Ladies Special 20th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Mandar’s Trust On Meghna

Ladies Special 20th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bindu seeing Mota pappa playing game on her mobile asks him to return mobile as Amar needs to make important calls. Mota pappa asks her to use his mobile as his mobile does not have game. Bindu walks to Amar and says Mota pappa is playing game like a kid and does not want to return mobile, how will Amar call Kangana as she must be waiting for his call. Amar says not a problem, he will speak to her later. Mota pappa gets disappointed after losing game and keeps it on desk.

At Meghna’s house, she apologizes Mandar for making a big mistake by giving money to agent and losing 3 lakhs. Mandar consoles her and says he did not ask any explanation from her, she dared to dream big for their children and they will work hard and succeed. Meghna leans on his shoulder and cries.


phone rings midnight. He picks call. Kangana says she is standing outside his flat and if he does not open door, she will ring bell. He hurriedly opens door before she rings bell. She hugs him and asks why did not he call her. He says mota pappa was keeping his phone. Mota pappa walks out hearing sound and is shocked to see Kangana. Bindu also walks out and stands shocked far behind. Mota pappa confronts Amar that he told he did not meet Kangana and lied him, he did not expect this from Amar. Kangana walks away. Mota pappa says Amar disappointed him and he does not want any problem for Bindu, if something happens to her, he will not forgive Amar. Amar sits reminiscing childhood incident where Mota pappa trusts him blindly and scolds his son for breaking vase.

Prarthana travels with Viraj in a local train and thanks him for finishing files on time without any mistakes. Viraj says she is faster than him and finished checking files in 5 hours. Prarthana asks him whom he was speaking to and taking money. Viraj says he is his childhood friend Seetharam who takes loan from him repeatedly. Prarthana says he was taking money instead. Viraj says sometimes he takes. She says she saw him driving Mercedes car. He lies that he hired a car to give birthday surprise to an 8-year-old kid. Prarthana praises him and says rich people don’t have heart and don’t even care for their children.

Mota pappa sits holding news paper and reminiscing Amar’s lies. Bindu asks if there is any interesting news that he did not have tea yet. Mota pappa says there is an interesting TV ad. She goes to reheat tea. Amar passes by and Bindu tells him that Mota pappa is very depressed, his health will worsen more. Amar says Mota pappa asked him to forget Kangana. Bindu says he has 2 options then, 1 to forget Kangana and keep Mota pappa happy, 2 to tell truth to Mota pappa and wait for results; she will support her friend in both decisions.

Precap: Meghna’s children inform her that neighbors are asking when will she return money. Meghna confronts neighbor. Amar promises Mota pappa that he will do whatever Mota pappa says. Mota pappa asks will he really.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Does anyone else want to slap Kangana? She is so annoying!
    Viraj is cute. He reminds me of Sushant Singh Rajput when Sushant used to play Manav on ‘Pavitra Rishta’. 😍

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