Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 21st December 2018 Written Episode Update: Prema decides to gift cooker to Dhairya

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 21st December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kanhaiya telling that if we refuse then what kids will say and tells prema to leave this idea. Prema says if Dant Pari’s idea we had fed in their mind then we will solve the matter also. She asks Panjiri to go and check the children if cooker slept. Panjiri says yes and keeps the cooker. Prarthana tells Dhairya that her mum is asking your father to buy a cooker and says if you ask dant pari to give cooker then you will become great daughter. Dhairya says ok. Prarthana asks them to sleep after keeping letter with tooth, and says Dant Pari will be happy and tell everyone in the Dant log about you. They clap.

Khatru comes to the shop and gives tea glass to Pratap. He says your judgement was right. Chakma Seth and Mohini switches on the light along with the

goons. Mohini says you are giving chakma to my father. Prema says now kids will ask cooker only and we will not have any extra expenses. She tells about their plan and says Dhairya will ask cooker in the letter, and tells that she will take tooth and letter and keep cooker there. Chakma asks we asked just 30 teeth from you and if you agree then we will be get saved from going to jail. Pratap shouts no. Pratap and Khatru try to leave, but the goons catch them. Prema says she will write a letter to Dhairya that she will have a good daughter later. Pratibha and kanhaiyya appreciate her plan. Panjiri says she will keep cooker in the kitchen and says kids don’t come there. Shakti brings bouquet for Dant Pari.

Pratap shouts and cries when Chakma Seth’s goon holds him. He says you can’t do this? Chakma says I can do anything. Khatru asks Pratap to drink tea and have biscuits soaking in it. Mohini says we shall pluck out the teeth. Surili and Buddhi come to kitchen and see cooker in the box. They tell it seems Papa brought cooker already. Surili says Dhairya is asking the same, what mummy will do with two cookers. They think to stop Dhairya from asking about the cooker. Pratap asks the God to save him and promises to pay the shagun. Chakma Seth says there is no way. Pratap asks God to do the darkness and signs Khatru. Khatru switches off the lights. Pratap and Khatru escape.

Buddhi and Surili run to Dhairya and ask her not to ask for cooker as Papa brought cooker already. Dhairya says what I shall ask? Buddhi asks her to ask for herself. Prarthana and Prema see the cooker wrapped in multiple wrappers. Panjiri says she used many gift wrappers. Prema says gift box shall be wrapped as it is given by a Pari. The girls think what to ask. Shakti says if our Dhairya have horse like our friend Divyanshu then everyone will look at her. Buddhi says we will ask horse. Dhairya says ok. Buddhi says we shall ask something big. Surili says elephant. Dhairya says she will ask elephant from dant Pari.

Prema, Panjiri and Prarthana come to kids’ room and keep cooker there. Prema reads the letter and tells that they did a big mistake. Kids get up.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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