Will you miss Star’s Papa By Chance?

Star Bharat’s Papa By Chance will be soon having its closure. The show started on a sweet comic note. The story revolves around the rich, young and handsome spoilt brat Yuvaan Chopra. He is known to be highly irresponsible. He never takes up any responsibilities towards his family and business. Ever since, he lost his father, he loves his mother even more dearly. He regrets that she has got trapped by the greedy manager Harman. Yuvaan and Harman’s fights are seen since the very beginning of the show. Harman becomes his stepfather by marrying Yuvaan’s mother. Yuvaan disapproves the marriage. He gets ousted from the family. He meets with an unfortunate accident because of Harman’s evil plans.

Yuvaan is held responsible for the accidental deaths of Chatwals. He takes up the responsibility of Chatwals’ children. Life becomes a roller coaster ride for Yuvaan. The kids teach him the big lessons of life. Yuvaan never expected that someone would transform him completely. He proves his responsible side in the court by raising the orphans. Yuvaan gets his childhood love Amrit, whom he marries to get the kids’ custody. The climax will bring interesting twists when Yuvaan exposes Harman’s true face. Will you miss Star’s Papa By Chance? Let us know your opinion.

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