Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 2nd November 2018 Written Episode Update: Kids ask Kunti to lift ban on crackers

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 2nd November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chanchal telling her sisters that Sarla has kept ban on the crackers, but she won’t be quiet. She says if I can’t blast a bomb then I will break her window. Buddhi says we have to think how to burn the crackers. Dhairya says only Dadi can stop Sarla. Chanchal and Buddhi come to Kunti and ask her to convince Sarla to lift ban on bursting the crackers. They ask her to talk to President of the women organization of the locality. Kunti asks them to bring mirror and says she is president of the locality. Chanchal and Buddi get happy and say that now they can play with the crackers. Kunti says I have initiated ban on the crackers and my girls are walking holding matchsticks. She says my children will not burn crackers and asks them to fold hand and be obedient. She asks

them to go. The girls decide to break their piggy bank and buy the cracker with the money. Surili says there is no cracker’s shop near by. Chanchal says they will get it from other locality shop. Buddhi tells them that Dadi didn’t stop them to burn crackers which is in the house so they can burn them. Dhairya says I will get it. The girls look at her.

Khatru tries to convince ladies having golgappa at Natwar’s shop. Women dislike the golgappa. Kanhaiya comes and asks who is he? Khatru says he is a hair dresser and will learn soon. Ladies go to Kasturi chat shop. Natwar gets his boss message and leaves. Kanhaiya asks Khatru to sell golgappas for free. The girls come to the store room and search crackers. They get it and get happy. Pari comes there and says mummy ji said that they shall not burn the crackers. Buddhi says mummy. Chanchal says we came to clean storeroom. Buddhi says we were coming to you to give it to you. Pari says I will throw it. Shakti says someone will use it then. Chanchal says we shall burn it so that nobody can use it. Pari says mummy ji will get happy hearing this. She says she is searching Mirchi light. Chanchal tells her something. Pari searches mirchi light in the bowl. Kunti says it would have been good if I had asked kids to bring. Pari says they went to burn all the crackers as you asked them not to play with it. Kunti gets angry. The kids come out to burn the crackers, but just then Kunti comes there with a bucket of water and throws on the crackers. She says I made you understand that it is bad for environment, and says if I see any of you near the cracker then will punish you. Chanchal says I will burst cracker this Diwali being your grand daughter. She tells her sister that they will buy crackers with their piggy bank money. Her sisters tell that they shall not burn crackers as Dadi asked them not to burn it. Chanchal says no. Her sisters asked her to say no to crackers. Chanchal keeps her piggy bank back.

Pratap comes home as fire brigade man and asks Pratibha to run from the house as it caught the fire. Kunti asks what is this drama? Pratap says he has become fire brigade man. Surili comes and sings song. She says she washed the diya for her. Pratap asks why she is troubling the kids and not letting them burn crackers. Kunti says she wants to save the environment and is making kids do work so that they become obedient.

Dhairya comes to Kanhaiya’s shop and says she came with Panjiri. She says Dadi is making them do much work. She looks at the golgappa’s shop and tells that she wants to eat it. Khatru brings lady customer to the shop. She buys three saree, but her husband comes and asks her to buy sarees on next Diwali. Lady says ok and tells Kanhaiya that sarees are not that good. She asks Khatru to give golgappa to her husband. Dhairya eats it and says it is free only with the saree.

Precap: Chanchal brings crackers and hides it in the box. She thinks it will be fun when it bursts under Dadi’s nose. She opens the box and sees pakodas. Pratap brings other box and finds crackers in it. Kunti gets shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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