Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 24th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Pratap hears Chakma Seth’s evil plan, wish for elephant continues

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 24th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chanchal asking Prema and Prarthana about who drank the juice which they kept for tooth fairy if she didn’t come there. Prarthana recalls Panjiri drinking it. Shakti says she came last night, but she must not know that intelligent kids stay here. Dhairya says she will return and gives us elephant, as she took the letter. Pratap asks Khatru to punch on his face when Mohini and Chakma seth come there. They search for Pratap. Pratap panics and is about to keep the teeth in his mouth, but he hears them changing their plan, telling that they don’t need his teeth now and will make him sit in the car. Pratap gets happy.

Prarthana tells that their mission to get the children change their perception didn’t materialize. They are sure that tooth fairy will give

the elephant as the juice emptied in the glass. Prema says if mistake is of me. She blames Panjiri for keeping cooker in the kitchen. Pratibha says they are sure that they will get elephant now. Kanhaiya says you people made home as jungle and they are demanding elephant now. He gets Kunti’s call and says it is good that she is not here, and went to Panipat else our condition would have something else. Kanhaiya takes the call and is shocked. She says Maiyya is returning from Panipat.

Chakma Seth tells that they will take Pratap to Nepal and then parked the car after tying his hands and legs. Mohini says if we break his teeth then he might expose her then law will be behind her, and that’s why Papa has decided to leave him in Nepal, and then drown him in the river along with the car. Khatru and Pratap hear him. Chakma Seth asks about Pratap from Khatru while the latter’s face is hiding. Khatru says he didn’t know. Pratap asks God to save him. Kanhaiya tells Pratibha that Maiyya left from there and we don’t have any solution. Pratibha says she sent the bahus and making them understand to ask for something else. Kanhaiya says if they ask for Dinosaur. Shakti, Dhairya and Chanchal refuse to accept something else. Prarthana asks where we will keep the elephant and what will we feed him. Shakti says it stays in jungle. Chanchal says it will stand outside our house and will have the greenery, when he keeps his trunk down, many people will feed him. Panjiri says if it gets angry then? And tells about the incident. She says angry elephant will ruined all neighborhood. She says if some Mohalla guy comes infront of elephant then?

Pari says elephant can’t be controlled. Panjiri says kids might refuse to have elephant now being scared. Prarthana says elephant might make our house dirty with its potty and says so much water will be wasted. Chanchal says we will ask for calm, and clean elephant. Panjiri says where we will search it? They think how the problem will be resolved now. Chakma Seth asks his goons to make Pratap unconscious after making him smell chloroform. Pratap puts more shaving foam on his face and comes out of the gents parlour. Chakma Seth stops him and asks why is he having shaving foam on his face. Pratap says I have face on all my face. Chakma Seth asks him to get the beard shaved first. Pratibha tells Kanhaiya that they asked kids to ask something else, but they refused. Kunti returns home and asks where are my grand daughters? Pratap tells that his beard is hard so he goes home and get it shaved in the evening. Kanhaiya asks Kunti if everything is fine in Panipat. Kunti says yes and asks how is everyone at home? They ask why they are looking tensed. Kanhaiya tells that Dhairya’s last tooth is broken, so dant pari. Kunti says tooth fairy..They ask how do you know? Kunti shows Kanhaiya’s last tooth and shows to Kanhaiya.

Kids write their own rules for an elephant. Kunti gets an idea and says my grand daughters will get such an elephant.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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