Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 19th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Prema favors Dant Pari’s story

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Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 19th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chakma dant manjan’s co owner Mohini asks pratap to start hiding his face. Pratap says why will I hide my face. He poses pics with the owner. Mohini gets a call and tells that all cheap brands Manjan has filed case against us. The girls get happy. Prarthana asks what happened? Prema says Dhairya’s milk tooth has fallen down and they want to keep it safe. Prarthana asks why? Prema tells about the dant pari and says if it is kept under the pillow and writes a wish, then it will be fulfilled by Dant pari. Mohini says they have to file a case. Her dad takes cheque and tears it.. pratap asks why did you tear my cheque. Mohini says if case is filed then you will also go to jail. Pratap gets tensed. Buddhi tells that when their tooth fell down, they didn’t know about

tooth pari. Mohini tells that sasta brand has filed a case against them and tells about their previous plan. Her father tells that last time they showed everyone’s bald and asks what they will show this time. Khatru asks them to get Pratap’s teeth removed. Pratap refuses. Mohini and her father request him to get teeth broken. Pratap refuses.

Pratibha tells that no kid shall keep tooth under the pillow and write letter to dant pari. She says there is no such dant Pari. Prema gives examples and says even air can’t be seen. Pratibha says I don’t agree with your stories and says kids shall not accept imaginary stories, else how they will have practical knowledge. Prarthana asks her to let the kids enjoy.

Mohini and her father hold Pratap’s legs. Khatru holds him. Pratap gets ready to give his teeth. Mohini says you are great and says we had thought to kidnap you and break your tooth. Pratap says why will you kidnap me, when I am ready to get my teeth broken. Pratap sends Khatru to call the doctor. Pratibha says kids shall live in reality and says no body shall write letter to dant pari. Prema says they will write. They write. Prarthana says we shall wait for sasumaa to come. Prema says they shall take all bahus’ votes. Prarthana says decision will be taken who has maximum votes. Khatru brings big hammer. Pratibha says we shall not teach kids about the fake stories and says it is no from her side. Prema says kids will not be called as kids then. She says it is big yes from my side. Next pari’s turn comes. Pari says my name is Pari, and that’s why I can’t say no for any Pari. She marks right.

Pratibha asks Panjiri to give her vote. Panjiri says first Didi will say and then bholi. Prema asks Prarthana to go first. Prarthana tells that her name is Prarthana and that means God is there, and if God is there then there will be dant pari too and says yes. Panjiri says whatever Didi says, I agree and says it is right from my side. Prema says we shall hide Dhairya’s tooth under the pillow and get gift from Dant Pari.

Kanhaiya says what we will do if girl’s ask something which I can’t give. Girls plan to ask magical coat from Dant Pari.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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