Ladies Special 21st December 2018 Written Episode Update: Prarthana Impresses Viraj

Ladies Special 21st December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Amar walks to Mota pappa that he needs to talk. Mota pappa ignores him. Amar continues that he hid something from him for the first time and should be allowed to explain. Bindu brings tea for Mota pappa and asks him to finish it before it gets cold and takes him news paper. Amar tries to speak again, but Mota pappa ignores him again and walks to his room asking Bindu to get him a few biscuits. Amar follows Mota pappa’s room and offers him medicines, but Mota pappa ignores him again. Amar sadly walks to Bindu and says Mota pappa does not want to talk to him at all.

Meghna’s son fights with a boy for his kite. Boy’s mother yells at him that he and his family are frauds and liers, his parents duped neighbors and took their money. Neighbor says Mandar told he will return

money with interest. Woman continues shouting that nobody repays loan in this age, Mandar did not give them timeline and will never give money. Childern walk to Meghna and complain that neighbor called them thieves and asked when will they return neighbors’ money. Meghna walks to neighbor and confronts her. Neighbor alleges that she will never return money. Meghna asks neighbors if Mandar lied to them till now, he and Mandar will work hard and repay them.

Prarthana’s mother Rachna cuts her finger while cooking and shouts in pain. Prarthana rushes to her and scolds her to be careful. Viraj walks in and asks if he can help. Prarthana asks if he can cook. He says no. She asks him to go to office and prepare presentation, she will come later. when Prarthana reaches office later, she sees Viraj busy chatting with staff. She scolds him that he is fit for nothing. He shows her presentation. She likes it. Laptop crashes. She panics. He says he will fix it and by the time he recovers data, she prepares presentation. He is surprised and praises her that she saw his presentation and prepared exact same one in no time. She says they have to be sharp in business and it is her years’ experience. Viraj thinks that is why his father put him under her guidance.

Bindu walks to Mota pappa and offering him medicine asks why he ignored Amar. Mota pappa says he did not pay attention. Amar walks in and apologizes for lying him and says he was afraid and could not reveal that he still loves Kangana. Mota pappa reminds him that Kangana left him to marry someone else even after his pleas. Amar takes Mota pappa’s promise that he will do whatever he says. Mota pappa says he promised without knowing what he will ask, can he forget Kangana and give the happiness Bindu deserves.

Precap: Mandar confronts Meghna that he was against her decision of starting business, but supported her, and when it is a question of their children, he will not keep quiet. Meghna asks what will he do. He says he will return to his job. Bindu and Amar stitch shirt button. Meghna insists inspector to take her complaint.

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