Days were going good. She busy with her work as her workplace and her boss is really praising her well these days. The investigators really appreciated her for all her work and her talent. Her days were really going good.

“Di it’s Sunday” Ishana said sitting over their bed sadly.

“I know Ishu… and listen I would be back by evening… I promise” Anika said and locked her watch.

“But… di, don’t forget about the surprise dinner party that we planned for Maa and Baba tonight” Ishana made faces and wished hard that her di doesn’t go where she was planning to and was getting ready.

“I won’t forget and listen just get Sahil ready soon, you know his nakhre Noor jahan ke” Anika smiled.

“But di… just wait for an hour and then go, you just had lunch” Ishana tried to stop her di again but Anika sadly nodded a no, seeing that she continued “okay… just tell me who is that stupid friend of yours who is disturbing you at Sunday?”

“Well… one of my college buddy, he landed in Mumbai yesterday and he wants some tips from me for the sight seeing so yeah… I am going for that” Anika explained.

“Okay cool… enjoy di” Ishana smiled at last but still she wished that her di doesn’t go and both the sister have fun at the Sunday afternoon, but this Sunday that’s not gonna happen as Anika went out.

“Di… take the car” sister Ishu said.

“No… not in mood to drive, auto rickshaw would be a better option for me today” Anika went away.


His week has been really busy, two business conferences, four meetings and now sudden call from a business partner to meet immediately. Everyone knows that he worships work a lot more but it’s a Sunday after all and every family wants to spend time together.

“Bhaiya you are not going” Rudra sat stubbornly over his coat.

“Get up Rudra… the matter seemed serious, or else why would Mr. Tiwari call me at this time huh?” he tried to explain the matter to Rudra but nothing was explainable as Rudra was perfectly right at his point.

“Shivay talk to him over phone, you know that we all have lunch together on Sunday’s atleast and from past month you are breaking this rule as well” Om gave it back with more justification.

“I know… but the New York deal has changed everything, you know how much important it was and after I got it, life just became busier… I promise that I would be back soon and we would spend rest of the time together” Shivay looked at them sadly.

Rudra got up from his coat, fortunately the ironed coat didn’t get damaged much. He looked away angrily. Shivay felt bad for not managing much time for his siblings since the past month. Priyanka aka Prinku is not even speaking to him after she came to know that he is again going out somewhere to meet one of his business partner suddenly. He thought to make everything right after he comes back, his siblings can never stay angry for longer time.


“Do you even know what are you saying?” Anika asked straight looking into the guy’s eye.

“You don’t wanna get tied into an unwanted arranged marriage, but you know me since years now… so why not choosing me?” the man asked desparately.

“Ankush… you are just my friend, you know this… then why suddenly this proposal of marriage?” she asked.

“I love you Anika, I don’t know since when it all started but until now I just waited patiently for you… now when I heard that your family is in search for a groom for you… then… then why not me?” Ankush asked.

It’s true that he has loved her, but she… did she ever thought of him in that way?

“Ankush I always have seen you as my friend… I can’t… just hear yourself buddy and stop dreaming, I am going now” Anika got up but Ankush held her hand.

“Sorry Anika… I thought…” he was saying further when someone unknown interrupted.

“Hey… Anika…” another man with charming smile said.

“Hi…” Anika responded awkwardly and turned towards Ankush.

“Who is he Anika?” Ankush asked glancing at the man.

“Ummm… Shivay… this is Ankush my college friend and this is Shivay… my… my…” she did not get the correct word to describe her bond with Shivay when Shivay interrupted again and completed her sentence “her friend”

“No… acquaintance” she denied.

“Hmmm… interesting” Ankush remarked with a smile.

“So… you here?” Anika turned towards Shivay and asked.

“Well, had one meeting but fortunately my business partner handled the company so the meeting got cancelled and now I am returning home… hmm… yeah… that’s it, what about you… why are you here?” he asked back.

“Came here to meet Ankush, and now I am getting late so yeah… I am going back to my home as well” Anika answered and turned towards Ankush “bye Ankush” and went away.

Shivay too went away in the direction of the parking arena. Few minutes passed by. He went out of the hotel premises and was about to speed up his car when he spotted the same girl desparately requesting an auto rickshaw. He drove his car and went close to her.

“Hi Anika…” he said casually surprising her that he has not left yet.

“Hi…” she answered awkwardly again.

“Any problem?” he asked.

“Yeah… not getting any rickshaw to go back” her face saddened.

“Well… if you don’t mind then… can I drop you at your place?” he hesitated but somehow completed his sentence.

Anika looked at him shocked and took a pause for some moments and then answered “okay…”

She got inside and tried to be comfortable. He looked at her and she smiled awkwardly and fixed the seat belt. He started the engine and again smiled looking at her. She was staring him with confused expression while he tried to concentrate on driving.

‘Tring…Tring…tring’ her phone rang.

“Ishu… I am on my way… okay… arre I am already ready, I will just go and pick you three up… no… okay fine… achcha, bye” Anika put down the phone and looked outside.

“Ishana… Om’s girlfriend?” Shivay asked to be sure about who has called the lady beside him.

“Hmm… but my sister…” she said.

“Huh?” his expression clearly said that he didn’t get her comment.

“Ishana is my sister… and then your brother’s girlfriend…” her lips travelled till the ear, no… it was not a normal smile but a taunt filled silent smile.

Shivay did mistake as he called Ishana as his brother’s girlfriend and not Anika’s sister. He was confused about how to react and again tried to concentrate on driving.

“Shivay looks so cute when he smiles” the thought crossed Anika’s brain and she blinked after staring Shivay for a good while.

“He is someone else from inside… but… whatever I read about him in newspapers and magazines doesn’t seem to be a lie as well… he is… definitely he is not the being he shows himself to be to others… he is a good man, a bit idiotic as well but overall a good man” Anika’s thought came to halt as the car stopped at traffic signal. She looked up and saw the red light glowing which asked them to stop their car.

This was the first time ever Anika is thinking about a man, the man with whom she met just few days ago.

“This traffic signal… uhhh” she sounded dissapointed that drew Shivay’s attention and he looked at her.

“You seem to be in hurry… want to go somewhere… I can drop you there as well” Shivay… this is the first time ever he has offered lift to a girl and he is hell bent trying to make her comfortable.

“Yeah… actually… we had a plan to give a surprise dinner outing to our parents… but… if I don’t reach home in time… then…” she looked down and then looked up at him helplessly.

“Where… I mean in which restaurant?” Shivay asked though he never wanted to ask.

“Moonshine Restaurant” she answered.

“Ohh okay” the conversation ended and so the stopping time.

He increased the speed but not as to break rules and then stopped in front of an apartment as instructed by Anika. Anika got down and thanked him. He smiled and left from there.

Anika rushed upwards to their floor and barged in, fortunately the gate was open. Ishana took her inside their room and locked the door. She seemed excited and her naughty grin shined bright.

“Di… you and… and… Shivay bhaiya… you… you two are dating?” she clapped and started to jump before Anika could register the words she said.

“What? When? How?” Anika asked looking at Ishana who was tracing the circular path around Anika making her the Sun in between.

“So… this was your friend who came to Mumbai just last night… and you went to help him?” the naughty grin again.

“Shut up…” Anika tried to stop Ishana from over thinking but little did she knew that Ishana has already formed different fantasis in her head.

“That means di… you are ready to marry him… ufff… the great Shivay Singh Oberoi marries my di… my queen… you are best di… I love you” soon Ishana jumped over her di out of excitement and Anika stumbled and both sister fell over the bed.

“Get up… kuch bhi sochti haina tu, why thinking so much? Let me explain girl” Anika got up and sat straight.

“I went to meet my friend, there Shivay came for one of his meeting and our meeting was just a mere coincidence… don’t over think girl” Anika unlocked the door and was about to go out when Ishana stood in front of her and looked at her… naahhhh… scanned her body through an intense gaze.

“Di… are you sure you two aren’t dating… are you sure he did not get heated up by seeing your hot, s*xy curves… are you sure he is like a saint who stays away from…” Ishana was about to say the word when Anika smacked her head and stopped her.

Ab chup bhi ho jaa, just shut up… why are you being so naughty haan… let’s go out… we are getting late” Anika rushed out of her room, Ishana too followed her but laugh followed back Ishana and she held her stomach while she entered the seat beside driver’s seat as Anika informed them that she will be driving.


“Here the busiest of the busy person comes” Rudra mocked.

“We are going out for dinner” Shivay informed.

“Haaiinngggg?? Why? Where? Suddenly?” Om stood up in shock.

“No… I mean I thought that… everyone spends time with their family, so I should also spend some… so we are going right?” Shivay didn’t ask he just did formality.

“Okay bhaiya… we will go at my favourite resturant” Rudra jumped in joy.

“No… I mean… next time we will go to the resturant you prefer… but… this time…” he looked at the shocked faces in front of him and gulped down before saying the name of the restaurant “Moonshine Restaurant”

OmRu looked at their bhai, no… scanned their borther’s face and then turned towards each other

Isse achanak ho kya gaya hai? Why is he behaving weirdly?” they said in unison.

“Nothing… you both get ready and let me call them and ask them to book a table for us” he googled the number and called.

“Hello… Moonshine Restaurant… yeah… this is Shivay Singh Oberoi here, we are going to your resturant… no… not for any business deal… it’s family dinner, so arrange a table for us… my entire family… hmm… yeah… excuse me… how dare you say no to Shivay Singh Oberoi… you know I can buy the restaurant right now and book all the table immediately… yeah… better, do it fast… we would be there any moment… soon…” he literally ordered the man/woman on the other side of the call and smiled proudly that his name always gets him everything he wants.

Shivay walked down to the hall to inform everyone while OmRu left behind in shock staring at each other.


Heyaaaa… What do you all think? Will Shivay-Anika meet again at the resturant? And if so then what will be the reaction from both the sides? And Yeah… Enjoying the story guys?? Please do comment and vote.

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