ka pani. She says this is wrong and kids self confidence will break. Prema says we shall go and talk to her. Panjiri says she doesn’t listen to us. Prarthana says we shall talk to Kunti. Kunti calls Pratibha and asks did you tell this? Pratibha says I made even Surili understand the same and says it is written in the book that children shall know their weakness so that their

dreams don’t break. Kunti says you have scared kids. Prema says kids are scared to go to school because of you. Kunti says you made kids lost confidence and says we have to make them regain their confidence. Prarthana asks how? Prema says I feel we shall motivate them and agree to their sayings. Pari says haan haan. Kunti says bahu is right. Prema says we shall say yes to whatever they do. Kunti says this is right and says we will not scold them and will not say no to them. She asks them to motivate them, not to scold them, motivate them, praise them, doesn’t refuse them for anything. Pratibha says ok.

Surili comes and asks them to come and says Shakti and buddhi are fighting. They all come outside. Pari laughs and says we had decided to say yes. The bahus see the girls fighting. Pratibha asks Kunti what they shall do now. Buddhi and Shakti blame each other. Kunti takes them to side and sign at Pratibha. She tells them that the mistake is not of you, but of matar paneer. She says today you have eaten matar paneer sabzi which is spicy and scientist tells that such things happen in anger. She asks them to end the fight and hug each other. Pratibha tells Kunti that you did wrong. Kunti asks her to remember parvarish ka naara.

Panjiri sees Dhairya sleeping outside and asks her to come inside. She gets angry, but cools down seeing Kunti. Dhairya gets up, and says she is walking and moves her legs. Panjiri asks her to get up and go to bathroom. Kunti asks her to praise her daughter and motivate her. Dhairya comes to the room and sees Surili, Shakti, Chanchal are playing. Dhairya says my mum is praising me. Chanchal says Mummy didn’t scold me even after I kept cockroach in her thaali. Shakti says Dadi didn’t scold me. Surili says even my mum haven’t scolded me. Buddhi comes there and says I came to know what is happening. Panjiri tells Prema that her idea was good. Prema says kids shall not know. Buddhi says all mummies have decided not to scold us, but will praise and motivate us. Chanchal says if they will not scold us if I do Chanchal attack, Dhairya sleeps and if Shakti breaks her head. They get happy. Shakti says nobody shall know that we came to know about this. Chanchal and others pray to God and thank him. She says we shall make list about the mischief. Buddhi says we shall not be happy. Dhairya asks them to listen and says hip hip hurray.

Kunti asks Kanhaiya why did she give liberty to kids. Kunti says you give offers in the shop and then you get good sales. She says bahus are motivating the girls. Surili sings song and throws the things on the floor. Pratibha comes and asks what happened. She says it seems tsunami came in the room and asks her to do homework. Surili says nahi..She says when she is not going then why she shall do homework. Pratibha says I made you understand before and then recalls Kunti’s words. Chanchal tells that teacher asked her to get Papa’s signatures as her mischief is caught. Kanhaiya reads and gets angry. Kunti and Pratap laugh. Kanhaiya reads teacher complains.

Surili tells Pratibha that she is scolded by her teacher as the kids were looking at her. Pratibha asks what she was singing. Surili sings baar baar dekho and tells that teacher got angry. Pratibha says kids go to school to study and asks her not to disturb kids with her melodious voice. Surili says I will not go and thee is no school.

Kunti likes Prarthana’s idea and says one time they shall scold the girls and other time praise them. Buddhi tells that she got good marks. Pratibha asks her to study more and get more marks. A mother comes with her son and tells that Shakti has beaten her son. Prema asks Shakti to break his teeth and tells Kunti that it is the time to praise her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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