Agnifera 2nd November 2018 Written Episode Update: Sakshi’s Changed Heart Towards Agni

Agnifera 2nd November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Agni tells KD she needs to say something. KD asks why she is blushing so much. Revathi asks her what happened to her today. Yashi gives her girls’ photos and asks her to choose one for Kishan. Kishan says disposed his proposal, so now he does not have any choice and she has to select a girl for her. Agni nervously tells Yashi sehe cannot select. They all laugh. KD says Kishan already informed that she accepted his proposal, tomorrow they will get her and Kishan;s real engagement. Agni shies, signals to call Kishan aside. Kishan pins her to wall. He says if he knows what she does if someone misbehaves with her. He says she may be policewoman, he is also her boyfriend.

They both then return back to family. Sakshi pulls Kishan’s leg that she is his saali and adhi gharwali, etc.. Later, Agni calls her foster mother/jailer and says she has good news for her. Mother says if she found a life partner. Agni asks how does she know. Mother says she got promotion 1 month ago, so it is obvious. Agni shies.

Agni then returns to her room and asks Sakshi to go to her side of room as she needs to sleep. Sakshi says she can take whole bed, she is going out. Agni is surprised and asks if she is alright. Revathi enters and says she got jewelry for them. She gifts Ragini’s earrings to Agni and Shristi’s necklace to Sakshi. Sakshi likes it. Revathi says Ragini sold her necklace to get Shristi admitted to a big hospital, so Agni does not have same necklace. Sakshi insists Agni to take her necklace, Agni says it is Shristi chachi’s blessings, so Sakshi should accept i t.

Badhi calls Yashi to her room and alleges that she brainwashed Agni to marry Kishan. Yashi says she did not. Badki gets adamant. Chachi grins seeing them thinking at last they are fighting.

Kishan walks to Agni and gets romantic with her. He ties her hand. She says he has become daring, someone will come. He says he does not care. Their romance continues..

Precap: Revathi asks Sakshi if she is doctor or not. Sakshi says no. Revathi slaps her and snatches Shristi’s necklace from her and gives it to Agni. Sakshi gets emotional

Update Credit to: MA

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