Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 10th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Prarthana surprises everyone with her fluent hindi

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 10th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pratap asking PT sir where is he going? PT says I will go to your school and get the stain cleaned. Pratap gets water and says I will wash it here itself. Chanchal and Shakti try to speak on intercom, but Surili tells them to handle outside as Papa is inside. Buddhi tries to stop Kanhaiya, but he tells that he needs to go. He takes keys from Dhairya and runs. Buddhi calls Chanchal and tells that Papa went from here for shop and is coming out. Shakti and Chanchal are shocked. Pratap splashes water on PT sir’s tshirt with his hand. Kanhaiya’s bike doesn’t start, so he comes out to take auto. Pratap sees him and tries to divert PT sir’s attention. Kanhaiya collides with PT sir, but they don’t talk as they don’t know each other. Chanchal and Shakti run back

home and tells that Papa collided with Ranawat sir, but somehow they don’t see each other. Chanchal says we shall tell truth to Papa. Kanhaiya is walking to go to shop, and realizes that he forgot Chowksi’s bill in the house and is going back home, when he hears Pratap talking to PT sir and greets Pratap as PT sir. PT sir says I am Ranawat ji and he is Kanhaiya. Kanhaiya says I am Kanhaiya Panchaal. PT sir shows his ID card. Kanhaiya shows his ID card. Pratap gets tensed. Kanhaiya and PT sir asks who is this man? Pratap takes off his moustache. Kanhaiya says jije…

Buddhi asks do you want us to tell everything to Papa. Chanchal says yes. Surili says even I feel the same and says Dhairya’s eye is blinking. Buddhi says lets go and tell him. Kanhaiya comes home. They say papa. Kanhaiya says your real Papa. He says I want to show you something. Pratap comes with a sad face. Kanhaiya says he is fake Papa and fake PT teacher.

Kids tell Kunti that they lied again and again to hide their lies. Kunti gets upset. Kanhaiya says they had realized their mistakes and had decided to tell us truth. Kunti says I am sparing you for Kanhaiya’s sake. Panjiri says Didi didn’t forgive you still and wants to say something. Kunti says they will not understand. Panjiri asks them to give a chance to Prarthana. Prarthana comes near the kids and starts speaking in Hindi surprising everyone. She says you have lied again and again, but your Papa and Dadi haven’t punished you as learning is more big than punishment. She asks them to learn and determine not to do this mistake again. Kunti asks how did hindi puran is coming from her mouth. Panjiri says Didi was practicing with me and thought to surprise everyone. Prarthana asks Chanchal if she will feel ashamed to take her to school. Chanchal says no. Prarthana takes Kunti’s blessings and says it was difficult, but she learnt with God’s blessings. Kunti says shubh hai..Buddhi, Shakti, Surili, and others learn from their mistakes. Dharya falls on Kunti. Kunti falls on sofa.

Prarthana talks to her Mama ji and tells that she has learnt to talked in easy hindi and says Panjiri tells that Nani’s soul might come hearing my hindi. Just then Chanchal comes with mud on her uniform. Prarthana shouts. Chanchal says I am your daughter. Prarthana asks who did this and tells that she was tensed seeing her condition. Prema comes and asks who brought this muddy legs in the house. She sees Shakti standing and asks who are you. Shakti says its me, Shakti. Prema asks with whom did you fight? Shakti says I didn’t do anything today and says everything is done by her. Prarthana says who? Prema gets worried and asks her to come to school. She says she will complain to teacher. Prarthana says the same. Chanchal and Shakti blame each other. Prarthana and Prema ask them to apologize, but they argue and go to their rooms. Prema tells Prarthana that she will talk to Chanchal. Prarthana says I will talk to Chanchal.

Prema asks Chanchal what happened. Chanchal begins telling. She tells Buddhi that Shakti likes her pen. Shakti throws basketball and breaks her pen. Chanchal asks Shakti why did she break her pen? Chanchal takes her ball. Shakti takes ball back and falls down. She thinks Chanchal pushed her and made her fall in the mud. Prema says this is wrong.

Prarthana and Prema seek Kanhaiya’s help to unite Shakti and Chanchal. Kanhaiya gives them 5 sticks and asks them to break it, but they can’t break it. He asks what did you learn? Shakti says we have learnt that it doesn’t matter if one stick is less.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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