Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 10th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanhaiya’s Wives Decide To Catch Him While Smoking

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 10th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pratibha, Prarthana and Panjiri see Kanhaiya holding cigarette between his lips and lighter in his hand and panics. He asks what happened. Prarthana in pure hindi asks not to smoke. He asks if she wants cig. She says no with lengthy explanation. Their jokergiri continues. Kunti comes calling Kanhaiya. Pratibha, Prarthana and Panjiri try hide Kanhaiya. Kunti asks what happened. They say nothing. Kanhaiya comes aside and shows her cig. Kunti asks if he brought alcohol also. He says 2 bottles. Pratibha, Prarthana and Panjiri panic. After a lot of drama, Kunti says she asked Kanhaiya to bring cig and alcohol for addiction free week drama. Kanhaiya says it is chocolate cig and he is preparing effigy with this to burn it like they burn ravan’s effigy. He asks them to try cig choc.

They panic and their jokergiri continues. Sarla calls Kunti, and she leaves. Prarthana asks Kanhaiya to drink Panjiri’s prepaed juice. He says already his tongue taste is bad due to cig choc, he does not want to. They continue panicking and crying.

Kunti meets Sarla. Pari walks behind her with fan. Kunti tells Sarla that she asked Pari to run fan,so she is running behind with fan. Pari’s jokergiri starts. Sarla says Kunti is organizing addiction free week, but her family member is a big addict. Panjiri cries her husand is an addict. Pari says Kanhaiya is an addict. Kunti scolds her. Sarla says Kanhaiya is a very good boy, but Kunti’s damad Pratap is a big alcoholic and is creating drama outside house, beating his wife. Pari says Pratap’s wife means Kunti’s daughter. Kunti says her daughter is inside home. Sarla asks who is outside then. They go out and see Pratap acting as alcoholic and beating his wife. Kunti scolds him if he does not stop his drama, he cannot enter house. Pratap as usual verbally abuses her. Kunti scolds audiences that nobody in her family is addict for 7 lives and disperses them. Pratap says he was acting for addiction free week, Kunti spoilt it. Kunti lifts lady’s veil and reveals it is Pratap’s friend and not Kusum. Their jokergiri continues. Pari watches from balcony and tells Panjiri that nadoiji is a good actor. Panjiri continues crying that her husband is an addict and will beat his wives like in Pratap’s drama.

Panjiri and other wives serve dinner to Kanhaiya. Kanhaiya finishes dinner and praises that Panjiiri prepares very good food, he wants to have once more. They get tensed. He says he is joking and says he needs something now, signalling as holding cig. Panjiri cries again. Kanhaiya then gets Kamal’s call who asks him to come and taste sample food. He asks to keep it secret. Kamal reminds him to give 1 cig a day as he did not smoke since morning as promised. Kanhaiya says if he wants to bring cig. Wives get tensed again and Panjiri cries Mera Pati nashedi hai…

Precap: No precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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