Mere Sai 30th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Sai Returns After 3 Days

Mere Sai 30th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kulkarni orders Panta to bring his goons, if Sai does not wake up, they will kick out his disciples and bury his body. At night, Sai’s disciples eagerly wait for hiim. Kulkarni looks at watch and says only 45 minutes are left for 9 p.m. Panta says this wanderer does not value other’s times and was teaching to respect time. Kulkarni laughs and yawns. He laughs on Patil, Baiza maa, Mhalsapati that their Sai did not wake up; truth is spoken words and departed soul will never return. He orders his goons to dig grave and says only few minutes are left for Sai’s funeral, till then they can finish last darshan. All disciples plead Sai to wake up. Mhalsapati sings song to open eyes and light lamp again, return back soon. Appa and others also sing one by one in their own way.

Storm starts and all lamps blow off. Everyone stand holding pillars and walls. Lamps glow again. Sai’s soul returns into his body. Lamp next to Sai also lights. Sai wakes up. His disciples rejoice while Kulkarni and his team stand shocked. Mhalsapati bends in front of Sai and pleads not to test him again. Sai says he knew only Mhalsapati could do this. Kulkarni thinks Sai did not die at all and was acting to increase his disciples, he stooped so low.

Pari asks Sai why did he go away for 3 days. Malhari says he used to pray Khandoba each day and remember Sai and Mhalsapati’s words. Pari says she was thinking what joke to crack in front of Sai. Keshav apologizes Sai on behalf of his father Kulkarni, if he was present here, Kulkarni would have created more problems, so he was not present here. Sai asks not to apologize and wipes Baizaa maa’s tears and says he is fine. He coughs. Baiza maa feeds him water and says he did not h ave anything since 3 days, she will bring him something to eat. He says yes and says he is happy seeing them all together smiling. Sai’s disciple celebrate his return with festival kinda celebrations singing Sai returned.

Precap: Sai tells pleading parents that their son will return, but they have to extract sugar cane juice from sugarcane without any equipment. Father asks how can it happen. Sai says it is his problem.

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